Guide to the Cavachon Puppy

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The Cavachon is one of the well-loved crosses or mixed breeds because of its endearing looks and charming personality. It combines two beautiful purebreds, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Bichon Frise. In today’s post, we’ll highlight what it’s like caring for the Cavachon puppy.


Being one of the new lines of mixed breeds, the exact origin of the Cavachon is not clearly recorded. However, it’s believed that this cross first made its way in the United States around mid-1990s. A long-time breeder in Clarke County, Virginia claims to be original developers of the mixed breed.


The Cavachon is best known for its teddy bear look.  It has round and expressive eyes, dark-colored nose, and floppy ears. It has a strong resemblance to its Bichon Frise parent but mostly gets its show-stopping color combination from the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

As pups, theyweigh around 10 pounds and when they are fully grown, they weigh around 20 pounds on average. Your pup’s diet and exercise havea huge impact on its development. These pups normally stand at only 12-13 inches tall. Due to theirsmall size, theycan fit in small apartments and houses with medium-sized yards.

What’s great about having Cavachon pups is that you will get to choose from many beautiful colors. Most of these pups come in white with patches like brown and apricot. Some of them also display a stunning tri-color consisting of white, black, and brown.

Cavachon Puppy Grooming

It’s important to maintain your Cavachon puppy’s coat because he will easily develop mats and tangles if you donot brush himregularly. You can start brushing your pup as early as possible so he will get used to the routine. You can use a simple slicker brush or a comb but be very gentle so you don’t end up hurting your pup’s gentle skin. Since your pup has a fluffy coat, it is also important to establish a brushing routine prior to bathing.

Cavachons are considered to be hypoallergenic, but you may be surprised when you see your pup shedding like crazy after a few months. The intense shedding will only happen once your pooch loses his puppy hair and when he transitions to adult hair. After this, your pup will likely go back to normal. He will no longer shed as long as he’s groomed on a regular basis and free from diseases that cause the hair to shed abnormally.

Your pup’s first bath can be done as early as eight weeks of age but this depends on the situation. If your petis not extremely dirty, you can simply wipe his coat with doggie wipes. Choose dog wipes that are alcohol-free to avoid irritating your pet’s skin. It’s a nice idea to bring doggie wipes for quick cleanups when going out with your pup.

If you decided to give your pup a bath, make sure you are only using lukewarm water. Make bathing a pleasant experience by keeping him warm all throughout the session. Don’t let him run outside when he’s still damp. Keep him fully dry by giving a quick blow-drying or by thoroughly wiping his body with a doggie towel. Don’t forget to dry his ears because it will be more prone to infections if left moist.

Aside from bathing and brushing, your Cavachon also requires professional grooming because their hair is quite prone to tangles especially when it gets too long. At about 10 weeks of age or after your pooch had his second round of vaccines, you can start taking him to a professional groomer. Your Cavachon’s hair requires clipping to keep it shiny and healthy. Most Cavachon pups are given the teddy bear trim for a dapper look.


Cavachon puppies are adorable pups but they can be extremely playful. You might notice their need to bite when you’re playing with them but these “little bites” are normal for young dogs. That’s how they played while they were still with their siblings. You can stop your pup biting by offering a chew toy whenever he does it.

These pups are smart and friendly, that is why many pet parents are successful in training them to be therapy dogs. Once your pup turns a year old, you may check if he is eligible to be a therapy dog. These dogs are taught to offer comfort and affection to people who need it, especially in aged care facilities and hospitals.

A Cavachon pup is notorious for being clingy, which can be a good thing if you want a super friendly pet. This cross is not just the perfect pet to have bysingles looking for a fur-ever pet,it isalso suitable for families with young children. The Cavachon pup is a loving and adorable pup that will please you with his calm nature.

New Cavachon Puppy Checklist

Crate – invest in a crate that comes with the features perfect for an extra small dog. For Cavachon puppies, the recommended dimensions for a crate are 18-inch in length, 12-inch in width, and 14-inch in height. Look for crates made of steel or metal that comes with an easy to clean tray. There are also crates that can be easily folded in case you need to bring it with you outdoors.

Cavachon puppy bed – your pup is still getting used to his new environment and it’s your task to help him make the transition easier. Give him a safe spot at home by providing him with his own bed. The size of the mattress should not be too large that he’ll feel insecure. On the other hand, it should not be too small that he will not be able to stretch out.

Cavachon puppy food and water bowl – invest in a small bowl with a non-skid and no-spill silicone stand. These kinds of pet bowls are made with a ski-resistant mat so it will stay on the same place when you’re feeding your pup. Choose a material like stainless steel since it is easy to wash and is dishwasher safe.

Cavachon puppy toys – giving dog toys isnot just a great way to entertain your buddy or keep him occupied while you are not around but they can also lessen anxiety and destructive chewing. Cavachons are heavy chewers especially during the teething stage so it helps to invest in a durable toy. Biting is something that is associated with Cavachon puppies and while they are quite difficult to stop, you can distract him by offering a toy. In addition to durability, you also have to consider the kind of material used. Non-toxic rubber is ideal for pups that are fond of chewing.

Cavachon puppy g`rooming Kit – consists of essentials like brush, shampoo, and conditioner. A metal comb with smooth round teeth is gentle enough for dog skin. Combs with wide teeth are ideal ifyou’re thinking of giving your pup a quick brush and to finish the entire look or to make his coat fluffy, use a comb with close teeth. A smaller comb is perfect for brushing areas like those around the eyes.

Dental kit – should contain a puppy toothbrush and a paste especially made for dogs. For pups, look for toothpaste that comes in delicious flavors like peanut butter or chicken.It is important to brush your pet’s teeth daily to prevent the build-up of plaque and tartar. Aside from brush and paste, you can also purchase an oral cleansing gel which cleans teeth and freshen the breath even without brushing.

Collar and leash – for young dogs, it’s not really advisable to use a collar and a leash until he is around 10 weeks old. Collars may cause injuries in the neck part, but on the other side, it will be helpful to use them if your pup is not the type that pulls hard during walks.

Puppygates – you will need to secure your pup even indoors, especially if he likes climbing on the staircase or entering off-limit rooms. When choosing a puppy gate, the first thing to consider is the size of your gate so your pup will not easily escape. Also consider the durability and the non-toxic finish for safety.

Clean-up kits – you’ll find poop bags very handy when going outside with your fur baby. At home, you’ll need a waste removal set, which comes with a rake and a scooper, because even housetrained dogs can have accidents in their new home. Keep your household cleaner ready in case of accidents!

Puppy pads – you will need them during potty-training, which usually begins at around 8 weeks of age. Dogs are different, though, and some pups will not be ready to housebreak even until a year old. These pads can help prevent mess because they are made of layers of permeable materials. Some puppy pads are even made with a fresh grass scent so your pup will get used to peeing or pooping outside in the future. This can help especially if you are worried that your pup will be dependent on his pee pad.

Cavachon Puppy Feeding

It’s tempting to share almost everything we eat with our new buddies. It is difficult to resistthose puppy dog eyes, but it’s best to be careful about whatever we feed them than regret about it later. Learn what’s best for your pup or better yet, get your dog tested to see if he needs any special diet.

Designate a spot in your home where you can place your pet’s food bowl. This will make your pooch more comfortable with his new home. Some Cavachons are heavy eaters, while othersaren’t. Dogs have different personalities and eating habits and it may take a while before you learn about your pup’s eating preferences.

A cup of high-quality dry food divided into three small servings will be enough to feed most Cavachon pups. These pups only need around 500 calories of dry food per day. High-quality dog food means it’s free from preservatives or animal by-products. The main ingredient should be real meat and not just fillers. Cavachons, like any other breed or mixed breed, thrive in a high-protein and low-carbohydrate diet.


Cavachons are different. Some only need light to moderate exercises while there are Cavachons with so much energy to burn. If yours is quite an energetic one, he definitely needs lots of play time in addition to daily walks. For Cavachons, a 30-minute walk each day will be enough to keep him in top shape.

If you are not prepared for an energetic buddy, better consider other breeds or crosses because the Cavachon may exhaust you during the puppy stage. However,this will likely change as your dog grows older, because your pup will no longer be as playful as when he wasa pup.

Cavachon Puppy Health

The Cavachon is known for its healthy vigor, which means it is not as susceptible to congenital defects as its purebred parents. However, that does not mean your pup will be forever free from health conditions. They can inherit certain problems often seen in their parents like ear infections, hip dysplasia, atopic dermatitis, and autoimmune problems.

A healthy Cavachon can live morethan 10 years on average. Thisdoes not come as a surprise since it is a product of two generally healthy breeds. Both the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Bichon Frise boast a long lifespan and may live up to 14 years and 15 years respectively.

Where to Find a Cavachon Puppy Breeder

You can get recommendations from small Cavachon online groups when it comes to reliable Cavachon breeders. There are shelters and rescue organizations offering Cavachon pups ready for adoption. But if you’re planning to buy one, expect to pay around $1,500 – $6,000 depending on pedigree, gender, and coat color.

If you’re eager to buy one from a reputable breeder, start by requesting an application. Most of the applications can now be done online, but it’s required that you visit the facility so you can see how the parents and litter were raised. Once the application is accepted, you can set up an appointment and decide to make a final purchasing decision.


Cavachon pups are special in many ways but they are just like any otherpuppies. They need love and attention from its owners. Its teddy bear look and charming personality makes this pup one of the adorable crosses you can ever find.


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