Can Dogs Eat Kidney Beans?


Kidney beans are known for their slightly sweet and meaty flavor. They are a perfect alternative to meat when cooking pasta, casserole, and soups. Because of their meaty taste, you might be wondering if your pet will like them too. Are they a healthy treat for your dog, as they are for you? Find out about that here!

The Truth About Kidney Beans and Dogs

Your dog will be fine if he just gobbled down kidney beans – but they should be cooked! Otherwise, your dog will suffer from the ill effects of raw beans.

Uncooked kidney beans can be poisonous to dogs. This is due to the intense concentrations of the haemagglutininprotein in them.

Soaking can reduce the amount of this protein by half. It can be totally destroyed when you boil them. It’s recommended that you cook them for 10 minutes and allow simmering for roughly an hour.

In case your dog accidentally ate raw kidney beans, call your veterinarian immediately. Your pet could suffer from vomiting and diarrhea a few hours after consuming raw beans.

Thinking of serving canned beans to your pup? Think again. These types of kidney beans may have undergone a rigorous heating process but they may contain lots of preservatives that are bad for your dog.

So when buying this legume at the grocery store, look for the dried beans. You can even save more money than buying kidney beans in a can.

Dried beans take time to prepare but they are worth it because you can cook them without any salt and preservatives so at least you are aware of what goes into your pet’s food.

Canned kidney beans are usually drenched in thick tomato sauces that are not ideal for your pet’s consumption. The sauce may also contain high amounts of sodium.

How to Serve Kidney Beans to Dogs

Kidney beans alone will not be palatable to most dogs. In the first place, you are not supposed to add anything to them, like salt and pepper. Therefore, the best way to serve these beans to your pet is by incorporating them into a meat and rice dish.

Mixing the beans with your pet’s usual meals is also a nice way to introduce beans into your his diet. It’s a trick many dog owners do when offering a new item in their pet’s diet. They will likely eat them when you incorporate them into their favorite dishes.

Beans are a healthy addition to an easy Crockpot recipe for dogs. Put them in your pet’s ground beef and brown rice meal then toss some frozen peas, chopped carrots, and butternut squash.

The Benefits of Kidney Beans to Dogs

Kidney beans boast high amounts of vitamins and minerals. Below are just some of the reasons why your pup should be snacking beans once in a while:

  • They are a great source of protein. Animal-based products are not the only source of protein for dogs. You can also count on plant-based protein because the source of the nutrient does not really matter. What’s important is that your pet absorbs the adequate amount of the amino acid.
  • They are virtually low in fat and sugar. Kidney beans will be a wholesome treat to canines suffering from diabetes. Aside from being low-sugar treats, kidney beans are also capable of stabilizing the levels of sugar in the blood.
  • They can lower cholesterol. Like humans, dogs can also suffer from high cholesterol. The excessive amounts of cholesterol could lead to heart disease. If you want to control your pet’s cholesterol levels, it would help to give him plant sterols and stanols. Beans are among the foods that can provide them and they are very helpful in blocking the cholesterol that tries to get in the body.
  • They are good for digestion. As with any other beans, kidney beans are known for their high fiber content. The dietary fiber in kidney beans makes them ideal for maintaining a healthy gut.
  • Kidney beans are loaded with antioxidants. These beans are sometimes called the cancer-fighting beans, thanks to their antioxidant content. Because of this, your dog could also have a stronger immunity.

Important Reminders in Feeding Kidney Beans to Dogs

It’s normal for dogs to have runny stools after consuming a certain food that is not part of their typical diet. When giving kidney beans for the first time, offer them in very small amounts at first and gradually increase the amount until your pet gets used to them.

Still, practice moderation when giving any kind of beans to your pet. Beans are carbohydrates, which should only account for 10% of your pet’s daily meals. Your dog should get his veggies and meats along with the beans and grains.

Consider the fact that dogs have different preferences when it comes to food. Just because another dog seems to enjoy his kidney beans does not mean your dog will find them palatable as well.

If he does not look interested in kidney beans, consider giving him other types of beans such as lima beans, black beans, and pinto beans. They are as nutritious as kidney beans but they have their distinct flavors that your pet may like.

More importantly, observe how your pet reacts after consuming kidney beans. If they causethem diarrhea, better stop giving them again. Consult your veterinarian when you are planning to add this legume to your dog’s diet. This is especially true when you have a pet with a sensitive stomach.

The Bottom Line

Feel free to share some kidney beans with your pet. As long as they are thoroughly cooked and served in moderate amounts, you will not encounter problems feeding them to your pet. To make them more delicious for your dog, add these beans to his bowl of rice. The dish will be even tastier if you are going to add meat and vegetables.


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