Can Dogs Eat Lima Beans?


Lima beans are among the best-tasting beans because they have a delicate and buttery flavor. This makes them a perfect addition to country-styleand baked recipes. When your dog has a taste for butter, you might be wondering if you can also give him lima beans.

On top of that, lima beans may be small but they are big in terms of nutrition. Before we get to that part, are lima beans dog-friendly in the first place or are they something to be avoided? Get to know about all this in today’s post.

Lima beans: Dog-Friendly or Not?

Lima beans are safe for your dog, so go ahead and share some of these rich and delicious beans with him! Can a pup eat some, too? Yes, but make sure to introduce this legume in his diet in small amounts. Young dogs tend to have a more sensitive stomach than the older ones.

Your pets could benefit from the fat-free goodness of lima beans. They are a viable source of protein, which makes them a great alternative to certain meat products. As you may already know, some dogs develop allergies to chicken and beef.

If your dog has hypersensitivities to these types of meat, you can still ensure that he is getting enough protein from his diet by giving him plant-based protein. Thanks to beans and legumes, our furry little friends can still get their daily requirements of this nutrient.

Just avoid the lima beans sold in a can. It is better and more cost-effective to buy dried lima beans despite the fact that they require longer prep time. Canned lima beans are subject to a high sodium content, which could make your pet sick.

When you really don’t have any choice but to use beans sold in a can, remove the broth first and rinse them. This somehow reduces their salt content.

How to Serve Lima Beans to Dogs?

The first thing you have to do is soak the lima beans overnight. The rule of thumb when soaking beans is 1 cup of beans for every 3 cups of water. It’s recommended that you soak the beans for roughly 8 hours.

When you only have an hour or two for preparing them, you can try the quick-soak method. Boil the beans first for no more than 3 minutes then drench in water for two hours.

Why is it important to soak the beans? It is important to do so because these beans have a gas-causing effect. They contain a protein that’s responsible for making us fart after eating lots of them. This gas-causing effect can be reduced by soaking them. Not only that, but putting them in water for a few hours rehydrates the beans and makes them ready for cooking.

To cook your beans, simply put them in a large pot. Lima beans can be easily broken so you have to cook them slowly. They should be done in not more than an hour. You will know they are ready when they are soft enough to be mashed with a fork.

The difference when cooking for your dog is that you should not add any seasoning when cooking the beans. Avoid adding herbs and spices because these will irritate your dog’s stomach.

Because you did not add anything to them, it may be difficult to offer the lima beans to your dog. Try to be creative and add these rich beans to your pet’s regular meals. This is a strategy to introduce beans to your pet without forcing him to eat them.

It’s an advantage if you like cooking for your dog. You can add these beans to your pet’s rice bowl. Make it more palatable by adding slices of meat. Make sure you are using high-quality meats and not those the preserved kinds.

What Are the Benefits of Lima Beans to Dogs?

Aside from being an excellent source of protein, lima beans have a lot more to offer. Nutrition-wise, these beans are quite impressive. Here are some of the good reasons why it’s worth adding butter beans into Fido’s diet:

  • They regulate blood sugar levels. It’s normal for the blood sugar to go up after eating but this can be prevented by eating foods that help stabilize the sugar levels. If your pet is diabetic, he could benefit from this property of lima beans.
  • Lima beans are a great source of dietary fiber. Like humans, our furry little friends also need fiber in their diet to have a healthy gut. When the digestive system is not working accordingly, your buddy could suffer from diarrhea or constipation.
  • They are good for the teeth. This is because of their calcium content. Like you, your dog also needs calcium to have stronger bones and teeth.
  • They can boost energy. Lima beans are healthy energy boosters! Give some to your dog a few hours before exercise and when he does not feel like moving around.

Important Reminders When Feeding Beans to Dogs

Remember that beans still fall under the carbohydrates category. Dogs should not be fed too many carbs because they don’t have as much capability for digesting them as humans do. Carbohydrates only need to account for 10% of a dog’s diet per day.

Don’t forget that grains also belong in this category. So, if you are planning to offer your pet a bowl of rice and beans, make sure they are in small quantities. You can serve it to your pet once or twice a week, depending on your pet’s preference.

Seek your vet’s advice when giving anything new to your pup, especially if you got a pet with a sensitive stomach. Some dogs tend to develop food allergies. Watch for signs of allergy such as vomiting and diarrhea when giving it to your dog for the first time.

The Bottom Line

Feel free to share some lima beans with your dog. They are delicious and they are packed with vitamins and minerals. You can feed these beans to your pet once in a while or as a snack. As we always recommend, practice moderation in feeding beans to your buddy. If he has runny stools after eating only a small amount, better avoid giving it anymore.


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