How much is a Cane Corso?


Cane Corsos are known for their athletic and sturdy build. They look fierce and powerful but did you know that they can be affectionate, too? When trained right, Cane Corsos can be surprisingly loving toward their “hoomans.” Many Cane Corsos excel in the watchdog category, thanks to their confidence and vocality. It’s believed that if a Cane Corso loves you, you are a very lucky pet parent because it’s not so easy to handle this breed. It’s like you have a protective and loving companion animal wrapped up in one. Are you thinking about how much these dogs cost? Read on to get to know about the Cane Corsos price.

Cane Corso Cost

A well-bred Cane Corso puppy from breeders will set you back $1,000-$2,000 depending on several factors such as their pedigree, color, and breeder’s expertise. A female Cane Corso can give birth to an average of 4 to 6 puppies per litter. They give birth roughly after 60 days since the first day of conception. Most females give birth naturally.

The standard colors of Cane Corsos are black, grey, and red. Tan is the only disqualified color in the show ring. These dogs also come in different shades of brindle like black and red. If you’re going to explore their colors, you will learn that some breeders are advertising Cane Corsos in lighter hues. How much is a Cane Corso in unusual coloring like cream, fawn, and Isabella or lilac? The cost of Corsos in rare colors is usually five to six times higher than the price of those with standard coloring or those with darker shades.

Have you seen a white Corso? Some breeders may be advertising them as white but they can’t be considered pure white because the color is closer to cream and fawn. As of writing, a cream-colored Corso may cost up to $5,000. This shade is also called “paglia,” which means straw in Italian language. As you may already know, these dogs were first bred in Italy, hence some of the terms to describe them are in the Italian language. These dogs are called paglia because the color is being compared to the color of straws that are pale yellow in shade.

The darker colored Cane Corsos often have a white mask while the straw-colored ones don’t. It’s believed that Cane Corsos in lighter shades are a result of using other breeds like the Maremma Sheepdog that is known for its straw-like color.

Where to Find Cane Corsos 

Breeders – how much does a Cane Corso cost if you’re planning to secure one from a breeder? On average, you will have to fork out a median price of $1,100 for this breed. If you’re interested in dogs with an unusual coat color, expect to pay four or five times more than the average price per pup. This amount may be too much to spend for a dog, but it’s actually lower compared to designer breeds or mixed breeds being sold these days. The Cane Corso Association of America (CCAA), a parent breed club of American Kennel Club, is one of the places where you can find legit breeders. They have the list containing the names, websites, and the exact location of their recommended breeders throughout the United States.

Shelters – do you support animal shelters? If you do, it’s best to get your Cane Corso from shelters or places where abandoned and surrendered dogs are rehomed. To get a pup or an adult Cane Corso from a shelter, you will only have to prepare around $50-$200, saving you a large amount of money. However, it’s important to take extra cautions when adopting a Cane Corso from a shelter. It’s not a secret that even the friendliest of breeds can display hostility if they had a bad experience in the past. Unfortunately, many Cane Corsos in shelters were left there by their owners because they cannot handle the breed’s aggression. These dogs have a low adaptability level, so it matters that you’re assertive enough.

Rescue Groups – In the United States, Cane Corso Rescue Inc. serves as the leading rescue organization for the breed. They help dogs find their “forever home” by posting the available Cane Corsos on their website. They will inform potential pet parents from where they rescued the dog and how the dog is doing while under their care. As with shelters, you only need to pay them a small amount to cover the costs of vaccinations, deworming, and the likes.

Where to find Cane Corso puppies for sale

Websites selling Cane Corso puppies

Given the popularity of Cane Corsos, it’s very easy to find breeders online. But it helps to look at legit marketplaces for dogs just to be sure you will get what you paid for. Here are some of the websites where you can find these pups ready for re-homing or adoption: – they have been breeding since 2001 and have produced champion bloodlines and Cane Corsos with obedience titles. They are also a member of the Cane Corso Association of America, which is known as the parent club of AKC for the breed. – this website specializes in Lowchens and Cane Corsos. The website is full of all the information you might need in deciding whether the Cane Corso is the right breed for you. They also give tips in caring for these dogs. – this is the website of a family breeder of Cane Corsos located in Georgia. They are pretty straightforward in terms of contract and deposit, sales policy, and puppy application. You can check all the available puppies and adult dogs including upcoming litters.

What You Need to Know about Cane Corsos

The Cane Corso temperament is more on the confident side. These dogs are mentally and physically strong, gaining them the reputation for being “brawn and brains” which is no surprise since they are born as natural leaders. With their intense vocality and confidence, they are often seen as aggressive and even stubborn. In reality, Cane Corsos can be loving and obedient. The key is positive reinforcement, which does not involve any punishment. Training by hitting or shouting will only backfire at the owner because the Cane Corso will likely show its dominance even more.

They are not suitable for novice owners. If it’s your first time owning a dog, better stick to friendlier breeds. Cane Corsos can be good family pets only if you have the time and patience for obedience training and positive reinforcement. Thing is, training them is not a walk in the park because of their size and their strong will. When full-grown, the Cane Corso size is 62-72 cm at the withers and they can be as heavy as 90-120 pounds. Their dominance will show even at an early age. When they are on top of their condition, they can run for 3-5 miles.

They belong to the working group. You might have heard that these dogs take training seriously. Yes, you heard that right. They are physically fit for training but more than that, they are intelligent enough to easily follow directions. Their attention span is excellent. The best part is that the Cane Corso tends to retain whatever he has learned from his owners.

They are not ideal for families with young children. In general, Cane Corsos don’t make excellent family pets. Because they are not friendly towards strangers and other pets, you might have to put them on a leash. They can act bossy toward other animals, like smaller breeds that you may have at home.

They are sometimes mistaken for a bully breed, when in fact they belong to the mastiff type. This is because both dogs are almost similar in appearance, due to their facial skin folds. Mastiffs are bigger than bulldogs, they run faster, and they are often stronger compared to bully breeds.

They are known for being great watchdogs. In the ancient times, these dogs were primarily used on the farms of rural Italy to watch over the flock and properties. History says they were also used to hunt dangerous animals like boars. The popularity of these dogs decreased following the Second World War and only returned during the mid-90s when they were officially recognized and were brought from Italy to the United States.

They are among the breeds with the strongest bite. The incidence of Cane Corso biting humans has increased through the years. To keep the dog from biting, it’s important to train them accordingly. Patience is the key in training Cane Corsos.

Grooming needs are minimal. Cane Corsos can be bathed only once a month, but also consider the fact that the frequency of bathing will heavily depend on the dog’s activities. If he’s always outdoors and always ends up dirty, don’t hesitate to wash it whenever it is needed. When it comes to brushing, it’s recommended to only do it every week. A curry brush is a good tool to use on their coat because it leaves it shinier and healthy-looking, not to mention that it also massages your dog.

They require a large yard. These dogs need a big space where they can run freely and burn off their extra energy. If you already have a yard where your dog can play and run, make sure it’s secure enough to prevent your pooch from escaping. Because of their size, they are not recommended for apartment dwellers who have very limited indoor and outdoor space.

Cane Corsos Health Issues

Cane Corsos are prone to eye diseases, mange, skin problems as well as bloating among others. They have an average lifespan of nine years although some can manage to live 10 to 12 years. Did you know that there have been studies linking the hair color of a Corso to their life expectancy? A research published in 2017 by the Open Veterinary Journal revealed that black brindles have the longest life of all, with a median age of 10.3 years. Brindles followed next with a 10.1 median longevity. The research also suggests that the lighter ones have a slightly lower lifespan. Grey and fawn have nine years on average while others such as cream usually live until their eighth year.

More than half of all Cane Corsos suffer from hip and elbow dysplasia due to the ruptures of the femur. In some cases, dysplasia happens because the muscles are not developed well. The treatment of hip dysplasia includes therapy and supplements for the joints. In later stages, a vet may also recommend anti-inflammatory drugs such as Naprosyn and Ibuprofen.

The two most common causes of death in Cane Corsos are cancer and heart-related problems. The risk of developing cancer in the breed happens as the senior year approaches.

Responsible breeders will provide a full health guarantee and sell the pups with a contract or a written bill of sale. These documents are for your protection, because backyard breeders and puppy mills are very rampant these days.


The cost of a Cane Corso varies based on a number of factors, such as the quality of breeding, color, and size. Before getting down to the price, it’s worth noting that the Cane Corso is not a breed for everyone. They are ranked the 60th most popular breed. The reason they are not on top of the list is that it takes time and patience to truly get to bond with a Corso. Their powerful body and intellect makes them appear very powerful. They require an equally assertive owner who can handle their strong temperament and potential for dominance. However, if you have years of experience with strong-willed dogs before, the Cane Corso might be your perfect match.


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