14 Reasons to Adopt an English Golden Retriever


Golden Retrievers have been the American Kennel Club’s third most popular breed for seven consecutive years. They are adored worldwide for their charming looks and desirable temperament. Loyal, playful, and friendly – that’s how they are mostly described. If you’re planning to get a Golden Retriever, one of the things to consider is the best type that suits your preferences.

As you might know by now, they come in three different types: the sun-kissed American Golden Retrievers and the lighter or darker colored English Golden Retrievers and Canadian Golden Retrievers. If you’re considering a cream Golden, but still can’t decide, here are the telltale signs that an English Golden Retriever is the dog for you.

1. You prefer a Goldie in its pale shade.

These Retriever dogs come in diverse and gorgeous shades. The English Golden Retrievers are known for their cream coats that look off-white. Their coats may not be as striking as the yellow or red ones but they are still stunning. If you want to maintain the beauty of their coat, you can apply brightening or clarifying shampoos for pets. There are color-enhancing shampoos currently available on the market. You can use them when bathing your buddy every 4-6 weeks or when you feel like your pet badly needs some cleaning.

2. You want a sociable companion animal.

English Golden Retriever love people and people’s attention. It doesn’t matter whether you get one from an English Golden Retriever rescue or a breeder. Most Golden Retrievers are socially inclined regardless of their upbringing. Don’t be too focused on the common misconceptions about rescue animals. Yes, some of them are abandoned and they may develop negative behaviors but with consistent training and by giving them enough time to adjust, you can give that dog another chance at life. Who knows, they might even forget the trauma they experienced with their previous owners! The approval process for adoption only takes 2 weeks to a month, shorter than having to wait for a litter from a breeder. Golden retriever rescue clubs can help you find your perfect buddy.

3. You want your Golden to appear sleeker than usual.

American and British Goldens have different body structures, since they are bred based on different standards. Breeders in the United States adhere to the guidelines set by the American Kennel Club while breeders in the UK follow the standards set by The Kennel Club. For most of us, color is the only thing that sets them apart. But a closer look at these dogs will tell you they don’t have the same muzzle, eyes, ears, neck, and tail. They also have different weight and height as adults. These variations, though, are very minimal so you wouldn’t even notice.

4. You’re tired of seeing lots of hair around the house.

American Goldens shed like crazy! You need to brush them regularly and vacuum around the house as often as possible to get rid of all that hair. Otherwise, expect to see pet hair on your clothes, furniture, and floors. The good news is British Goldens have less hair compared to their American counterparts so there’s a greater chance they will shed less than the standard Goldens. An English golden retriever shedding is very manageable. However, that does not mean they are hypoallergenic. They still shed to a certain degree, so they are not a good choice for people with pet allergies. If you are allergic to pet hair and dander, consider low-shedding breeds.

5. You just want a Golden without that traditional yellow color.

If you live in the United States, it’s needless to say that American Goldens are everywhere. You can find them from breeders, animal foster homes, and rescues. It’s possible to find the English Retrievers in these places, depending on where you live but that will be only out of luck. That’s because they are more popular throughout the United Kingdom. If you are in the United States, the best way to get them is by sending your adoption application to a legit breeder. There are English Golden Retriever puppies in Maryland and other states.

6. You value the support of other pet parents.

Because English Golden Retriever are quite popular in the canine community, you can find a lot of English cream golden retriever information on the Internet. A simple Google search will lead you to all the information you need, from tips on raising them down to the fun facts about the breed. Plus, it will be advantageous to meet people who are already knowledgeable about them. There are pet parents who meet and become friends in real life.

7. You can manage a clingy dog.

If you like to receive lots of snuggles from your beloved dog, you wouldn’t have to beg too much to get that from a English Golden Retriever. It can be a bit clingy and might think anything that you belong to it and will protect it no matter what. Yes, Goldens can be territorial at times but at least not in an aggressive way. Since Goldens are smart dogs by nature, you can teach them the importance of boundaries at an early age.

8. You are the type who is always up for adventure.

English Golden Retriever are known for their high wanderlust potential and if you love outdoors, they can be your perfect match. Love hunting and joining sports? Your English Golden Retriever will surely be game for it. They are naturally athletic, since they were originally developed as hunting dogs. The Golden will have so much energy to burn until they are four years old. They will still need some exercises but you will notice that they are calmer after that stage.

9. You are willing to splurge money for a dog you like.

You might have heard that it’s better to adopt than shop. Still, we all have different preferences. People who buy from breeders do so mainly because they want to have enough history about the parent dogs and they want some health guarantee. With rescues, it’s common to find a number of health problems and you might be surprised in the end. The English Golden Retriever’s price is three times higher than the price of an American Golden puppy. You can find pups being sold at $2,500-$3,000 depending on where you live. But if you’re in the UK, you can find a cream colored Golden Retriever for around 1,400 Euros ($1,500 in the United States).

10. You find English Golden Retriever puppies too cute and you can’t wait to bring them home.

Isn’t it nice to watch them play? The interaction among them will start as early as the fourth week since birth. These pups are usually born in white color, but it’s possible for one to two pups to have a darker shade. You will know how your pup will turn out by looking at their ears. If these are a bit dark, your Golden might be darker than what you expect.

11. You prefer a medium-sized pet.

The weight of a typical English Golden Retriever falls between 55 to 75 lbs. They are almost the same weight as their American counterparts. These dogs are the ideal size for people who have lots of space in their backyards. Can they live in an apartment? Yes, as long as you set aside time to take them out three times a day. Retriever breeds can live comfortably in apartments given they are trained well.

12. You have the budget for dog food.

Have you heard that English Golden Retrievers are obsessed with food? Yes, you heard that right. They can eat pretty much anything, from commercially prepared dog food to homemade meals. Can they be greedy over food? Unfortunately, yes, most of them are quite greedy especially if you’re serving their favorite meal. So, if you don’t mind spending on dog food, then a Golden Retriever might just be your best bet.

13. You don’t mind playing a lot with your English Golden Retriever.

These dogs will tire you out, but if you already were pretty active even before having dogs then that will not be a big problem. They need daily exercise because they have lots of energy to burn. Goldens, regardless of their type will always have that natural inclination towards physical activities. They belong to the Sporting Group. Hence, it’s just normal to find them running, walking, and jumping. Without enough play, they could end up destructive out of boredom. They can be playmates with anyone, be it your child or other pets you have at home. They are very friendly and that friendliness extends toward other animals.

14. You want a pet that can be used as a service dog.

According to the American with Disabilities Act, a dog has to be individually trained for it to be considered a service animal. Because Golden Retrievers in general are intelligent and are strong enough to help people in need, they are among the best breeds to consider for a service dog. An English cream golden retriever’s personality is not far from that of an American-bred Golden. Most of them can quickly learn new things, they can offer physical support, and they can be very loyal to their “hoomans.”

When to Start Your English Golden Retriever Hunt

Did you set your eyes on the English Cream Golden Retriever? Now, you might be wondering what’s next. If you are ready to commit to pet ownership, it’s time to look for a breeder, a shelter, or a rescue. Aside from searching on the Internet, it helps a lot to ask for recommendations from friends or family members. Then narrow down your list of potential breeders from all the suggestions you gathered.

As much as possible, find one near your place. This way, you can see the facility physically. Are they clean enough to produce healthy dogs? Visiting them will also give you an idea how the parent dogs were raised. If you’re planning to adopt a dog from a shelter or rescue, make an arrangement online so you can meet the pet. You might have other attributes when looking for a pup. You can share these to your prospect breeders so you will be able to find your perfect match.


A British Golden might be the breed you’re looking for if you prefer a Golden Retriever with a smooth and glossy white coat and a slimmer built, who likes keeping active and has the wonderful temperament of your typical Golden. With its easy to please and outgoing nature, the English Golden Retriever is so easy to love. There’s no doubt it’s one of your best choices for a pet!


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