Can I Give My Dog Tums?


Did your dog just eat Tums? Those pills can be easily mistaken for sweets because of their assorted color. In fact, a study in 2011 revealed that 1 in 4 kids could not tell the difference between a candy and a medicine. Tums is certainlyone of those pills easily mistaken for candies.

If humans have the tendency to mix up medicines with candies, then what can we expect from our dogs that only “see” the world through their sense of smell? Tums smell just like fruity chalk plus they come in a variety of flavors, so it’s not so hard to understand if our buddies seem to also love them.

The question is, areTums safe for dogs? Should you rush your pet to the vet clinic if he accidentally ate some of them? Read on to learn more about Tums and their effect on doggies.

What AreTums?

Tumsis a brand of calcium carbonate in the form of chewable tablets. It is an over-the-counter drug used for treating upset stomach and heartburn in humans.

Tums come in a variety of flavors such as Assorted Fruit, Assorted Tropical Fruit, Berry Fusion, and Peppermint. The inactive ingredients inthem usually include flavoring, artificial color, sucrose, and soy.

Tums also come in different types and formulation. The Original chewy bites have a 500 regular strength; the Extra Strength a 750 strength, while the Ultra Strength Formulation has a 1000 strength.

They also have a sugar-free formulation which uses sorbitol as an ingredient. Sorbitol is not as toxic to dogs as xylitol but it can havelaxative effects when consumed in large amounts.

What You Need to Know About Calcium Carbonate and Dogs

Calcium carbonate, the active ingredient in Tums, is safe for most canines. While it is used for treating upset stomachs in humans, it is often given to dogs as a calcium supplement.

In unrestricted quantities, calcium carbonate can cause a depletion of some other nutrients such as magnesium, iron, and zinc. Too much of this mineral can also contribute to hip dysplasia in dogs.

Hip dysplasia happens when your pet’s hip socket is not forming normally. This can result inpainful lameness and crippling later on.

Can You Give Tums for Canine Stomach Problems?

Yes, as long as it was prescribed by a vet. Tums is sometimes given to dogs with mild gastrointestinal distress. Being an antacid, it should make a dog feel better.

Do note that Tums come in different formulations, meaning some of them could be too strong for your dog. This is why Tums should not be given to canines without a veterinarian’s consent.

Risks in Giving Tums to Canines

There are certain things to consider before giving Tums or any calcium carbonate medication to your pet. First, what is your purpose fordoing it? If you’re planning to use it for the sake of supplementing your pet’s calcium needs, better dismiss the thought.

Calcium carbonate is only a short-term digestive solution for a dog. If you suspect that your dog needs a calcium supplement, have him checked by a vet. Too much calcium in your dog’s blood can put his life at risk.

Yes, calcium is important for many body functions including building strong bones and supporting nerve transmission but too much of it can also put your dog in danger because it can cause urolithiasis. This condition refers to the formation of stones in the urinary tract, bladder, or kidneys.

Tums Dosage for Dogs

You can give between 0.5 grams and up to 5 grams of Tums every 4 hours or as needed. For small dogs, half of atablet can be administered at a time. This dosage can only be given if it has been approved by a vet.

This medicineshould not be ingested in high amounts especially bydogs with high levels of calcium or those with hypersensitivity to calcium. If you are not sure if your pet already has high levels of calcium in his blood, better bring him to a vet for an accurate diagnosis.

What To Do If Your Dog Accidentally Ate Tums?

More often than not, dogs turn out just fine after eating a piece or two of antacids. Most likely, thiswillpass through since it’s small. But it’s a different story if your dog just ate quite a lot of Tums.

Because of the calcium content, your pet could suffer from constipation or even have a chalky stool. It could also be the other way around, wherein your dog could suffer from diarrhea and vomiting due to the sugar content of Tums. If your pet had allergic reactions after eating Tums, it’s best to call the vet immediately.

Can You Buy Tums Without Prescription?

It’s easy to get some Tums because they arean over-the-counter medication. You can even buy them from online retailers.

However,if you are not buying it for yourself but for your dog, we recommend that you at least let your vet know.If your pet is vomiting repeatedly along with having stomach problems, you have to bring him to the pet for a proper evaluation.


Giving Tums to dogs can be quite risky, especially for dogs with hypersensitivity to calcium. Therefore, it should only be given to dogs under a vet’s guidance. Apart than that, theyshould also be hidden in a place out of your dog’s reach.

Tums have a fruity and sometimes minty smell and that is the reasonwhy dogs easily get attracted to it. Your dog could suffer from stomach problems if he accidentally ate a lot of Tums.


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