Cream French Bulldog: The Complete Color Guide

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Cream French Bulldogs are often confused with the fawn ones. True cream French bulldogs looka little off white throughout and they have a solid color. Also, they appear to be white when born, but their ears develop black edges within 24 hours.

They don’t have any markings on their coat. This complements their black nose, eye rims, paws, pigments and lips. The cream color is actually a recessive dilute of the fawn coat.

Cream French Bulldogs don’t develop color patterns on their bodies like the fawn or pied ones. They possess dusky and darker eye rims, while pied and white French Bulldogs have black spots on their nose and pink eye rims.

Honeycomb pied breeds and fawns without a mask are also confused with true creamFrench bulldogs. These color variations may suffer from several health problems. For instance, extremely white Frenchies may develop deafness in either one or both ears because the lack of pigment prevents their ears from functioning properly.

Dogs that have exposed pink or unpigmented skin have a higher risk of developing skin cancer than those that have more pigment. Extreme piebalds may have blue eyes, a genetic defect that is considered not desirable in the breed’s standards.

Mottle nosed dogs, whites and pieds have pink pigment on their eye rims, lips and noses, which can be sunburned.  These problems are not present in true cream French Bulldogs.

Some think that the extra recessive C-locus is the one responsible for the true cream color in Frenchies, but others believe that there is an unknown E allele. The only way to tell a true cream French Bulldog from other color variations is through visual confirmation.

True cream French Bulldogs are solid cream at birth and have black paw pads and solid black nose within 24 hours. They don’t have white paw pads or any pink pigment on their nose. Their features become a solid cream color as they grow older and don’t darken into a light shade of fawn.

Energy Levels of Cream French Bulldogs

Cream Frenchies have low energy levels, but there are some exceptions. They don’t need to be exercised a lot. To maintain their weight, you can take them out for a short walk or play with them in your backyard. Many Frenchies love spending their time on different activities, but they don’t need vigorous exercise or a large yard to run around.

They have a higher risk of suffering from heat exhaustion due to their facial structure.  That is why they should not be walked outside or exercised in hot weather. Active play and walks should be done in the evening and cool morning.

Cream Frenchies are smart and love to please, but they can also be stubborn. There are different training methods that work on them. If a certain method doesn’t work, you can just try another one. Make training fun and give your dog treats to get and keep his attention but be careful not to give him too many snacks because this breed can put on weight easily.

Crate training your pet is also important even if you have plans to let him roam around the house freely when he becomes an adult. Dogs, especially puppies, can chew or bite things or access items they should not. Replacing or repairing destroyed items and vet bills could be expensive. Crate training will help you raise a good dog and save your wallet as well.


Cream French Bulldogs love spending a lot of time with their humans. They respond well to positive reinforcement training. Give them lots of praise, food rewards and play. This breed is also great with kids. Just like any other dog breed,you have to supervise them to ensure that no one is harassing or poking the other.

They are perfect for apartment dwellers due to their size. When cream French Bulldogs are socialized from a young age, they can get along with other pets. However, an overly spoiled Frenchie may be envious of other dogs.

Cream French Bulldog Grooming

This breed has a short coat that sheds little. You can brush their coat every week to get rid of dead hair. A medium-bristle brush will be enough for the job. Brushing also distributes beneficial skin oils throughout their coat. Don’t forget to clean and keep their facial folds dry. You also have to trim their nails on a regular basis to keep them comfortable.

Tips for Cream French Bulldog Training

Enroll your pet in training classes. Early socialization is also important as it will help them become more confident. This will expose them to various places and people. Training classesencourage good behavior and help correct any bad habits. Like the other variations of the breed, Cream French Bulldogs can have a big personality.

Training them as early as possible can make them a civilized companion. This breed is easy to train due to their desire to please people. Proper motivation like food will get their cooperation.

How to Avoid Sickly Cream French Bulldogs

The best way to avoid sickly cream French Bulldogs is to find a reputable breeder. Fortunately, there are a lot of responsible breeders who produce true cream French bulldogs by using various breeding programs. They follow the necessary breeding standards and keep an eye on the genetic defects of their dogs.

Cream French Bulldogs are adorable, but you just need to be careful when choosing one. You have to know the differences among cream colored, white, pied and fawnFrench Bulldog pups.

Cream French Bulldog Cost

The price of a cream French Bulldog depends on various factors like the location and breed line. Expect to pay around $1,500 to $3,000 for a French Bulldog. High quality Frenchies with an outstanding breed line can cost around $5,500 to $10,000.

If your budget is not that big, you can always consider adopting a cream French Bulldog. Adoption usually costs around $350 to $550, including vaccinations and registrations.

By adopting a dog, you’re not just saving money, you are also saving a life and giving a dog a second chance. It’s also important to consider the cost of feeding your dog. This breed usually eats between 1.5 and 2.5 cups of food daily, depending on their activity level and size. Ask your vet for advice regarding your dog’s diet.

Premium dog foodusually costs around $2 to $3 per pound. A bag of treats can cost around $5 to $10. Don’t forget the trips to the vet. If you get a healthy cream French bulldog, you only need to think about routine checkups, dental care and vaccinations. You may need to spend $500 yearly or less for the vet expenses.

Pet health insurance can help offset some of the expenses of caring for a Frenchie. Insurance for this breed usually costs around $50 to $80 every month. You also need to buy a leash, bed, toy and harness for your Frenchie. If your country requires a dog license, you have to get it as well. These items can cost around $200 a year or more if you plan to buy more items for your pet.

Training costs are not an ongoing expense as they are usually incurred only during the first few months of your pet’s life. Training a dog usually costs around $500.


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