Do Pugs Shed?


Many people suppose a pug is a low-shedding dog because it has short hair. But did you know that in reality, a pug will shed as if there is no tomorrow? That’s one of the important things you need to know if you are planning to share your home with a pup of this breed.

Otherwise, you might end up regretting having one because you are not fully prepared for taking care of this breed. Read our post to learn more about a pug’s coat and its shedding levels.

Pug Coat Types

Pugs have different types of coat. It can be a bit confusing at first, because most breeds either have a single coat or double coats. To help you identify the coat type, first look at the color. A black pug is single-coated while a fawn pug is double-coated.

Their color and coat types are by far the only thing that set these dogs apart. They could still share the same traits common to pugs. These dogs are known in general for being intelligent and playful but this will still depend on how they were raised by their owners.


It’s not true that pugs only need very minimal grooming. This only applies if you have a black pug, since you only have to brush it once every three days. A plastic or rubber pin brush will be fine to use for black pugs because it is made of flexible wires that are effective inmassaging a dog’s skin.

Pugs contain natural oils in their skin and brushing it helps distributes the oil to keep it shiny and healthy. In addition to a pin brush, a dual-sided combo brush can also smooth out the coat and stimulate the natural oils.

However,if you have a fawn pug, you will need to brush it regularly to control the shedding. Fawn pugs are more common compared to black ones although the black gene is more dominant. Thisis because many people still prefer these yellowish-brown dogs over the black ones even if their coats are more challenging to maintain.

Meanwhile, it’s not advisable to shave a pug’s hair even if it is tempting to do so. Shaving their hair will not provide them with the protection they need to in survive any weather condition. The coatalso serves as their protection againstthe sun’s UV rays. It is important to retain their coat especially if you live in a place where there is winter.

If you have a double-coated pug, you have to maintain grooming to save you from trouble later on. You may also bathe once a week, especially if your pug is always outdoors and often ends up dirty. Pugs can be active and playful at times although they are sometimes thought of as a lazy breed because they often sleep.

When bathing your pug, always use a hypoallergenic shampoo intended for dogs so it will not be harsh on the pet’s skin. Do note that a pug’s skin is quite sensitive so you have to be selective withthe products you are going to use. Dogs have different pH levels compared to humans so even a product intended for babies may not be good to use on them.

Pug Shedding Level

A pug goes through seasonal shedding, especially if it has double coats. Black pugs do not lose hair as much as fawn pugs but still expect them to shed toa certain degree.  There are many possible reasons why pugs shed more than the usual. You will notice excess shedding as your pug puppy changes his coat in preparation for adulthood. It can also be because of skin problems like bacterial and fungal infections.

How to Minimize Pug Hair

You cannot stop a pug from shedding because but there are a few things you can do to at least control it. Here are the best ways to get pet hair off and out of your home:

  • Remove loose hair using the right typeof brush. There are different kinds of dog brushes but not all of them suit a pug’s coat type. A shedding tool can help if you have a double-coated pug, but better be careful in using it because it may irritate your pet’s skin if not used properly. For shorthaired breeds, it is fine to use a slicker brush.
  • Vacuum every day. Regardless of your pet’s breed, it matters to invest in a quality vacuum cleaner. When buying a vacuum cleaner, look for pet-friendly features like the anti-allergen air filtration system.
  • Ensure your pet stays well-hydrated. Dogs with dry skin are more prone to excessive shedding. When your dog’s skin is dry, it will look dull and brittle. Always check your pug’s water bowl to see if it has clean and fresh water all the time. A dog’s bowl should be washed following each meal.
  • Keep a lint roller athand. It’s cheap and easy to use. Although you cannot use it to remove pet hair from an entire room, it is ideal for small jobs like removing hair from fabrics. A lint remover with a swivel head makes it easy to rollin different directions to take off lint, fuzz, and pet hair.
  • Clean carpets and tiles with a rubber broom. This kind of broom is ideal for sweeping pet hair on surfaces like hard and carpeted floors. You will be surprised how much pet hair your regular vacuum misses when you use a rubber broom.


Research the pug’s characteristics before considering it as a pet. The coat is one of the most important things to consider in getting a dog because it influences the time and money you will spend onmaintenance. It also dictates how much you have to clean your home. Regardless if you have a low-shedder or an intense shedder, it helps to invest in a decent brush and a powerful vacuum cleaner.


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