What is the Best Corgi Color?


Corgis are charming little dogs with an absolute personality. No wonder that even celebrities like Betty White and Selma Blair as well as royals like Queen Elizabeth are hooked on this breed. Apart from their cute, dwarf-like appearance, Corgis have stunning coat colors in general.

If you’re thinking of bringing home a Corgi soon, one of your considerations will be the dog’s color. Of course, there’s more to dogs than how their coat looks like but there are a few good reasons why it matters to be selective in terms of the coating. Read on to find out more.

Does Coat Color Matter?

Some experts would say it would help to have a lighter colored dog if you want a pet that is easy to groom. This is because it’s more difficult to find the “quick” in dark dogs. This refers to the blood vessel that you need to avoid when trimming your pet’s nails.

If you trimmed your dog’s nails too short, you will end up cutting the quick. It can result in bleeding and can be painful to dogs. But this should not be a big problem because it can be addressed by dipping the dog’s nail into styptic powder.

In the case of Corgis, there is no issue whether you have a light or dark colored one. Your Corgi will still have light colored toes regardless of its coat color. Even black Corgis have white or red-colored paws.

Studies suggest that the color of a dog may have an outcome on his personality. One research done on English Cocker Spaniels revealed that golden-red dogs are the most aggressive, followed by the black dogs, while the least aggressive ones are those with white coat and small patches of colors.

Apart from personality, there is also a study suggesting that coat color can affect a dog’s lifespan. Based on the study performed by the University of Sydney, Labradors with chocolate colored coats have a shorter lifespan compared to the yellow and black ones. This is because they are more prone to ear problems, inflammations, and skin infection.

Although there are no studies involving Corgis and their coat colors, we cannot deny the possibility that, as with these dogs, it is possible their coat may have something to do with their health and their personality.

Besides, what truly matters is how a Corgi is taken care of and raised by his owners. A Corgi is usually friendly and loveable but owners also need to exert an effort in making sure they get enough socialization. Dogs also benefit from obedience training because it makes them better dogs.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Coat Colors

  1. Red

The Pembroke Welsh Corgis come in a handful of basic colors and the most common coat is the red one with white trimmings. A red corgi will show no apparent black hair.

  1. Red-Headed Tricolor

This one is different from a red Corgi. You will see lots of black but it is noticeable that it combines gradually with the rest of the red hair.

  1. Black-Headed Tricolor

Like the red-head Corgis with three colors, the black-headed ones tend to have black and red areas but in their case, it doesn’t look like they are mixed. The colors are well separated.

  1. Sable

These Corgis are red but it’s noticeable that they have dark hair showing on the withers. They can also have a black skullcap on their heads, on the tail base, and in their shoulder blade lines.

Cardigan Corgi Coat Colors

These dogs have more accepted colors than the Pembroke Welsh Corgis and here they are:

  1. All shades of red

Like the Pembroke Welsh Corgis, it is acceptable for them to have white markings all over the body as long as it is not predominant. Otherwise, it will be considered a disqualification.

  1. Sable

Like the small animal where the coat color is taken from, it looks similar to red but it’s darker. It is close to dark brown and black. It is also sometimes associated with light ochre.

  1. Brindle

This is a pattern that looks like a dog has tiger stripes. In Cardigans, it may not be so obvious from afar but if you look closely you will see this beautiful pattern.

  1. Black

Apparently, they have a black coat but it’s not entirely black because you can still see some white markings. Usually, the markings can be found from the neck down to their paws. Their tail is black but white at the end.

  1. Black and tan

These Corgis look like they are wearing a mask, as you can see the combination of colors throughout their face. They have black markings around the eyes. The tan markings are evident, starting from the head down to their body.

  1. Blue Merle

Merle refers to a pattern in dogs that may come in different patterns and colors, depending on the breed. In the case of Corgis, it looks like a combination of blue and grey spots with black markings on their bodies.

  1. White markings

They are acceptable as long as a Cardigan Corgi is not entirely white. These markings typically appear on their chest, neck, legs, and muzzle. It is also possible to see these marks on the underparts, on the tip of their tail and on the head. White on the head should not predominate and should never surround the eyes.


Both the Cardigan and Welsh Pembroke Corgis have stunning coat colors. And regardless of the color of their coat, these dogs will stay as adorable as we know them. Color is just a small part of their being. There is more to love with these dogs and that is definitely their awesome traits.


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