The Corgi Pug Mix: Everything You Need to Know

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Have you ever looked at a Pug and wondered what it would look like if it had a long muzzle? Just look at the Corgi Pug Mix. This crossbreed has the face of the Corgi but a Pug’s body! If you are looking for more information about this mix, this post could help.


The Corgi is a dog that originated in the U.K. and has been around since 1200 AD. On the other hand, the Pug’s origin can be traced back to 206 BC in China. The Corgi was used to herd cattle and sheep while the Pugs used to be lapdogs.


Looking at the Corgi Pug mix, it appears as if there is a Pug is in the body of a Corgi. This is because many of these mixes inherited the body of the Corgi while the face is a combination of the two dogs. They got the muzzle of Corgi, but the same black mask like the Pug. Some have the ears of the Corgi but others have the ears of the Pug that are small and folded.

They have the same eyes as the Corgi, which are almond-shaped and have black rims. The color of the eyes usually blends with the color of their coat, as per the breed standard of the Corgi dog. Corgi Pugs either have a black or a fawn color, which is common with the Corgis and the Pugs alike. Some of them may have white spots in the neck area much like a Corgi. It could also inherit the stubby legs of the latter.

It is worth noting that Corgis are divided into two types. There is the Pembroke Welsh Corgi with a docked tail and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi which has a tail that is not docked. Their ear types are also not the same because the Pembrokes have pointy ears while the Cardigans sport rounded ears.


The Corgi Pug mix is expected to have the best traits of its parents. On the Corgi side, it could grow as a playful and intelligent dog. Since it is very friendly, it can be a good family dog. However, young children should be strictly supervised while around Corgis. These dogs have the tendency to do things their way as they were originally bred to herd.

Likewise, the Pug is an intelligent dog that is perfect for families with children. It is just that they are quite stubborn so training them will be a bit of a challenge. But the best thing about Pugs is they can be the most loyal and affectionate dogs one could ever have, given they are given proper treatment and care.

The combination of these two adorable breeds is a highly intelligent pup with an outgoing nature. They may be small but they have a big personality that is hard to resist. Corgi Pug mixes could be very childlike and would enjoy lots of play times even as they reach adulthood.


This mix has double coats like the Corgi and the Pug. This means you need to spend more time brushing their coats so they are free from mats and tangles. It is recommended to do this several times a week for around 10 minutes for each session. You might need two different types of brushes to groom them well. One is a metal brush with large spaces then the other is a dog comb with closely-spaced teeth.

Like other dogs with a double coat, your Corgi Pug mix will go through a blowing of the coat. During this time, your pet will shed more hair than he usually does. The shedding season can be annoying because there will be lots of pet hair on your furniture and clothing, but there are things you can do to control it. One of them is using a good vacuum cleaner to get rid of pet hair in the house.

The Corgi Pug does not require too much bathing unless they become smelly after rolling those stubby legs outside. If you want to bathe your pooch, use warm water and place him in a bathtub. It is also important to clean the ears especially after bathing to prevent infections. Because it has the ears of the Pug, it can be quite prone to infection. In such cases, don’t use any Q-tip for cleaning but an ear solution intended for dogs.


If you are bringing home a puppy, consider feeding him a ¼ cup of puppy food four times a day. There are different types of dog food and some are not suitable for very young dogs. When choosing a kibble for your pup, get those that are labeled to be grain-free. Because their stomachs are more sensitive compared to adult dogs, it will not be a good idea to feed grains to puppies.

The feeding times should be reduced as your pup grows. It could be as little as twice a day but the serving should be at least half a cup. The formula should fit the needs of a growing dog so it should be rich in protein and fortified with nutrients. When planning to include human foods into your pet’s diet, consider high-quality sources of protein like salmon, beef, and chicken.

Health Issues

The Corgi pug could live 12-15 years on average. It is important to be aware of the hereditary problems associated with them so it could be diagnosed and treated even before it becomes severe.

  • Epilepsy – both the Corgi and Pug are the typical sufferers of seizures, so it is important to be aware of this condition and its symptoms. The common signs to watch out for are jerking, stiffening of the muscles, and drooling. If a dog has these symptoms, it should be taken to the vet to receive the appropriate anti-seizure medication for them. Don’t self-medicate or use any drug without a vet’s consent because it could worsen the dog’s situation. Diazepam, for instance, can only treat seizures for less than 30 minutes so it is not recommended to use it.
  • Hip Dysplasia – although it is more common in large dogs, small dogs can also have it too since Corgis in general often have issues with their backs and hips. Because it is a kind of degenerative arthritis, your vet may recommend a supplement that is also given to dogs suffering from this condition. Steroids should only be given if the supplements or other natural treatments are not effective. Those who want to treat it naturally rely on Omega-3 fatty acids as a substitute for joint supplements for arthritis.

So far, these are the most common problems seen among Corgi Pug mixes since these are the diseases that both affect the Corgis and Pugs. They are generally healthy dogs but you should feed them well and spend enough time exercising.

Spend around 20 minutes for walking your dog in the morning and later in the day. Since it could easily tire out like the Pug, it matters to limit physical activities. Keep it at a minimum but ensure to do it regularly. Also consider a game of fetch or tug of war because your playful pooch will appreciate it.


The Corgi Pug mix is an affectionate dog gifted with an impressive level of intelligence. It is a combination of two smart dogs, which are small but have big personalities. They are playful by nature and enjoy socialization. The Corgi Pug is ideal as a family pet and will even be great for first-time pet parents.


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