How to Choose the Best Dog House for German Shepherd


The best dog house for German Shepherd will serve as your pet’s personal space where he can rest and take a nap. If your pet suffers from separation anxiety, the best dog house can help reduce his symptoms as well.

How to Choose the Best German Shepherd Dog House

German Shepherds won’t fit in any house, so there are some factors that you should consider when buying a dwelling for your pet.

  • Size

Choose a spacious dog house. Your German Shepherd should be able to enter and exit it with ease. He should also be able to lie down and move around comfortably. Review the overall measurements of the house.Check its height, inside space, doorway and windows. You should also remember that the largest house is not always the right choice since larger houses have less heat retention.

  • Material

The material determines your pet’s safety when he’s inside the dog house. It also affects the kennel’s durability. Dog houses are usually made from plastic and wood. Consider the climate in your area and the temperament of your German Shepherd when choosing a material.

If your pet is a chewer, you should pick a material that can endure abrasiveness. Outdoor dog houses should be made of materials that can endure various weather elements. Wood is not an ideal option for temperamental German Shepherds as it needs constant maintenance and is heavy. However, wooden dog houses provide great insulation against cold and heat.

Dog houses made from metal are expensive and offer poor insulation, so you need to add insulators. These dog houses are ideal for indoor use. Plastic dog houses are ideal for wet places because they are pest proof and durable. These houses are perfect for German Shepherds with scratching and chewing habits. However, plastic dog houses have poor insulation.

Reviews: 6 Best Dog House for German Shepherd for you

1. Suncast Outdoor Dog House

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Pros Suncast’s Outdoor Dog House can accommodate German Shepherds up to 70 lbs. The stylish design makes it perfect for patios, backyards and decks. It complements most outdoor decorations. The house is made from durable resin and has a crowned floor to keep your dog safe from different weather elements.

Assembly is very easy, so your German Shepherd can use it right away. The house washes easily and resists fading. It comes with a vinyl door, which offers added insulation and security for your German Shepherd without hindering his exit or entry.

Cons – According to one of the customers, it would be good to put a small overhang on top of the door to divert water when it’s raining. However, the house is still reliable because it stays dry and tight without any leaks when the weather is fine.

2. Suncast DH350 Dog House

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Pros The Suncast DH350 Dog House is made from durable resin and accommodates German Shepherds up to 70 lbs. Its modern design complements outdoor décor and furniture, so you can put it in your backyard, deck or patio.

The crowned floor keeps your German Shepherd safe from various weather elements. The house is also easy to assemble, so your dog can use it right away. It washes easily and resists fading, rotting and rusting thanks to its hardened plastic construction.  The house also comes with a vinyl door for added insulation and security. The door doesn’t hinder your pet’s exit or entry.

Cons – The bottom board is quite thin, so you may want to set the house on top of bricks to prevent water from seeping when it’s raining. Don’t let this flaw stop you from buying this house. It’s durable and can accommodate large dogs.

3. ASL Solutions Dog Palace

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Pros The ASL Solutions Dog Palace has a sloped floor for easy cleaning and raised floor for extra warmth in winter. It is also equipped with a self-closing door, which protects your German Shepherd from heavy rain. The house is insulated to keep your pet cool during hot days and warm during winter.

There’s a viewing window that allows your pet to stick his head out and see what’s going on outside. Its plastic construction ensures that the house will last for a long time. You don’t need to worry about replacing boards or shingles. The house is also resistant to mildew and mold, so your dog won’t be exposed to bacteria or toxins.

Air circulates freely thanks to the back and front ventilation. You can also close the ventilation with panels. The house is mobile and lightweight, so you can move it from one place to another with ease.

Cons – It’s expensive. However, if you want a dog house that will last for a long time, you should consider investing in the ASL Solutions Dog Palace.

4. Pets Imperial Wooden Norfolk Dog House

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Pros Pets Imperial’s Wooden Norfolk Dog House is equipped with 2 support rails that allow the kennel to accommodate German Shepherds up to 154 lbs. The floor is removable, so it’s easy to clean and maintain. The roof has 2 locking arms and opens as well.

The insulated panels will keep your pet cool during summer and warm during cool days. Insulation is composed of 0.08-inch plywood board, 0.47-inch timber and 0.51-inch Styrofoam. The walls of Pets Imperial’s Wooden Norfolk Dog House are 150 percent thicker compared to other houses. Air circulates properly under the house thanks to its 2-inch ground clearance.

Cons – Some customers complained that the size is not right for their pets. That is why you should be careful with the size before you place an order.

5. Petsfit Outdoor Dog House

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Pros Petsfit’s dog house can accommodate German Shepherds up to 75 lbs. There are pre-drilled holes, so the house is easy to assemble. Cleaning the house is easy because the bottom floor is detachable. The slanted roof allows for better drainage and keeps the floor dry.

The house is not only for German Shepherds. It can also be used as a house for 3 to 5 cats and 2 to 3 ducks. Petsfit’s outdoor dog house is made from kiln-dried cedar, which is resistant to insect pests and decay. The house is weatherproof and has a door flap as well. The natural color stain of the house doesn’t emit any odor that can harm your pet’s health.

Cons – The roof is pretty heavy. You may want to get someone to help you when putting the house together.

6. Petmate Indigo W/Microban

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Pros Petmate’s Indigo w/Microban is a durable dog house that offers insulation in cold and hot weather. It has an offset doorway that protects your German Shepherd from rain. The side moats and raised floor drain water effectively and keep your pet dry. The vents on the top improve ventilation to keep your German Shepherd comfortable.

The antimicrobial protection prevents bacteria growth and keeps the dog house clean as well. Petmate’s Indigo w/Microban is available in different sizes and accommodates German Shepherds between 25 lbs. and 175 lbs. It’s easy to assemble and can be customized using Petmate doors.

Cons – The house is expensive. If you’re willing to spend a little more for your German Shepherd, you should consider getting this dog house.


Some people buy a dog house to pamper their German Shepherd, while others buy one for its functionality. Regardless of your reason, the best dog house for German Shepherd gives your pet protection and comfort. Follow the tips stated above and choose the right house for your pet.


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