American Bully Weight Chart (Size and Growth Chart)


With the American Bully dog, there are 3 different recognized sizes of this handsome breed, but the standard is around 13-21 inches tall and ranges from 70-120 lbs. The American Bully is an increasingly popular dog that falls under the category of “pitbull” breeds.

As an experienced Vet Tech of over 10 years in Indianapolis, I’ve seen a lot of different variations of pitbull breeds, ranging significantly in shape and size. Since there are 3 different sizes of American Bullies, but not exactly a breed standard, many owners ask, “How big will my American Bully get to be?”

The answer to that just depends on their genetics as well as the version that you adopted. In this article, I will explain the American Bully breed sizes and their growth.

American Bully Size Chart 

Here is a quick weight chart to reference the different sizes of American Bullies and their weight and height. 

  Standard Classic X-Large Pocket
Height 16-20 inches 16-20 inches 19-23 inches 13-17 inches
Weight 60-130 lbs 66-88 lbs 80-140 lbs 20-30 lbs

*A dog’s height is measured from the withers (shoulders) down.

The nature of the American Bully being a mix of several pitbull breeds while being held to a less strict breed standard is what makes it difficult to tell exactly how big they may get. 

The classic and standard American Bully are close to the same height but the big difference between them is the weight and muscle build. The standard Bully tends to be heavier than the classic with a stockier build.

American Bully Growth Chart

To help understand how the American Bully breed grows during their first year of life, below is a chart breaking down their weight gain as your pup turns into an adult.

This data is based on the average American Bully height and weight numbers as the sizes vary so significantly.

  3 months 6 months 12 months Adult
Height 8-10 inches 14-18 inches 16-20 inches 16-21 inches
Weight 20-30 lbs 45-65 lbs 55-75 lbs 60-90 lbs

Again, American Bullies are a relatively young breed of dog, so finding one that fits the exact breed standard can be difficult.

Standard American Bully Weight Chart

The standard American Bully is considered the “average” size for the breed. If you are looking for one that falls right in the middle then the standard Bully would be the best pick for you!

Below is a quick reference chart to show the average height and weight of the male and female standard American Bully.

  Male Female
Height 17-20 inches 16-20 inches
Weight 60-130 lbs 55-100 lbs


Classic American Bully Weight Chart

The classic American Bully is one that takes more after the American Staffordshire Terrier, having a slighter frame with a lower body mass, this variation of the breed is the same height as the standard Bully but much lighter.

  Male Female
Height 17-20 inches 16-20 inches
Weight 66-88 lbs 50-70 lbs

XL American Bully Weight Chart

The X-large American Bully has a similar muscle mass to the standard size but is typically several inches taller.

  Male Female
Height 20-23 inches 19-22 inches
Weight 90-140 lbs 80-110 lbs

Pocket American Bully Weight Chart

The smallest sized American Bully, the pocket Bully is compact and perfect for those that want a pittie breed without the bigger build. These dogs are typically short with the signature stocky, wide-set frame and muscles.

  Male Female
Height <17 inches <14 inches
Weight 20-30 lbs 14-25 lbs

This variation of the standard American Bully is defined only by their height. If they are any taller than the average wither height of 17 or 14 inches, then they are not considered pocket Bullies.

Extreme American Bully Weight Chart

 The extreme American Bully is another that is derived from the standard sized version but is heavier in body structure and in weight. They have a heavier body mass as well as a wider frame and thicker bones and muscles.

  Male Female
Height 17-20 inches 16-19 inches

There is no average or standard weight for the extreme American Bully. They are a less common variation of the breed and many people choose not to adopt this bigger and more muscular dog.

There is rumor and knowledge among the Bully breeding community that some less responsible breeders give their American Bullies steroids at a young age to achieve the large frame and giant muscular build. This can lead to detrimental health problems with their joints and overall organ function as they age.

Micro American Bully 

Another “extreme” variation of the American Bully breed is the Micro Bully. This dog is even smaller than the pocket Bully but is not officially recognized. Therefore, there are no standards of height or weight for them to be held to.

XXL American Bully

A spin-off version of the XL American Bully is the XXL. This giant dog is meant to be taller and slightly heavier than the XL, making it the largest that you can find. However, this less common, XXL Bully is not officially recognized, much like the micro Bully.

When Do American Bullies Stop Growing

Most medium to smaller American Bullies will stop growing around 12 months old. However, the larger Bullies can continue to fill out and won’t be considered fully grown until around 24 months of age.  

This stocky and handsome canine has been recognized by the American Bully Kennel Club since 2004. These dogs are a mashup of several pitbull breeds, such as the American Staffordshire Terrier and the American Pitbull Terrier, among others. The idea was to create a sweet-tempered companion dog that had the look of a pitbull.

Do American Bullies Still Grow After Being Spayed And Neutered?

The average age for spaying and neutering an American Bully puppy is around 4 to 6 months old and they will continue to grow after that until they are between 12 and 24 months of age.

Some breeders of American Bullies would rather you wait until they are closer to 2 years old before having them spayed or neutered because they think that this will eliminate issues with orthopedic problems and growth rate. There is no scientific data to support that, so make sure to listen to your veterinarian about their recommendations for spaying and neutering your pup. 

Spaying is important for minimizing uterine infections, mammary tumors and pregnancy. Neutering is beneficial for preventing future prostate enlargement, testicular cancer and wanderlust.

How Big Will A Full Grown American Bully Get?

The average, standard American Bully will grow to be around 65-85 lbs and stand about 16-20 inches tall at the withers when fully grown.

Now, it can be quite difficult to interpret how big your Bully puppy will get while they are still young and filling out. In order to have the best idea, you can look at the pup’s parents. If mom and dad were a certain size, you can expect your dog to turn out looking pretty similar.

If looking at the parents isn’t an option, then you can try a DNA test to interpret more information about their adult size and breed combination.

Stages Of American Bully Growth 

There are 5 important stages of physical and emotional growth that dogs, including the American Bully will go through from birth to adulthood.

The 5 phases of growth are: 

  • Neonatal
  • Socialization
  • Juvenile
  • Sexual maturity
  • Transition to adult 

Keep reading to find more information about each of these stages.

Neonatal Period

This is the most delicate time when the puppies are first born to two weeks old. They rely entirely on mom for food, warmth and protection as they are completely helpless still.

Socialization Period

The ages of 3 to 12 weeks is an extremely important time in their lives for socialization with people, animals and their environment. They are learning a lot at this time and need to experience new humans, pets and places in order to not be completely afraid of everything in the future.

Fearfulness and a lack of socialization in the American Bully can be detrimental to their future, as they often react with aggression in unfamiliar and frightening environments. Aggression in these dogs is not acceptable as they are too big and strong, which could lead to serious injury and possibly needing to euthanize them if they bite more than once.

Juvenile Period

The American Bully’s juvenile period lasts from 12 weeks to adolescence. Puppies are often exploring, chewing and being cute little trouble makers at this stage in their lives. Their growth rate will slow down slightly and most of their sensory functions are fully developed.

Oftentimes they should be put in training classes to help burn some energy, encourage socialization and of course teach them manners.

Sexual Maturity Period

Dogs, including the American Bully, will reach their sexual maturity around 6 months of age. Females will have their first heat cycle and be ready to mate, although waiting until they are over a year old before breeding is best.

Many owners say that their dog is in a terrible teenage phase of life, being destructive, stubborn and not listening well.  It would be best to keep up on your training during this time, as they will not retain much information they learned until they keep doing it.

Transition To Adulthood

Typically between 12 to 24 months, your American Bully will be mature and transitioning into adulthood. From this point on, they probably won’t get much bigger and consistent exercise is important to keep them from becoming overweight.

It is recommended that you slowly switch their diet from a puppy food to an adult formula in order for your now fully grown dog to receive the appropriate nutrition.

You should be feeding your American Bully a diet that is designed for giant or large breed dogs. Unless you have the pocket Bully variety of course.

How To Properly Weigh An American Bully

American Bullies will grow significantly as puppies and eventually plateau once they are around 18 months. In order to properly weigh your Bully as they age or just keep track of your adult dog’s weight, you will need a pet scale.

Some dogs are small enough that you can hold them and weigh them on your own scale and subtract your weight to get theirs, but most Bullies are too big for that. If you don’t want to invest in a big dog scale for your house, you can always take them to your veterinarian for regular weigh-ins!

Factors That Affect American Bully Puppy Growth

There are several factors that can affect your American Bully’s condition, such as genetics, nutrition, gender and overall health.


The genes that are given to dogs by their parents are what affect their biological makeup. These genetics are what determines the diseases and illnesses that they may be prone to developing in the future as well.

If one or both of your American Bully’s parents were prone to issues with allergies or orthopedic injuries, then it is very likely that you may see these issues in your dog as well.


Your American Bully dog’s nutrition is key to developing into a strong and healthy adult. The importance of feeding your dog a balanced and complete diet can’t be stressed enough.

Their food is the foundation of their health and if they are eating a brand that doesn’t cover all of the essential and necessary ingredients for healthy development then you will see issues with their coat, weight and overall physical condition.


Your American Bully’s gender will play a big role in how big they will get once full grown. It is typical for the males to be large in weight and height.

Gender will also be the cause of some behavioral issues like males escaping the yard to look for a quick mate as well as unwanted aggression and urinary marking. Males dogs are also notoriously difficult to train and tend to be more stubborn and easily distracted.

Their health can affect their growth in a few ways. If a puppy is weak and not as healthy or strong as it’s siblings, then it is likely that this dog may have more health problems as they get older. 

To stay on top of your dog’s condition, always keep an eye on their eating habits, sleep patterns, energy levels and temperament. Any changes, subtle or big, can be an indicator that there is a deeper problem going on.

How To Support American Bully Healthy Growth

As pet owners, we always strive to bring our pet’s the best health and quality of life possible. In order to support your American Bully, you will want to maintain a proper diet, encourage routine exercise, train them and keep them from becoming overweight.

Below is more information on how you can keep your American Bully as healthy as possible!

What Is An American Bully Body Condition Score (BCS)

A Body Condition Score or BCS is a scale that veterinarians use to determine a pet’s body weight and shape, either labeling them as underweight, ideal, overweight or obese.

These scales can range from 1-5 or 1-9, depending on your vet. 1 indicates that the pet is far too thin, or emaciated, and 5 or 9 means that they are obese.

It is best for your dog to fall right in the middle of the BCS range, meaning that they are an ideal and healthy proportion and weight.

Maintaining A Proper Diet 

American Bullies are muscular and strong and in order to keep up with that build, they require a diet that is high in protein, fats and calcium for proper muscle and bone development and maintenance.

Going with a reputable brand with an excellent protein source, while also staying balanced and nutritionally complete would be most beneficial.

Some owners may look into feeding their Bully a raw diet, but these are not typically recommended by veterinarians due to the risk of potential bacterial contaminants and gastrointestinal issues.

Check On Your Puppy’s Health

You will want your puppy, no matter how healthy they seem to be, to go to the veterinarian for check-ups and vaccinations. It is crucial that they are vaccinated from life-threatening diseases like canine distemper and parvo virus.

Your veterinarian will be able to identify potential problems and discuss any advice with you regarding your pet.


An exercise routine is crucial for this muscular and active breed. The American Bully needs to spend plenty of time walking, running and playing as they have a tendency to gain unwanted weight as they age.

Taking your dog on a 30 minute walk is the minimum amount of exercise they should get each day.


All dogs require training in order for them to understand manners and develop some listening skills. Not only will it improve social skills but it will also help them learn how to behave around other people and animals.

How To Help Your American Bully Lose Weight If They Are Overweight 

If you’ve noticed that your American Bully has gained some unwanted weight, then there are a few things that you can do to help them shed those extra pounds. 

The best thing to start with is to modify the amount of food you’re giving them everyday. This may mean decreasing the quantity by a half a cup, it seems small but can easily show results in a few weeks.

The next step is increasing the amount of exercise they receive. If your dog has turned into a couch potato, then taking them on a 30 minute walk each day will help. 

Finally, if you have decreased their food quantity and also increased their exercise and they continue to stay the same weight or have even gained more, then you should take them to the veterinarian. It is likely that they have an underlying medical condition causing them to stay overweight.

What If My American Bully Is Not The Right Weight

If you are at all concerned that your American Bully is not the right weight, you should first consult the American Bull Weight Chart to see if they are indeed outside of the normal range for the breed. 

With how different the American Bully can be in weight and height, sometimes it can be difficult to interpret if your dog is appropriate or not. If their weight doesn’t add up then you can check their Body Condition Score to tell if this is just the size that is best for your Bully.

If you can feel their ribs and top of their pelvis, but can’t visualize them easily, then your dog is probably doing alright. A nice tuck to their abdomen as well as a slight taper at their waist is also another indication that your dog is an ideal size.

Are There Any American Bully Health Problems That Will Affect Their Size?

American Bullies are prone to intestinal parasites (worms). These worm occults can cause weight loss and decreased muscle mass. It is important to have your dog’s stool tested yearly for intestinal parasites.

Formulas You Can Use To Measure American Bully Weight 

There are few tricks and mathematical formulas for interpreting your American Bully’s weight.

 Take their weight at 23 weeks and multiply it by 2. 

Find their growth (current weight divided by their current age in weeks). Then take their growth and multiply it by 52 (number of weeks in a year) and that’s a rough estimate of their future adult weight.

American Bully Neck Size

The average American Bully’s neck is around 14-18 inches in diameter. In order to find this number in your dog you can use a flexible or soft measuring tape.

Wrapping Up The American Bully Breed

The American Bully’s gentle temperament while also being robust and powerful is what attracts many people to the breed. They can range anywhere from a pocket size at 20 lbs to the XL and Extreme versions maxing out at 140. If you’re looking for a pitbull-like breed with a loving personality that comes in a variety of sizes, then the American Bully is the one for you!


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