Can Dogs Have Orange Juice?


When you own a dog, you surely know that his stomach can be very sensitive. Yes, some dogs would mindlessly eat anything but that bad habit leaves them sick afterward. What about drinks? Should you be as strict in sharing your drink as you are when feeding anything new to your buddy?

Let’s talk about orange juice. We drink it for the Vitamin C benefits. In dogs, Vitamin C is not as important because they are capable of producing it naturally. Does that mean there is no need to give orange juice to them?

The Truth about Dogs and Citruses

Oranges are from the fruit of the citrus species. Anything from the citrus family is actually a big no-no for dogs. Why is that so? The citric acid that comes from orange will cause ill effects to dogs. This acid can be found in almost every part of the orange plant.

Given that, there is a possibility that you are putting your pet at risk when you give him orange juice. Still, there are videos circulating on the Internet showing people giving citruses to dogs. What will be the consequences? You better keep reading.

Can Dogs Drink Some Orange Juice?

Yes, but only in small amounts. If you are thinking of giving it to a dog, make sure it is the fresh variety. Avoid giving the canned ones because they contain an added amount of sugar and they might also contain artificial colors.

Orange juice is a refreshing treat for dogs, not to mention that it also has a few benefits. The fruit where it comes from is loaded with vitamins as well as fiber. It is also a low-calorie treat for canines. While there are advantages in giving it to dogs, there are also some disadvantages.

Several sources agree that oranges can cause issues in dogs suffering from diabetes. It should be avoided at all costs because it can greatly affect their blood sugar level. If your dog is diabetic, better avoid giving fruit juices like orange juice. Only give him water, to be on the safe side. It’s normal for them to always be thirsty but that does not mean they can be given any other drink for hydration purposes.

To make your fresh orange juice, simply cut the fruit in half then squeeze on the juicer. It is recommended that you warm your oranges first so they will produce more juice. You can do this by placing an orange in the microwave for 20 seconds or soak it in a bowl of warm water for 30 seconds. Make sure to separate the seeds from the juice before giving it to your dog.

Dogs are allowed to drink orange juice but that does not mean it should be part of their diet. If you want to provide your pet with an extra amount of Vitamin C, look for other sources. Sweet potatoes, winter squash, and red bell peppers are among the best sources of Vitamin C that your dog can eat.  Consider orange juice as a reward, especially during the hot summer months. Giving it once or twice a week will be enough.

There are brands of low-acid orange juice already available on the market. They are still orange juice but the acidity is reduced because of the added calcium citrate. Before thinking of giving this kind of orange juice to your pet, better consult your veterinarian first.

Risks of Giving Orange Juice to Dogs

The acid naturally found in oranges and their extracts can cause stomach aches in canines. When your dog defecates, the acid can cause him to feel a slight burning sensation. The stool could also become loose and unusually smelly.

It does not only have an effect on his stomach, it can even be the cause of dental issues, as the acid can destroy the teeth’s enamel. As most people don’t know, sugar is not the only culprit in the decaying of the teeth. High acidic foods, including oranges, can also contribute to tooth decay.

Aside from its acid content, orange juice may also contain excessive amounts of sugar. The orange juice you buy from the grocery store is not as healthy as it seems. Many brands of orange juice are still subject to having high amounts of sugar.

My Dog Drank Orange Juice: What Will I Do?

As long as Fido is not displaying any symptoms of being sick, there is nothing that you should worry about. Otherwise, call your vet or an animal poison control center especially if he has a bad case of diarrhea.

To offer relief to your dog, the best thing you can do is to give him lots of fresh water. This helps him flush out the acid. If he is suffering from diarrhea, it’s required that you give his stomach a rest. Only offer a bland diet on his next feeding,  ideally consisting of chicken and white rice.

The Bottom Line

There are certain drinks that dogs can and cannot enjoy. Fortunately, orange juice does not belong to the list of toxic beverages for doggies. A small sip would not hurt since there is nothing in orange juice that can poison a dog. However, in unrestricted amounts, orange juice can cause ill effects in dogs due to the amount of acid and sugar in it. Both the acid and sugar can leave your dog with diarrhea.

If you want to keep your pet hydrated, stick to fresh water. Dogs do not need other types of beverages, including orange juice. Their digestive systems are different from ours, which means they might just have the runs after drinking orange juice.


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