Caring Tips for Beabull Puppies

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Did you just bring home a Beabull puppy? You’ve got an affectionate and intelligent buddy right there! While having a new pet at home can get exciting, it can also be slightly exhausting, especially if it’s your first time caring for a designer breed. As a pet parent of a Beabull, you will need some tips in raising your fur baby. Read on to get more helpful ideas in living with your new pooch.


The Beabull is a cross between the Beagle and the English Bulldog. It is no secret to many of us that both dogs were first bred in the United Kingdom. While the parents originated in the U.K., their offspring is believed to have been first bred in the United States sometime during the ‘90s.

Several breeders develop Beabullsto increase a bulldog’s lifespan. These dogs only have a life span of around 8-10 yearsmainly because of their flat faces that make them more prone to respiratory problems. But when paired with the Beagle, they can live up to 12 years or more. Beagles are usually healthier than English bulldogs and have an average lifespan of 12-16 years.


A Beabull is a medium-sized designer just like both parents. As a puppy, this dog weighs more or less 10 kilograms. While many of them resemble the Beagle in many ways,their bodies strongly favor the appearance of the English Bulldog with their short legs and bodies shaped like a barrel. You will notice that they have the right size of snout, not as long as the Beagle’s but not as flat as an English bulldog’s.

They alsohave a short coat just like the Beagles and the English bulldogs. If they have more of the Beagle gene in theirlineage, expect your pup to have a dense coat that is also water-repellent. Take a closer look and you will see its resemblance to the Beagle’s short and tightly packed coat.

Beabull pups usually come in two or three color combinations like their Beagle parent. Many of them also have the same tan markings that are iconic to Beagles. You can find them in tan with white, chocolate with white and even brindle. Their ear shape, though, usually takes the shape of the English bulldog’s ears which are floppy, short, and pointed.


Your buddy will likely inherit many desirable traits of Beagles and English bulldogs. Like the Beagles, your Beabull puppy can be friendly and loving, with extreme curiosity of his surroundings. It’s friendly and it is rarely aggressive, despite the fact that is has a deep howl that can be a bit frightening.

On the other hand, your pup may be protective and sweet just like the English bulldog parent. It just looks formidable because of its wrinkled face but it can be extremely gentle, especially with younger children.

Meanwhile, did you know that there is such a thing as a puppy personality testing? In this kind of test, you will get to know your pup’s basic personality, like if he is likely to be dominant, active, strong-willed, affectionate or docile. Breeders normally apply the Vollhard Puppy Aptitude Test to gauge a pup’s personality around 9 to 12 weeks of age.

Beabull Puppies Grooming

Despite the fact that your dog has a short coat, it will still be a moderate shedder. The good news here is you still got a pup that is low-maintenance so grooming should not be a problem. You’ll only need to prepare for some level of shedding during spring to prepare their coat after thewinter season. Here are things you will need in your puppy grooming kit:

Self-cleaning slicker brush – a slicker brush is the best tool to have for getting rid of knots and tangles. Go for the self-cleaning type so you will not have to worry about cleaning the brush after every use. There are brushes that clean themselves just by clicking on a button. Look for bristles made of fine bent wires so it will not scratch your Beabull’s skin even after a thorough brushing session.

Gentle puppy shampoo – look for 100% natural pet shampoo that is free from parabens and alcohol. Consider ingredients like aloe and cornflower because they are gentle on the pet’s skin. If your pup has skin problems, your vet may recommend antiseptic and antiseborrheic medicated shampoo that treats fungal and bacterial infections.

Nail clippers for small dogs – buy a clipper especially designed for small to medium-sized breeds. Choose clippers with semi-circular blades so you can see well where you are cutting, avoiding the mishap of accidentally trimming the “quick.” For a secure grip during the clipping session, look for trimmers with rubber-coated handles.

Dental kit – it should contain a toothbrush and a paste designed for dogs. You may also use dog dental rinse which can help in reducing tartar. Make it a habit to brush your pup’s teeth daily to avoid periodontal diseases in the future.

Beabull Puppies Feeding

Nutrition is the most important part of raising a Beabull puppy. Since pups are usually adopted or purchased around eight weeks of age, they are ready to wean and you can start giving them solids. Here are things to look for when choosing food for your new fur baby:

High protein content– Take a look at the primary ingredients listed on the dry or wet dog food. Does it use rich protein sources like chicken, pork and salmon? The first few months are crucial in a dog’s development. It is the time when your pooch needs protein the most for his continuous growth.

No rendered poultry or meat meals – Avoid puppy formula containing animal by-products as the main ingredient. They are harmful for your pet’s health, not to mention that they cannot provide the right amount of nutrients your pet needs.

No preservatives or artificial flavors – there are studies linking ethoxyquin to health concerns in dogs. This quinoline-based antioxidant slows the rancidity of fats, but it is best to be avoided if you are truly worried about your pet’s health.

Formulated with prebiotic fibers – puppies tend to have a more sensitive gut than adult dogs, and it’s because they are still getting used to the foods they eat. Dry dog foods made with prebiotic fibers can help support a healthy digestive system.

Grain-free – dogs, especially the younger ones, find it difficult to digest grains because they contain an anti-nutrient called phytic acid that hinders the absorption of minerals in the intestines. It can cause loose stools and some pups even develop allergies.

Priorto feeding your pup, make sure his food and water bowls were thoroughly clean or sanitized. Go for a bowl that is appropriate for your pup’s height. Invest in a dog bowl made of stainless steel because it’s easy to clean, not to mention that it’s also durable.

Remember to take your puppy out for potty after a meal. Because puppies eat more than adult dogs, they also defecate more. At around 2 months of age, you can expect them to potty every 2-3 hours. By six months and over, you can expect him to poop after 6-8 hours since his feedings are also reduced.

Once your pup is ready for more solids, you can introduce healthy human foods like raw veggies or fruits. Apples are nutritious for dogs and even keep your pup’s breath smelling fresh. When it comes to veggies, a slice of carrots or a stalk of celery are some of the pup-friendly options. You can even freeze carrot sticks and offer them as a reward after a training session.


The Beabull puppy is such a playful little dog that is always up for adventure and socialization. Your new fur baby will appreciate games like finding the ball, stuffing a Kong, and hide-and-seek. This intelligent dog will also have fun playing mind-stimulating games like doggie puzzles.

In addition to play time, it also needs moderate amounts of exercise on a daily basis. He needs daily walks but you should avoid long onesbecause theymay tire out your new buddy. His muscles and bones are not ready for strenuous activities until he turns 2 years old.

The first few years are the best stages to develop a routine. For example, you may consider exercising your pup in the mornings. If you have the time, consider playing outdoors with your new fur baby. Play time with other puppies is also great for his overall development.

Beabull Puppies Price

A Beabull puppy costs around $500-$1,500. The price will vary depending on pedigree, coat colors, and other factors like if the pup’s parents both came from superior lines. Dogs with champion bloodlines are more expensive because their ancestors held a record on canine competitions.


In caring for your new fur baby, it helps to seek guidance from a veterinarian. It pays to look for a good vet who will be there to guide you along the way. When getting recommendations, you may turn to friends, family members, and even dog walkers in your area.

Your first visit to the vet should be done around 6 to 8 weeks of your pet’s age. The earlier, the better. You may be putting your pup’s health at risk if you wait a bit longer. This has to do with the fact that younger dogs are more prone to a range of diseases because they stopped receiving antibodies from their mom’s milk moment you bring them home.

In order to protect your Beabull pup from a number of health problems, he should receive all the core vaccines, like those for hepatitis, parvovirus, and distemper starting at 6 weeks. In addition to these core vaccines, pups should also be given a shot for rabies which is mandatory in many countries.

Don’t forget to pet-proof your home days before your pup’s arrival. Having a safe home is part of your pet’s well-being. Make sure the yard is well-secured and there are no harmful chemicals or food within your fur baby’s reach.

Keep easily ingestible objects like fruit pits and small balls out of reach. Pills and medications should also be secured in a closed cabinet to avoid your pup from reaching them. Also keep your household cleaners in a locked cabinet not easily accessible to your puppy.


The Beabull puppy is a combination of two dogs with different personalities and looks, and these distinct personalities will be evident even during the early stage. This medium-sized pup will please you with its charm and friendliness. The best part about breeding Beabulls is giving the English bulldogs a chance at longer life.


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