Dalmatian Boxer Mix: All About the Boxmatian Dog

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Ever wondered what would be if the gentle Dalmatian got the scary appearance of the Boxer? It still looks like one tough dog but believe it or not, it will please you with its extremely friendly behavior. If you are wondering what is it like owning a Boxmatian, read today’s post for more information.


While there is not much account about the Boxmatian itself, it is worth noting that it came from two breeds with interesting histories. The first Boxer dog was bred during the late 19th century in Germany to bull baiting dogs. They were also used by butchers to control cattle in slaughterhouses. The Dalmatian, on the other hand, was previously known as a carriage dog. They originally came from Croatia and their roots can be traced back to 1600 AD.


The Boxer Dalmatian mix is a large dog, weighing 45-80 pounds on average. It has an athletic and compact built similar to the Boxer’s. As adults, these dogs may grow up to 19 to 25 inches. The Boxmatian has folded ears and rounded eyes. It usually has short muzzles. It may inherit the sickle tail of the Boxer or the straight one of the Dalmatian.

You can find them in a pure white coat with black spots. Some have a dominant black coat with only a few white spots on their neck. There are actually lots of coat color possibilities. They can be white, black, tan, brindle, and fawn. You will only notice the round spots when your dog grows older. They will not immediately show from birth but only a few months later.


Owning a Boxmatian is like having a big energy bundle. It is such a playful dog and will crave for lots of games with their favorite humans. Socialization is crucial for them because they have the possibility to become aloof like their Boxer parent. When trained early on, they will be as friendly as anyone expects them to be. They can even become therapy dogs because they are patient.

While they are good with their owners and their children, you cannot expect them to be the best buddies with other pets. It is best to supervise them when they are with other dogs. They don’t have the traits of alpha dogs but some of are not comfortable around other pets.

They have excellent trainability because they are obedient by nature. This is despite the fact that they are not as independent as other dogs. Their intelligence is on the average side because they can get easily distracted. But you will still love them because they like pleasing their owners with their funny antics. You can even train your buddy to become a watchdog.

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Health Issues

Your Boxmatian will live 10-14 years on average. It is fairly healthy but as with other crossbreeds, it is important to know that they are subject to certain hereditary conditions. Below are just some of the typical medical problems associated with the Boxer and Dalmatian mix:

  • Thyroid issues – this is a common problem for dogs with deep chests like the Boxmatian. The common thyroid issues among dogs are hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. Canines with thyroid problems suffer from skin issues, sudden weight increase, and intolerance to cold weather.
  • Skin dryness – when untreated immediately, the dryness can lead to skin itching and redness. Prevent skin dryness by giving your pet foods or supplements rich in Omega-3. Also consider using a hypoallergenic shampoo for your pet-formulated with naturally moisturizing ingredients.
  • Bloating – this condition is also called gastric dilatation volvulus. Vets and scientists have not discovered the main cause yet. However, the stomach expands when it is filled with gas or food. Therefore, ensure there are intervals between your dog’s meals.
  • Allergies – there are various types of allergies in dogs but the most popular among them is skin allergy. Sometimes, it is a result of using a harsh product on the dog’s skin. When bathing your pet, only use a vet-approved shampoo.

Exercise Needs

With lots of energy, your Boxmatian thrives in heavy exercise every day. The Boxmatian is not for people who prefer laid-back pets. They come from breeds that had been originally bred to become working dogs, that is why it is normal for them to be physically active. They can run from 27 to 35 miles per hour.


This crossbreed does not require much bathing because it does not have a long coat. However, it needs regular brushing. It can be an occasional shedder like the Boxer or a heavy shedder like the Dalmatian. It has a smooth coat that will be fine with twice a week brushing. Be gentle when brushing the Boxmatian and do it as a routine starting when the pet is just a puppy.


Your Boxmatian requires as much as four cups of meal per day during puppyhood. They need lots of food during this time because they are active and they grow fast. As they turn into adults, you may gradually reduce their feeding amount to only two cups per day. If you are feeding your pet kibbles, use the portion guidelines on the food package.

When choosing a dog food, opt for products that do not contain grains because many Boxmatians develop allergies after consuming them. If you are thinking of feeding your pet a raw diet, go for high-quality meats such as chicken and beef.


The Boxmatians are such fun-loving and bright dogs. They are perfect not just as house pets but also as therapy dogs. They are suitable even for apartment living or small yards as long as you regularly take them out for walks. The fun side of the Boxer combined with the dignified and outgoing personality of the Dalmatian indeed makes one great crossbreed.


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