Cheagle: The Beagle Chihuahua Mix

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Ever wondered what the toy-sized Chihuahua would look like if it had the sturdy built of a Beagle? The “Cheagle” or the “Beagle Chi” as it is called has the charm of the Chihuahua and the sporty side of the Beagle. Get to know about the physical traits, personality, and health concerns of this mix in today’s post.


The Beagle Chi is a crossbreed of two well-loved purebred dogs. The Chihuahuas descended from the companion dogs in South America during the 1800s. They are regarded as descendants of the Techichis that were used by the Aztecs in burial rituals.

Beagles have no reliable documentation. It is believed that they originated in Greece and have been around since the 5th Century BCE. They are related to the now-extinct Talbot dog and the greyhounds. They were popular as hunting companions during the 18th century.


At a glance, the Cheagle looks like any other Beagle dog. You may not notice that it is a crossbreed unless you know the Beagle dog a hundred percent. It has the ears, body, and coat color of the Beagle. The ears of a Cheagle are similar to the ones of a Beagle which are rounded at the tips and drawn out straight. It has a broad body and a deep chest. The tail is also similar to the Beagle’s, as it is fairly high.

But if you look closer, you will see that it has a few similarities with a Chihuahua. It is like a Chihuahua hiding in the body of a Beagle because the face draws many similarities to it. Many Cheagles have the apple-shaped skull of the Chihuahua. They inherited the Chihuahua’s muzzle, which is pointed towards the tip and can be seen from the side. The eyes are also large and expressive as the ones of all Chihuahua dogs.

The Cheagle sports a short and clean coat so you will not have a hard time grooming it. It comes in a variety of colors, although most of them are tri-colored like the Beagle. You can see Cheagles with a mix of black, fawn, and white coat color. Some only have two colors, which is either a combination of black and tan or black and white. They can also be entirely black, white, or cream.

Since it takes the Beagle’s body, the Cheagle is around 13 to 15 inches tall and weighs roughly 10-20 pounds. Still, you could find tiny Cheagles because the Chihuahua’s gene is more dominant in them compared to the Beagle one. Their small built makes them transportable or easy to carry wherever you wish to bring them along.

It has a slight tendency to become fat, like its Beagle parent so be careful with your food choices for your pup. Another reason why many Beagles are fat is that they are not given the right amount of exercise needed for them. Do note that this breed is very active so you might need to spend more time taking it outside for walks. Beagles are notorious for their ravenous appetite because they are active dogs.


The Cheagle is an offspring of two incredibly smart breeds, thus it will amaze you with its intelligence. It could inherit the graceful and charming side of the Chihuahua. Many of these dogs are fiercely loyal to their owners, which is the reason why they are among the well-loved breeds in the world. It could also have the best traits of a Beagle, known for its friendliness and happy-go-lucky trait. They are adorable, lively, and are perfect for pet parents with an active lifestyle.

The Beagle is a popular family dog because it is good with children and with other pets. The Chihuahua requires supervision when being with kids and other dogs. They have the tendency to be jealous and to be intolerant of kids. A solution to this is to socialize the dog early on. Chihuahuas that grew up around kids will likely be good around children.

These two dogs have different temperaments. The Beagle is a very friendly dog, not just with its owners and children but also to strangers. If you have dogs and cats at home, it will not be a problem throwing it into the mix because it is good even with other pets. The Chihuahua, on the other hand, can be jealous because they depend on their owners a lot. They are notorious for biting or growling at children, especially the carefree ones.


The Cheagle has a low-maintenance coat, especially if one of its parents is a smooth-coat Chi. There are Chihuahuas with a long coat which shed more so you have to be prepared for tufts of pet hair at times. If the parent is a long-haired Chihuahua, it may have a silky coat that can be smooth or a bit wavy. It should be brushed twice or thrice a week to maintain its coat health.

Bathing the Cheagle should be done every three weeks or every two weeks if your pooch is always outdoors and is already smelly. Don’t do it more than the recommended interval because it could scrape off the natural oil in your pet’s skin. This oil also serves as your pet’s protection from dirt and keeps his coat smooth, avoiding skin dryness and itching.

Prior to bathing, the Cheagle’s coat should be brushed so it will be free from excess fur. The water should be lukewarm so it will not cause your dog to feel so cold. Because a Cheagle may have a delicate skin similar to a Chihuahua, you have to be cautious in finding a shampoo for him. Don’t just use any shampoo, especially if it is not formulated for dogs. Even shampoos for human babies are not suitable for them.


A small dog like a Beagle Chihuahua will benefit from a grain-free and high-protein dog food. When choosing a kibble for your dog, choose one that is fortified with vitamins and minerals to supplement your pooch. This is very important for growing dogs because they also have growing needs. It also helps to feed a dog food with antioxidants to boost your pet’s immune system.

Your Cheagle may have a sensitive stomach like its Chihuahua parent. That means it could easily get sick if it is on an unhealthy diet. They should never be given leftovers, especially human foods that are loaded with salt, sugar, or fat. If you want to stick to dry dog food, ask your vet for the formulation that is intended for pups with a sensitive digestive system.

Puppies aged three months and below should be given four servings a day. You can reduce it to twice a day as your pet turns one year old. The recommended feeding amount for adult Cheagles is ¼ to ½ cup of dry dog food a day. They can eat human food, as long as it is minimal and is not the kind dogs cannot eat. Some of the human foods to avoid are chocolates, grapes, and onions.

Exercise Needs

A Cheagle needs regular exercise to improve its mood and to be overall healthy. Puppies require a maximum of 20 minutes of exercise per day. This can be increased to 30 minutes a day once the pup reaches adulthood. If your pup is energetic, it likely inherited the activity level of the Beagle. Frisbee and chasing games will stave off your Cheagle’s boredom.

Health Issues

The Beagle Chihuahua mix has a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. It may live up to 20 years if it is well taken care of. It may inherit the long lifespan of Chihuahuas. To help a Beagle Chi live longer, here are the common issues to be aware of:

  • Patellar Luxation – this is a condition wherein the kneecap is not in its proper location. This causes a dog to display skipping movements at times. It is not painful unless the kneecap already slides out of the ridges in your pet’s thigh bones. When this happens, you could hear a popping noise in your dog’s knee. The only way to treat it is surgical treatment which costs around $1,500 to $3,000 for each knee.
  • Hip dysplasia – since a Cheagle inherited the body of a beagle, it could inherit its susceptibility to Hip dysplasia, a deformity of the hip joints. The condition will cause a dog to experience looseness in the joint. An affected dog will look as if there is grating in the joint while the moves. If your pup used to be energetic and playful but suddenly became reluctant to move, it is possible that it is suffering from hip dysplasia.

Patellar Luxation and hip dysplasia are the only hereditary problems often associated with Cheagles. However, this does not mean they are free from other diseases common per parent. This is because these are the conditions that affect both the Chihuahua and Beagle in general. Avoid other types of diseases by feeding your dog a well-balanced and healthy diet. It is also important to groom your pet and exercise it twice a day.


The Cheagle can be fully registered at the International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR). Since 2009, the International Designer Canine Association has been accepting registrations of this crossbreed. A registered dog is eligible for pedigrees and benefits currently given to designer dogs. Dog registries, such as the IDCR also provide breeders an opportunity to verify the dog’s lineage and share it with the potential owners.


A Cheagle is a great option for novice pet parents. It is a low-maintenance dog that is easy to train. If you want to have a pet that is faithful and energetic, you got the right one with the Cheagle. A Cheagle pup can go anywhere from $500-$1000. When you are decided to get a new pup, make sure you are working with a reputable breeder.


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