All about the Corgi Dalmatian Mix


The Corgi and the Dalmatian are two iconic breeds. Corgis are known for their “dwarf-like” appearance while Dalmatians are the only dogs with spots. Can you already imagine how these dogs would look like when they collide? Get to know more about the Corgi Dalmatian mix in this post.


A Corgi Dalmatian mix looks exactly like a Pembroke Welsh Corgi but it has spots all over the body. It has firm and upright ears, dark eyes, and a docked tail. It has the same height as a Corgi, which is usually 10-12 inches tall at the shoulders. Because it has the same body as a Corgi, a male could weigh up to 30 lbs. while a female can be as heavy as 28 lbs.

One of the notable things they inherit from Dalmatians is their smooth coat. Their coat is fine and velvety to the touch. They have a short coat that appears to be easy to groom but you will be surprised by the amount of hair they shed.


The Corgi Dalmatian mix is as smart as its parents. It could inherit the Corgi’s best traits, like being alert and affectionate. At the same time, it could also be as dignified and as outgoing as a Dalmatian. It can be a good watchdog, like the Dalmatians that are known for their protective trait.

This crossbreed is a product of two breeds that are extremely friendly, a quality that makes them good family pets. They are relatively non-aggressive and they will enjoy lots of social interactions. This dog will have a great time playing off-leash in dog parks.

Early socialization helps a Corgi Dalmatian mix become a happy and confident dog. It also prevents the dog from developing fears such as separation anxiety. Puppies may be exposed to people and places as early as three weeks. Pups that were socialized early on are easy to handle and are less fearful of potential scary stimuli.

Later on, you could introduce obedience training for your dog to learn basic commands, such as sit or stay. There are dog schools and clinics where you can enroll your pet for an obedience training class. You may choose to train along with other dogs or do it one-to-one.


Since this crossbreed has the coat of the Dalmatian, it will shed a lot despite having a silky smooth coat. It is important to brush this dog using a tool intended for short-haired dogs. The best brushes for the Corgi Dalmatian mixes are the pin-bristle brush combination and a de-shedding brush.

Their coats have a natural oil that keeps dirt at bay and brushing with a bristle brush helps spread the oil all over the skin. This also means bathing is not required a lot of the time especially if the dog is always indoors. Bathing should only be done once every three to six months. Use lukewarm water when bathing and bathe the dog with pet-friendly products.

Corgi Dalmatian mixes that run and play outdoors most of the time will require less nail clipping sessions. Still, owners need to check their nails once in a while to ensure they are not too long. If the nails are broken, you might need to visit the vet to deal with this.

Part of grooming involves brushing the dog’s teeth to get rid of cavities. Make brushing a habit right from puppyhood so he will get used to the process. Use toothpaste products specially created for dogs. They come in flavors your dog will love, such as seafood, vanilla, and mint.


Use a dog food calculator to see just how much food is enough for your pet. There are factors to consider, such as the dog’s weight, activity levels, and the amount of calorie per serving in a type of dog food. For example, if his food provides 400 kcal per cup and he weighs 28 lbs. and is active, he will need 842 kcal per day. This is equivalent to 2.11 cups a day.

Stick to types of dog food made of high-quality protein such as lean beef and chicken. Limit products with lots of grains because your dog might have a hard time digesting them. Since this mix has the body of a Corgi, it can easily become overweight so you have to be careful about what you feed your dog. Offer fruits and vegetables from time to time. The best choices are carrots, zucchini, and green veggies. For fruits, opt for berries and avoid grapes or raisins at all costs.

Never let your dog eat table scraps. More often than not, these foods are human foods that are not suitable for dogs. Avoid giving your dog treats, especially salty and sugary snacks. This could be a habit and this is unhealthy for dogs. Your buddy could end up overweight or obese.


On average, this crossbreed can live 11-13 years on average. However, the Corgi Dalmatian mix can live longer when well taken care of and given enough attention. The Corgi and the Dalmatian have different health issues but the only thing that they both could have is hip dysplasia.

Hip dysplasia or luxating patellas refers to the deformity of the hip joint occurring during the pup’s growth period, usually starting at five months of age. The most common sign is reluctance to play or get moving. Other signs to keep an eye on are joint stiffness, lameness, and swaying gait as if the dog is doing a bunny hop.

Dogs with hip dysplasia could benefit from joint supplements containing omega 3 fatty acids. Pain medications such as steroids are only seen as the last resort. They can provide relief to dogs with arthritis but better consult a veterinarian about it. Don’t give your pet any anti-inflammatory drugs unless the vet prescribed them.


The Corgi Dalmatian mix has the remarkable characteristics of its parents. It is friendly with pets and other dogs and requires moderate grooming and occasional bathing. You can easily train this dog because it is such a smart crossbreed. Keep an eye for signs of hip dysplasia because this dog could inherit this from the parents.


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