Doggie Treats on Spotlight: Can Dogs Have Pancakes?


A dog gobbling down his pancakes is a typical scenario in most households with pets. We understand those light and fluffy treats are hard to resist and that just the smell of a freshly cooked pancake (yes, that sweet cream butter and bread-like aroma) is enough to make your pooch crave.

Pancakes are popular breakfast treats for doggies and most dogs love them, that’s for sure. But can they really eat this flat cake without experiencing any digestive problems? How many pancakes are considered safe for canines? Can they eat the cakes without the toppings?

We put our thinking cap on to answer any questions you might have in mind about dogs and pancakes. Let’s start by decoding the ingredients of a typical pancake mix.

What’s in your pancake?

The usual ingredients in pancakes or hotcakes are all-purpose flour, milk, sugar, eggs, and salt. You also need a bit of vegetable oil for frying. All of the ingredients mentioned above are definitely safe for your dog in reasonable quantities.

Are Pancakes Safe for Dogs?

Yes, pancakes can be given to them without a cause for concern. But just like any sweet treats, these cakes should be offered in moderation. A piece of pancake is the recommended amount for most dogs. Pups can be given half a piece. Should your pet beg for more, only give one more. A maximum of two pancakes are enough to satisfy a hungry doggie.

The reason why you should be limiting your dog’s pancake consumption is because it may contain high amount of fats, sodium, and calories. This applies to the boxed pancake mixes.

The good news is that there is a way to make a healthy pancake at home. You could make your own batter, one that does not have excessive quantities of sugar and dairy. Plus, you can save a pretty good amount of money because you may omit certain ingredients.

Can dogs have pancakes regularly?

This is a big no. Sharing your breakfast pancakes with your dog may sound like a good idea, but that should not happen all the time. There are certain foods that should be given to canines in moderation and one of them is the hotcake. Your pup should be given a balanced diet that includes fruits, vegetables, seeds, a bit of healthy oils, and meat.

How to make healthy pancakes for dogs?

Forget those ready-made pancake mixes sold in grocery stores. In case you are planning to make pancakes just for them, you will only need three ingredients:

  • Flour
  • Eggs
  • Water

The most commonly used type of flour for making pancakes is the all-purpose flour, but you could use whatever flour you have at home. Just do a bit of research regarding the flour you are using so you will be able to get the perfect texture for the pancakes.

The best types of flour for canines are wheat flour, rice flour, and nut flour. Wheat flour is safe for your dog as long as he is not sensitive to wheat-based products. Wheat absorbs more liquid than all-purpose flour, which means you should add more water to achieve the perfect batter. Wheat is a healthier choice and could give you better pancakes because it produces a richer texture.

If your dog is quite sensitive to wheat, rice flour is a pretty good alternative. It is also fine to substitute all-purpose flour with gram or chickpea flour. This plant-based flour is ideal for them because of its high protein content. It is gluten-free, so it is definitely a healthy choice for your DIY doggie pancake.

When it comes to using eggs, rest assured they are generally safe for dogs. Eggs are an excellent source of riboflavin, selenium and digestible proteins that are essential for canines. In fact, canines need more protein than carbohydrates in their diet. But, in case you don’t have any eggs in the fridge, you can still do your dog’s pancakes without them, they will just not have the ideal texture that you usually get from pancake batter with eggs.

For lactose intolerant canines, you could use water instead of milk. While it is true that milk adds a distinct rich flavor to your cake, your pup can get along just fine without it.

It is easy to work with pancakes. They are flexible which means you can experiment a little until you get the right recipe for your pooch. You may use various types of ingredients or substitute them with what you already have at home. Thinking of leveling up your pancakes? Below are a few recipes that not only are worth trying but are also made of ingredients that are friendly for dogs.

15 Dog-friendly Pancake Recipes

When you are feeling a little extra generous and you feel like offering hotcakes to your Peanut, here are quick and easy recipes to try:

1.Potato pancakes – instead of using flour, this recipe uses mashed potatoes. To make sure your potatoes are tender enough for mashing, boil them in water with salt. The salt can thoroughly cook the starch, resulting in softer potatoes. The bonus part is your dog can benefit from the iron, magnesium, and vitamin B6 of potatoes.

2.Pancake with minced beef – the rich mixture of flour, egg, and milk is made savory with the addition of minced beef. If your dog does not like the taste of beef, you may use diced cooked liver instead. Aside from meat, you can also use fruits and veggies in the pancake batter.

3.Peanut butter and banana pancake – peanut butter is rich in wholesome fats. It also contains a healthy amount of protein that can be beneficial for dogs, as well as niacin and vitamin B. As long as the peanut butter does not have xylitol in it, you should not worry about giving it your pet. Bananas, on the other hand, should be given to canines in moderation. While bananas are nutrient-dense, they may contain a fair amount of sugar.

4.Pancake puffs – aside from the typical baking essentials, such as flour, salt, and vanilla, this recipe incorporates a few dog treats, such as landjaeger sticks or semidried sausage. There are stores selling free-range landjaeger sticks without any added preservatives and coloring. These types are the best option if you are quite hesitant about using processed meats in your furry friend’s meals.

5.Buckwheat dog pancakes with peanut butter drizzle – buckwheat is more wholesome than white flour, so you may use it as an alternative in the baked treats for your puppy. For homemade buckwheat flour, grind buckwheat seeds for up to five minutes or until you achieve a flour-like texture.

6.Whole-wheat blueberry pancakes – blueberries are among the superfoods that you should certainly include in your puppy’s diet. Did you know that canines and humans both get the same amount of fiber and antioxidants from these berries? That’s right. So, if your pooch is always craving blueberries, especially the frozen ones, you may give them to him without worries. The whole-wheat flour in this pancake recipe makes the pancakes a wholesome meal as well.

7.Carrot cake pancakes – when you want to experiment with carrots because your pup is tired of the usual raw ones, you can try this quick and simple recipe. Carrots are excellent sources of beta-carotene and antioxidants. They are good for the heart, and also reduce the risk of cancers in both humans and dogs.

8.Banana hemp hotcakes – with the addition of rolled oats and hemp, you can be sure you are giving your dog a nutrient-dense and tasty snack. The pleasant nutty taste of hemp seeds and the natural sweetness of banana make this recipe flavorful enough you might not even need toppings.

9.Stuffed multi-grain pancakes – instead of the usual white flour, this recipe uses whole grains that are a healthier choice for your pup. The berry jam stuffing makes this cake sweet, so you can even give to your pup it without any topping. Just be careful in using berry jams, because certain berries may be harmful to canines. The best berries for them are blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries.

10.Dill hotcakes with country ham and cheese – most types of herbs are dog-friendly and dill is one of the ones that you can confidently add to your doggie’s food. For this recipe, you may leave out the cayenne pepper because the other ingredients already make this pancake tasty and savory.

11.Cinnamon roll pancakes – for this recipe, you will need half a tablespoon of ground cinnamon to create the swirl. Cinnamon is non-toxic for canines as long as it is served in small quantities. It has a cream cheese glaze that uses melted butter, cream cheese, and powdered sugar. You may serve it to your pup without the cream cheese glaze.

12.Banana matcha oatmeal pancakes – your dog can get his serving of green tea once in a while. Matcha, a type of green tea, is the highlight of this recipe. The wholesome combination of oatmeal and banana also adds more deliciousness to this treat.

13.German pancake with butter syrup – supposing your dog can easily tolerate dairy, he will definitely enjoy this fluffy recipe consisting of buttermilk and butter. It also uses whole-grain flour, but you may use other types of flour in case you don’t have whole-grain flour at home.

14.Low carb pumpkin pancakes – pumpkin is a great source of fiber for most canines. You may offer these sugar-free and low-carbohydrate pancakes to your dog to easily fill up his hungry stomach, minus the guilt!

15.Banana chia seed pancakes – chia seeds can make your dog’s coat healthy-looking and shiny. Add small portions of these seeds on your puppy’s cake and he will surely gobble it down in seconds!

10 Dog-friendly pancake toppings

As always, pancakes are not complete without the accompanying syrup or fruit. Here are some good choices in case you are running out of maple syrup:

  1. Chopped vegetables such as carrots and cucumbers
  2. Chopped fruits like blueberries, apples, and bananas
  3. Peanut butter
  4. Marmite spread – this yeast extract is 100% vegetarian, so a little bit of this on top of your doggie’s pancake would not harm him.
  5. Honey
  6. Orange marmalade
  7. Greek yogurt
  8. Pistachios
  9. Unsalted sunflower seeds
  10. Cottage cheese


Pancakes are safe for dogs in small quantities. Making pancakes for your furry friend sounds like a really fun idea, but remember not to offer them to your dog as often as you’d like. Puppy needs a balanced diet and pancakes should only be given occasionally.

Whenever you are buying anything you think of giving to your pet, it pays to read the labels. Make sure the ready-made pancake mix does not contain any harmful ingredients for dogs, such as raisins and chocolate. This also goes for pancake toppings, like the peanut butter. It should not contain xylitol that can be toxic for canines.


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