Your guide to finding the best brush for golden retriever


Golden Retrievers are among the most popular breeds of dogs not just in the United States but also worldwide. With their intelligent and friendly nature, there’s no doubt they are dubbed as the best breed of dog. They have many desirable characteristics, but just like any breed they also have some flaws and their intense shedding is on top of them. These dogs shed like crazy!

The best way to deal with the Golden Retriever’s shedding is to vacuum your home often and brush your pet’s coat on a regular basis. Since you will be working with a handful of fur year-round, it goes without saying that you need to have a decent grooming tool.

Do note that these dogs also go through seasonal shedding wherein they tend to lose more hair than usual. Expect to see clumps of hair on your floor and furniture during spring and fall, when they prepare their bodies in time for the change of season.

So, what kind of brush works best for a Golden retriever? We know these dogs have medium-length double-coats that are prone to developing tangles. Here are three of the best brands for every type of brush you should have if you own a Golden retriever:

1. GoPets Dematting Comb



Key features

  • Two sides (one with 23 teeth while the other one has 12 teeth)
  • Handle is made of non-toxic gel
  • 25 inches wide
  • Orange and grey color
  • Sharpened blades to remove mats and tangles
  • Also works for other pets

Pros: Only owners of Golden Retrievers can understand how easily these dogs develop mats. Like, forget about grooming even just for a few days and you will notice them on your pet’s coat. They are mostly seen on the arms and legs. They are not just unsightly. They can also be painful to remove mostly if they have already come closer to the skin. These clumps of fur should be removed immediately before things get worse.

In such a case, a de-matting comb can save you time and effort getting rid of all the mats. It’s a good fit for breeds with long coats, like Golden Retrievers whose coat is flowing but usually of moderate length. It is also applicable to cats, so if you have cats at home, you may also use it for removing mats from their hair. There were reviews that it’s not advisable for heavy mats. Remember that it’s just a bladed comb so don’t expect it to cut like scissors.

Cons: You might find the handle a bit squishy, since it’s made of silicone. Be careful enough not to puncture the handle or else you might have to deal with the sticky gel inside. The product page says it works for all breeds. It really does the job for Golden Retrievers, but may not be the best option if you have short-coated dogs at home.

2. FURminator Deshedding Tool



Key features

  • With options for different hair length
  • Ergonomic handle
  • With button for effortless release of hair
  • Edges are made of stainless steel
  • Curved edge for comfort
  • Coms in green and grey color combination

Pros: If you are after ease of use and comfort for your pet, the FURminator should be on your grooming kit. The handle is well thought out, with its ergonomic design. This somehow lessens the stress from your hands as you groom your Golden Retriever. If you take a look at the edges, you will see that they are a bit curved.

It’s made that way so it will conform to your buddy’s shape. For a quick clean-up, simply push the ejector button on top of it. This releases hair from the tool instantly so you will not have to pull the accumulated fur using your hands.

Cons: Blade may be too short to get through the undercoat. But for safety purposes, it’s much better to use a rake with shorter blades than risk your pet’s coat. There were also reviews that they preferred the older version of FURminator than this new one.

3. Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush



Key features

  • Comes in violet color
  • With thumb rest at the back of the brush
  • Soft grip on the handle for added comfort
  • One-click cleaning button
  • Made of bent wire bristles

Pros: It’s the most budget-friendly among these three but more than the price, we are pretty much impressed with its self-cleaning mechanism. Just click the button and voila, your brush will be instantly free from dirt and dead hair. It’s not a pain to clean, which is a problem with other types of brushes for pets.

It works wonderfully with Golden Retrievers because it somehow massages them and stimulates the natural protective oil on their coat. This keeps the coat looking shiny and healthy. Slicker brushes, like this one, are recommended for breeds with long hair. It’s also the safest one to use since it’s made of fine bristles.

Cons: The self-retracting mechanism is a bit confusing for some users. There were reviews that they did not like that it has to be pressed all throughout. It actually does not work that way. The manufacturer clarified that the bristles should stay open once the button is pushed down.

In other words, there’s no need to push the button the entire time you are using it. You will be able to hear once you pressed it down before usage. When you’re done, simply click it again so it will retract.

Tips in Keeping Golden Retriever Coat Healthy

1. Brush before bath time. These dogs should be bathed once a month. But you may need to do it more often depending on your Golden Retriever’s lifestyle and coat health. It will be easier to detangle if the coat was already brushed beforehand.

2. Complete your grooming by using flea control treatment. Keep fleas and parasites at bay by spraying the coat with flea control medication.

3. Use dry dog shampoo for in between baths. Bathing too often strips the protective oil on the coat. Choose shampoos made of pet-friendly and natural ingredients.

4. Make sure your dog gets enough nutrients to keep the coat shiny and looking healthy. Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of tweak in a dog’s diet. Some vets may recommend essential fatty acids, like Omega-3 and Omega-6 for dogs with skin issues. It can be taken in the form of supplements or by eating foods rich in healthy fats.


Grooming is essential in keeping your Golden Retriever’s coat healthy. It’s important to remove mats and tangles before they get through the skin and cause bigger problems. Shedding, on the other hand, naturally happens. While there is nothing you can do to stop it, you can manage it by brushing the coat often.

Brushing needs to be done on a regular basis to avoid mats from developing in the first place. Grooming with the right brush makes your task quicker and hassle-free. It helps to invest in a decent brush for your Golden Retriever, like the ones we recommended above. If the shedding is more than the usual, schedule an appointment with your vet.


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