The Dalmatian Dachshund Mix

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The Dalmatian and the Dachshund are among the breeds with distinctive physical traits. The Dalmatian is the only spotted breed while the Dachshund is known for its stubby legs. Combining these two breeds will result in a unique crossbreed that has a lot of names: Dalmachshund, Dalmatian Doxie Mix, and the Dalmatian Weiner Dog mix. Whatever they are called, they have all the nice traits of their parents.


The Dalmatian Dachshund mix is the offspring of two dogs with long histories. The Dachshunds originated in Germany in 1400 AD as badger dogs. They were bred to hunt close to hunters. The country of origin of the Dalmatians is Croatia. They were first bred in 1600 AD to become carriage dogs during the early times.


A Dalmachshund has the height of its Dachshund parent. It only grows 5 to 11 inches tall. It has the same built as the Dachshund, which has a long and muscular body. You can see some whose muzzle and top skull sharing an equal length. It is also possible to find Dalmachshunds with a long muzzle, similar to the Dachshund parent.

Some of them have theirs near the top of their head, like the Dachshund. Some may have flopped down ears with rounded tips, a physical trait it inherited from the Dalmatian. Their noses are either black or brown. All Dalmatian Dachshund mixes are spotted although not all of them have the pure white coat and black spots. Some of them have liver-brown coats and chocolate spots.


This type of dog has a smooth and straight coat. It does not need a lot of grooming but it is furred so it is still important to brush it every couple of days. The best brush for your pet is a soft-studded rubber brush. It is ideal for short-coated dogs because it will not cause skin irritation.

It is recommended to bathe the dog at least once every three months using a shampoo that will not dry its skin. It is recommended to use a product with naturally moisturizing ingredients, such as aloe and oatmeal. Don’t forget to brush the hair before giving your dog his bath.


The best thing about having a Dalmatian Dachshund mix is having one affectionate dog. It is loving by nature and will do anything to please its owners. It is very friendly toward its people, even to kids and other pets. However, there is a chance for it to become slightly aggressive with strangers.

Furthermore, it has the tendency to be stubborn. One of the things you can do to is to train your dog with positive reinforcement. Never yell at your pet or else it will only become aggressive. When outside, use a leash rather than a choke collar that can hurt a dog’s neck.

Health Issues

A Dalmatian Dachshund mix has an average lifespan of 12-15 years. It helps to be aware of its genetic predispositions so you will know how to help your dog live longer:

  • Deafness – it is common in Dachshunds and Dalmatians and it is usually pigment related. The white coated dogs are the usual sufferers of deafness. Still, some dogs become deaf due to ear infections. Clean the ears once a week to prevent the build-up of yeast and bacteria that may cause infections.
  • Allergies – the Dalmatian, in particular, is prone to skin allergies so it may pass it on to its offspring. Be cautious in introducing foods to your pet. Many dogs from these breeds have hypersensitivity to grains.
  • Hip dysplasia – when a dog has this condition, it becomes hard for him to do the tasks he usually does. You will know he is suffering from pain if he suddenly becomes reluctant to exercising or playing around. Avoid strenuous activities when playing or exercising your pooch.
  • Bloating – this refers to the twisting of the stomach. It may happen if the dog just had his exercise and immediately ate his meal. It can also happen when a dog eats a lot in just one sitting. Avoid this from happening by being aware of your pet’s meal intervals and feeding guidelines.

Exercise Needs

This dog will tire you out with its immense energy level. It can fit apartment living as long as you always take him out for a walk. Exercise is important for your short-legged pooch because it helps strengthen its back and legs. Your pet will enjoy lots of play time such as games of fetch. But if you are not up for a game, give him a 45-minute walk each day. This should be fine especially for younger dogs.


Your buddy is prone to bloating so it is important to offer meals at regular intervals and in small portions. The recommended feeding time for dogs is twice a day, with at least an 8-hour interval. But for this mix that uses lots of energy, you can offer up to three meals a day while they are still puppies. You can reduce this to only one meal per day when they become adults.

Dry dog food or kibbles are fine for them, as long as you stick to natural and grain-free ingredients. Human foods are also okay, but never give your dog onions, garlic, chocolates, macadamia, and salty foods. You may give him fruits and vegetables as long as they are fresh, without pits, and in moderate amounts.


The Dalmatian Dachshund mix will amaze you with its unique physical characteristics. It has the height of a Dachshund and the iconic spots of a Dalmatian. The best part of having this crossbreed is that you get the best of both worlds – the lovable appearance and the friendly personality of these two purebred dogs.


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