Guide to Caring for the Aussie Doodle Puppies

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An Aussie Doodle or Aussiepoo is a combination of the Standard Poodle and the Australian Shepherd. It is one of the well-loved Doodles because of its charming looks and calm temperament. Are you interested in getting a puppy as a new addition to your household? Read on to learn more about this adorable pup.


Unlike the more common doodles, the Labradoodle and Goldendoodle, the Aussiedoodle doesnot have a well-documented origin. But to give you theorigin of its parents, the Australian Shepherd was first bred in Western United States while the Poodle originated in Germany. They are recognized by organizations for designer dogs, such as the American Canine Hybrid Club and the International Designer Canine Registry.

The goal of cross breeding them was to have an easy to train pet that is also hypoallergenic. Australian Shepherds are great as pets, but they are not hypoallergenic like the Poodles not to mention that they are also challenging to groom. If you don’t mind having a pet that requires high levels of grooming but is already hypoallergenic, the Aussiedoodle can be the perfect one for you.


The size of an Aussiedoodle puppy will depend on the variety of Poodle used in breeding. If it is a Standard Poodle, you will likely get a large pup weighing around 40-70 lbs. when fully grown. But if you want something that is easier to carry, consider a pup that came from the mini Poodle.

Aussiedoodle puppies come in many beautiful colors, ranging from solid black, white, and caramel to a combination of these colors. You can find them in partial white or brown color. They look like stuffed animals because of their fluffy coat. They may inherit the Aussie’s blue or partially blue eyes, although most of them have the Poodle’s dark round eyes.

Aussie Doodle Puppies Grooming

When it comes to maintaining your pet’s coat, all you will need is the right tools to make the task less complicated.  A slicker brush is ideal for all coat types, even for Aussiedoodle puppies. But if you want something that penetrates deep into the skin, invest in a pin brush. This kind of brush is ideal for removing mats and detangling the coat.

Your Aussiedoodle puppy’s coat should be brushed on a regular basis. In addition to daily brushing, you will also need professional grooming for trimming and clipping. It is recommended to go to a professional groomer every eight weeks. It is important to have the facial hair trimmed before it covers the eyes and makes your pet uncomfortable.

Bringing your pup to a professional groomer can make your job easy because in addition to puppy cuts, your pooch will also be given a bath and a sanitary trim down below. Practice vigilance in brushing at around six months of age because this is the time when your pup gets rid of his coat and will start changing his fur.


If you are looking for a pup that can be a great addition to your household, you can never go wrong with an Aussiedoodle puppy. This pup will likely inherit many food traits from its parents, the Australian Shepherd and the Poodle. It is known for its calm nature and friendliness towards people and pets. It is even suitable for households with young children.

Training your new pup will not be much of a problem, because it is a very smart dog. In fact, they are also called “canine Einsteins.” This dog’s intelligence, combined with its sweet nature makes it perfect as a service dog. It is even used as a therapy dog and an emotional support breed. It will also enjoy agility and obedience training.

It is not unusual to see your pooch herd, because it is one of the traits it inherits from the Australian Shepherd. These dogs are notorious for their herding instinct, which roots from their original purpose. They were used to herd livestock and they did it by nipping at the animal’s heels. It is also common for herding dogs to bark often.

Thus, it is important to train your Aussiedoodle early to curb this behavior. Despite their short attention span, pups can be trained at around seven weeks of age before their formal training starts at around 6 months of age otherwise, you might find your pooch releasing a bad behavior on other pets, vehicles, and even children.

Aussie Doodle Puppies Health

As a result of two different breeds, this pup benefits from having the hybrid vigor. It is not as prone to hereditary diseases as itspurebred parents. It has a long life with an average lifespan of 10-12 years, although some can live more than 15 years just like theirparents.

Regardless of that, these pups are still subject to certain conditions one way or another. Some problems cannot be avoided despite the fact that crossbreeds benefit from the hybrid vigor. If you want to have an Aussiedoodle pup, here are the common problems you have to be aware of:

Allergies – both the Aussie Shepherd and the Poodle are prone to skin allergies and they may pass themon to their offspring. Skin allergies can be caused by a number of factors, but the common ones associated with Aussiedoodles are processed food and poor breeding. To prevent skin allergies, make sure your buddy eats a well-balanced diet supplemented with healthy fats like Omega-3 and Omega-6.

Cataracts – hereditary cataracts are believed to be caused by a mutation of the HSF4 gene which happens when there is breakdown of the tissue in the eye. The result is clouding of the lens, which can grow slowly or quickly. It can be treated with corrective surgery, although it is quite expensive. To know if your pup is carrying this gene, consider genetic testing. The Aussie Shepherd should undergo this exam before breeding to see if it will not pass on the defective gene to its offspring.

Epilepsy – idiopathic epilepsy is the kind of seizures that can be inherited in dogs. Signs of epilepsy can be seen from 1-6 years of age, although theycan be present as early as 6 months. These seizures are not really violent and frequent in nature, like what most people think. The effective treatment for idiopathic epilepsy includes bile acid stimulation test and blood work.

Hypothyroidism – this condition is common in middle aged dogs, especially in medium and large breeds. When a dog has hypothyroidism, his thyroid is not capable of producing enough metabolism-regulating hormones.


This pup will exhibit high energy levels at a young age. But as it grows older, you will notice that it has a moderate energy level, which is just right for owners who don’t have a lot of time for active play and outdoor trips. Regardless of your pet’s energy levels, it is important to walk your buddy daily to exercise his joints. You should give your dog 30 minutes of walk per day.

If your time and energy allows, consider hiking with your buddy. A short hike will not be much of a problem forthis dog as. It also loves the water, which is why swimming and boating will be perfect bonding activities. Aussiedoodles actually like swimming so a trip to the beach is the perfect thing to do with your new buddy when it’s too hot to walk.

Aussie Doodle Puppies Cost

Aussiedoodle puppies have a price range of $1,500-$2,000. Prices will depend on a range of factors, such as the gender, size, and pedigree of the pup. The reputation of a breeder can also have an impact on the pup’s pricing. Before working with a breeder, check first if they provide health guarantee, DNA testing, and vaccinations among others.

Aussiedoodle Pup Checklist

Whether you are a first time pet parent or already have several years of experience handling pups, your job can be a lot easier with the right stuff. Here are the things you will need in caring for your new fur baby:

Crate – there will be a lot of adjustments during the first few weeks with your buddy but you can help him get used to the new environment faster through crate training. A crate can also help your pooch feel safer and more secure. It avoids your pooch from being stepped on or sit upon when resting. If you want something sturdy thatcan stand the test of time, invest in a metal crate with a size that is just right for your buddy.

Dog bed – to help your pup feel more relaxed inhis new home, buy a bed made of soft material like memory foam. If you live in a cold country, it helps to have a self-heating bed. These types of beds are usually made with layers of Mylar film known for its insulating properties.

Collar and leash – these things can safeguard your puppy, especially when going outside. A dog collar is suitable for identification. Your pup can be very playful and might end up running around everywhere without a leash. For small to medium sized dogs, the best kind of leash is the classic tape leash. There are also leashes that can be attached to your body in case you’re planning to run or jog with your pet.

Poop bags and scooper – you will find these things helpful, especially during the first few months with your buddy. Potty-training can last up to six months, depending on dogs. If you are worried about cleaning up after scooping up the poop, invest in a scooper that comes with a bag. Go for a scooper that comes with a long handle so you will not need to bed over just to gather waste.

Treats – for small and medium-sized dogs, it helps to use high-value treats that can be easily broken into tiny pieces, like the freeze-dried variety. Ifyour buddy has a sensitive stomach, choose treats made of fish proteins like salmon. Regardless of the type of treats you are planning to buy, always go for treats with an all-natural formula and free from preservatives or artificial colors.

Grooming kit – it should contain a toothbrush, a doggie toothpaste, and other dental essentials. Don’t forget the brush, which is important for maintaining your pet’s coat. To get rid of loose hair and debris, use a pin brush or a slicker brush. Aussiedoodles can easily develop mats and tangles, so it is also helpful to have a detangling spray handy.

Food and water bowl – if you want something durable and dishwasher-safe, consider food and water bowls made of stainless steel. In case you need a bowl that can catch spills, go for those with an extra-wide base. The base is usually made of silicone for easy clean-up. For pet parents who are always on the go, consider a portable or a fully collapsible bowl. Look for a bowl that is just the right size for your pet.

Chew toys – Aussiedoodle puppies are playful dogs, who would chew anytime of the day. All pups have the natural inclination to chew especially during the teething stage. Make it fun for your dog by incorporating flavor in your pet’s chew toys. You can buy nylon bones made for powerful chewers that already come with delicious flavors.


The Aussiedoodle puppy is a great choice for first time pet parents. With a reputation of a therapy dog, this dog knows when you had a rough day and will try to comfort you with its funny antics and sweet nature. If you don’t mind having a buddy that can a bit clingy at all times, the Aussiedoodle will be the perfect pet for you.


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