What is the Best Collar for a Puppy? 7 of the Best Collars Reviewed


A dog collar allows you to keep your pet by your side and prevent him from running off. It also offers a convenient place to put your pet’s rabies tags and license. There are a lot of collars out there, but which one is best for your puppy?

How to Choose the Best Collar for a Puppy

One of the most important things to consider when looking for a collar is the fit. The collar should not be too heavy or tight and it shouldn’t slip off. Check the material to see if it is adjustable or stretches. The material should be sturdy, washable and able to endure some gnawing.

There are different styles of collars, but you should pick one that matches your purpose for using it. Standard flat collars are typically made of leather or nylon. These are the collars that are usually seen in stores. Some dogs, however, can slip out of a standard collar such as the Whippet.

A front-clip harness prevents minor pulling as it simply clips over the chest area of the dog. It also allows you to steer your pet. This style is ideal for dogs that need improvement in loose-leash walking, but don’t show behavior problems while they are on the leash.

A back-clip harness fits on the chest of the dog and hooks on the back. This style is ideal for small breeds, pugs and canines susceptible to tracheal collapse. A back-clip harness, however, can encourage dogs that are not good in loose-leash walking to pull and break away.

A martingale collar has smaller and larger loops. You can attach a leash to the smaller hoop and slip your pet’s head through the larger loop.  The larger loop tightens around his neck, but you don’t need to worry because the force is just enough to prevent your pet from escaping but without choking him. Martingale collars are a safer alternative to choke-chain or standard collars.

You may also want to consider the design of the collar. Perhaps you want a collar that can help you correct bad behavior. Maybe you want a simple collar that attaches to a leash and can hold a dog tag. If you don’t know which collar is best for your puppy, you can ask a professional trainer for advice or tips.

Reviews: Best Collars for Puppies

1. GAMUDA Puppy Collar

Pros – The GAMUDA Puppy Collar is made from the lightest and softest nylon. It is durable and lightweight, so you don’t need to worry that it will get torn or fall off easily. The collar is soft and comfortable to wear. It is perfect for puppies with neck sizes measuring 7.5″ to 10.2″. This means that this collar is a good option for eight-month-old puppies.

It has twelve adjustment holes, so you can adjust it to get the perfect fit. You can also use the collar on your cat. The GAMUDA Puppy Collar is available in twelve different colors, all of which are included in the set. The collar also comes in two different styles – camouflage and plain with reflective stripes.

It is backed by a full refund warranty, so you can get your money back if you are not satisfied with it. The puppy collar also has a huge D-ring that can hold your dog’s identification.

Cons – The collar is hard to open, but it’s soft and can be adjusted easily.  

2. StrawberryEC Puppy Collar

Pros – The StrawberryEC Puppy Collar can be used by both male and female pets. The size fits small dogs and cats. The buckle has five adjustment holes, so you can be sure that you can get the right fit for your pet.

The collar is made of a sturdy polyester fabric blend, so it’s an ideal bandana for dogs. Even the most energetic puppies can wear this collar. The navy bandana can be worn by cats and bunnies as well.

Cons – The bandana is very tiny that it doesn’t even resemble a bandana. However, this minor flaw doesn’t affect the durability of the collar.

3. Puppy Bumpers Pillow Collar

Pros – The Puppy Bumpers Pillow Collar is perfect for small canines with neck sizes up to ten inches. The pillow collar is an ideal solution for those with small dogs or puppies with escaping tendencies. It’s a stuffed collar filled with high quality polyester fiberfill, which means that it’s is comfortable and lightweight.

By using the pillow collar, you can prevent small dogs and puppies from squeezing through gates, fences and balconies. Your pet can be stylish and safe at the same time. The pillow collar comes in various fabrics and colors. It is non-toxic and attaches to the collar of your dog with five grosgrain ribbon loops. The Puppy Bumpers Pillow Collar is machine washable.

The pillow collar is also available in another color. The Puppy Bumper Pillow Collar – Rainbow Paw looks adorable with the rainbow colored paw prints all over it. To get the correct sizing, just measure your pet’s neck and check the sizes offered by the manufacturer.

Cons – The pillow collar is not waterproof. It’s made of cotton fabric, so you have to remove and dry it if you spill liquid on it or if it gets soaked from the rain. You can put the collar in the dryer to dry it.

4. PoyPet Dog Harness

Pros – The PoyPet Dog Harness has adjustable straps, helping you provide a customized fit for your dog while allowing room for growth. The harness comes with 3 buckles. One is a quick-snap buckle on the neckline that you can lock with ease. There are two buckles on the belly straps. With all these buckles in place, your dog won’t be able to escape.

You can adjust the straps whenever you want thanks to the buckles. The harness has two robust leash attachment points and front clip for preventing pulling during walks. The PoyPet Dog Harness has soft, breathable mesh padding, so pulling pressure is consistently distributed to your dog’s body.

The collar also has a padded handle, giving you extra control and comfort when guiding your dog. It has reflective stitching, so your dog will be easily seen at night. The PoyPet Dog Harness is ideal for outdoor adventure, hunting, daily walking, hiking, running and training.

Cons – One customer said that the collar is not for big dogs. However, it’s designed for puppies. The harness is nice, sturdy and stitched nicely.

5. Abaxaca Dog Collar

Pros – The Abaxaca Dog Collar is ideal for German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Great Dane, Pomeranian, Husky, Corgi, Labrador, Poodle, Dachshund, Rottweiler and other breeds. It’s made of stainless steel, so you are assured that your dog will stay cool in the summer.

The collar has a metal button that is completely closed and difficult to break off. The collar measures 10″ (L) x 0.55″ (W). Everything is handmade, so you are assured that extreme attention to detail was observed during production.

Cons – The collar is expensive, but it has a nice finish and a good build.

6. AOLOVE Adjustable Pet Collar

Pros – The AOLOVE Adjustable Pet Collar is made of real cow leather and alloy. It has 5 adjustment holes, so you can definitely find the right collar for your pet. The collar has a bell, durable D-ring and nickel-plated hardware to protect the neck of your dog. It measures 0.6″ by 14.5″. It is ideal for dogs whose neck sizes measure 10.5″ to 13.0″.

The collar has blunt spikes, so your dog will be comfortable while wearing it. The package includes 2 cat bells that can be attached to your pet’s tags.

Cons – The bell is too large for a cat, but it doesn’t affect the collar’s durability.

7. haoyueer Pet Collar and Leash

Pros – The haoyueer Pet Collar and Leash Set has five adjustable eyelets, rhinestones and bling diamonds. The rhinestones won’t fall off easily as they are fixed in place by alloy holes. The collar is available in different sizes, so you only need to know the neck size of your dog to get the right one for him. The leash and the collar are flexible and soft as they’re made of ultra suede material.

Cons – The collar gets dirty easily, but you can just wash it to keep it clean.

Comparison Table

Collars for Puppy GAMUDA Puppy Collar


StrawberryEC Puppy Collar Puppy Bumpers Pillow Collar PoyPet Dog Harness Abaxaca Dog Collar AOLOVE Adjustable Pet Collar haoyueer Pet Collar and Leash
Adjustable Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ideal for Puppies and Cats Puppies and Cats Puppies Puppies Puppies Puppies, Cats and Older Dogs Dogs and Cats
Material Nylon Polyester Cotton Nylon Stainless steel Cow Leather and Alloy Suede Leather



These are 7 of the best collars for puppies today. Always consider the needs of your puppy before buying a collar. After all, you want them to be safe and comfortable at all times.


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