What are the Pros and Cons of Raising a Champagne Pitbull

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Champagne Pitbulls have an excellent temperament, provided they receive proper training and socialization. The champagne color is actually a light fawn. They can be loyal and loving pets, but they are not for everyone.

You have to consider whether you are willing to commit to socializing and training your dog. If you spend a lot of time with your champagne Pitbull, you will have an intelligent, sociable dog.

Before you buy one, you should know your responsibilities as a dog owner as well the pros and downsides of owning a champagne Pitbull.

Pros and Cons of Raising a Champagne Pitbull


  • Affectionate and sweet

Champagne Pitbulls are giant lap dogs that crave attention from their humans. Expect to get slobbery kisses from your pooch as well. With proper training, your champagne Pitbull will grow up as a well-behaved and affectionate dog. They will welcome guests warmly and clown around.

These dogs are good with children. If they are socialized early, they will develop a loyal, goofy and playful personality. Champagne Pitbulls may look fierce, but they are not good guard dogs. They love people, so they may not bark at strangers or even thieves.

Another good thing about champagne Pitbulls is that they stay active when they are older. They like being mentally and physically active and this character only changes little over time. Even a senior Pitbull may perform tricks to amuse and please you.

Expect your champagne Pitbull to make you laugh. This pooch loves rolling on the ground and doing things that make their human happy. This nature makes Pitbulls a good therapy dog.

  • Loves to please

Pitbulls are trainable because they are smart. They are also eager to please. Just like any other breed, they respond well to positive training methods. If you can train them properly, they will perform various tricks for you. Pitbulls can accompany you pretty much anywhere. These dogs never get boring even when they get older.

  • Adorable

Who doesn’t want a gorgeous dog? There’s no denying that champagne Pitbulls are beautiful dogs. They have a strong, muscular body.

  • Generally healthy

Pitbulls are generally healthy. In fact, you can look for one at local shelters. Pitbulls are often seen as aggressive and tough dogs due to those who engage in criminal activities like dog fighting. A lot of shelters implement a standardized evaluation procedure to see if dogs have violent tendencies or socialization problems.

Pitbulls that are up for adoption have been neutered, health-screened and vaccinated. Two-year-old dogs often have a well-developed temperament. You won’t have a hard time getting close to your dog.

  • Low maintenance

Champagne Pitbulls are short-haired, so some brushing and a weekly bath will be enough for them. You don’t need to worry about finding or removing hair from your furniture. Just make sure that your pet gets regular checkups and vaccinations and he will be healthy.


  • High dog sensitivity and prey drive

Champagne Pitbulls usually get along with other canines, but they may not back down when another pooch instigates a fight. Once a fight starts, he will not stop until one of them is badly injured. You have to properly socialize your dog to prevent any form of aggression toward other pets. Their prey drive is also high. Pitbulls can attack your cat or other pets if they suddenly move, so never leave your Pit with other pets.

  • Not so gentle bite

Champagne Pitbulls can cause significant damage when they bite. Their jaws have a lot of force, but they rarely bite. They usually attack if they sense that they are threatened or their human is in danger. If you want to make sure that your dog will be affectionate and well-behaved, you have to train him to be so.

  • Capable of escaping enclosures

If you want to get a champagne Pitbull, you should be ready to secure your fences because these dogs are good fence climbers. You have to secure your yard if you don’t want your pet to escape. Pitbulls are also attention seekers. If you are not prepared for a pooch that is demanding, you should consider another breed.

Pitbulls can develop separation anxiety if they are not with their owners. This means that they are not a good option for those who are not at home all the time. Leaving them alone will lead to a disaster. They will become destructive to relieve their stress or boredom. Your curtains and your furniture may not be spared.

If you can’t return home as soon as possible, you should leave your pooch in the yard or put them in a crate with toys. Otherwise, your belongings will be destroyed by your pup.

  • Strong-willed

Full-grown Pitbulls can weigh up to 85 lbs. Their sturdy body is packed with muscles, which can make them hard to restrain once they are an adult. That is why you should train your dog while he is still a puppy. Champagne Pitbulls that are allowed to roam free without any rules can become obstinate bullies.

Pitbulls often have a bad reputation. They’re among the most feared canines in the world because they’re often trained for dog fighting. However, many Pitbull lovers can attest that these dogs are playful and loving provided that they are trained and socialized properly. Champagne Pitbulls are not naturally aggressive, they only become hostile when they are trained to be so.

Owning a champagne Pitbull has many benefits. Early socialization and proper training will make them a sweet and loving companion that will shower you with sloppy kisses. Just remember that they need a lot of attention, time and commitment because they are strong-willed. If you have set your heart on them, you should buy one from a reliable breeder or adopt a champagne Pitbull from a local shelter.


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