The Corgi Mini Aussie Mix: Everything You Need to Know About

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Are you dreaming to have an Aussie-Corgi but want something smaller so you can carry it everywhere you go? You can still have the crossbreed of your dreams, yet in a travel-friendly size. The Corgi Mini Aussie is a mix of the Corgi and the Miniature Australian Shepherd. Learn about this adorable crossbreed in this post.


The Corgi Mini Aussie Mix looks a lot like the Corgi but usually has the coat color of the Miniature Australian Shepherd. It is rare to find them with the same height as the Mini Aussie, which is 13-18 inches tall from the shoulders. Many of them have the height of a Corgi which is around 10-12 inches. The weight is similar to Corgis which is 28-30 lbs when fully grown.

It is a furred breed with double coats and hair that is a bit wavy, like the one of the Mini Aussie. The coat length can be medium or long. The shedding levels can go from moderate to heavy. His head, front of forelegs, and ear area are covered with short and smooth hair. They usually come in black with white markings but some are in blue merle, liver, and red merle.


This crossbreed is a highly intelligent dog with a will to please. Both the Corgi and the Mini Aussie are known for being smart so they are so easy to train. It makes them ideal for obedience training classes, where they could learn some basic commands.

While the parents are both good family pets, you better supervise them well especially when they are around children. The Mini Aussie Shepherd is not as friendly as the Corgi around kids. If trained to get along with kids at an early stage in life, this should not be an issue with the Corgi Mini Aussie mix. Early socialization or exposure to new places or people should begin at three weeks of age.

Early socialization will benefit this crossbreed as it could inherit the Mini Aussie’s aloofness with strangers. Still, shyness can be avoided through early socialization. Aside from addressing shyness, it also helps avoid fears such as fear of being left by their owners or separation anxiety.


Highly active dogs like the Corgi Mini Aussie Mix could be given up to 2.95 cups per day. This is the recommended amount for dogs weighing 28 lbs, highly active, and for those whose food should offer 400 kcal per cup. You may use a dog food calculator to determine the amount of food depending on your buddy’s weight, activity level, and your dog food’s calories per serving.

Because your pet moves a lot, he needs food that is high in protein. It helps build healthy bones, muscles, and joints. This crossbreed is prone to obesity so limit treats as much as possible. If they are needed for training, consider healthy snacks such as crunchy raw vegetables. Berries, such as blackberries and strawberries are also great for pets.


Since they have long and double coats, they require regular brushing. This prevents the formation of mats and also keeps tangles at bay. A slicker brush is the best kind of brush for them because it gets rid of loose hair effectively. Do it gently so you will not hurt the dog’s skin.

Bathing should be done once a month but it could be done once in three weeks especially if the dog is always outdoors and often get dirty. Use warm water when bathing your dog. For sensitive areas such as around the eyes, you may wipe them with a damp cloth. You may dry your pet using a hair blower, just don’t place it too close to the dog so he will not feel the heat.

Exercise Needs

As a combination of two breeds with high energy levels, it is needless to say that your Corgi Mini Aussie Mix will be a bundle of energy. It could run as fast as 20 to 23 miles per hour so it will enjoy lots of running and jumping aside from daily walks. Apart from a great deal of exercise, they also require lots of mental stimulation. Consider buying puzzles and toys intended for dogs to prevent boredom.

Make sure your dog gets the amount of exercise he needs every day otherwise, he might end up having a destructive behavior. He might chew non-edible materials or destroy stuff around the house out of boredom. If it is not possible to go out because of the weather, consider a game of fetch or tug of war at home. There are lots of ways to incorporate fun into your activities.


This crossbreed could live 12-15 years on average given the best care and attention. The Corgi and the Mini Aussie are both prone to Progressive Retinal Atrophy and Retinal Dysplasia so there is a big possibility that the crossbreed could inherit these conditions.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy is a group of genetic diseases that are comparable to retinitis pigmentosa in people. The bilateral degeneration of the retina can cause a progressive loss of vision. In later stages, it could eventually result in blindness.

Retinal dysplasia is a disease of the eye that affects the retina. While it is not painful, retinal dysplasia can reduce a dog’s vision. Because of the vision impairment, a dog may often bump into objects and could be reluctant to going on the stairs or jumping down off a ledge.


The Corgi Mini Aussie mix is a medium-sized and sturdy dog that is very easy to train. On top of being smart and focused, this crossbreed is such a loyal and affectionate dog with a will to please attitude. If you are ready for lots of time outdoors and do not mind a fair amount of shedding, this one will be the perfect pet for you.



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