F2 Goldendoodles: Everything You Need to Know

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There are three main generations of Goldendoodles. There is the F1, the F2, and the F1B. There is also what they call F3 or the third generation Goldendoodle. If you are setting your eye on the F2 Goldendoodle, this post will help you understand more about them.

What is an F2 Dog?

In breeding dogs, an F2 refers to the pairing of two F1 dogs or first generation dogs. The F1 pups are developed by mating two purebred dogs. In the case of Goldendoodles, breeders pair a Golden Retriever with a Standard Poodle.

The original goal in developing them is to have a hypoallergenic pup that can also be used as a guide dog. Poodles are good guide dogs, but not as efficient as the Golden Retrievers. That is the reason why the latter’s gene is introduced in developing them. F2 doodles are also called multi-generation dogs. Their genes are composed of 75-percent Poodle and 25-percent Golden Retriever.


Second generation Goldendoodles look a lot like Standard Poodles. When full-grown, F2 dogs weigh 35-55 pounds on average. A male stands at 61-66 cm while a female is quite shorter at 56-58 cm at the shoulder. Their coat grows around 5 inches in length.

Like the rest of Goldendoodle pups, F2 pups are like Teddy Bears that come to life. They have that round and very dark eyes and are cuddly, too, that’s why they are hard to resist! They also come in a variety of solid colors like cream, red, and brown.

F2 Goldendoodles are regarded as the most varied generation of all. This means not all of them will have a wavy coat. Because they possess more of the Poodle gene in their lineage, they may inherit its dense curly coat. Some could have a curly coat and on instances, it is possible to encounter an F2 with a hair coat instead of a fur coat.


F2 Goldendoodles share the same temperament as other generations of Goldendoodles. Like most Goldendoodles, they will please you with their intelligence and playfulness. All generations of Doodles are easy to train, because they got the apt of the Standard Poodle.

Another desirable trait about Goldendoodles is their loyalty towards their owners. This makes them ideal as family pets, because they will shower you with their love and affection. It is possible that they will inherit the Golden Retriever’s friendly nature and gentle personality.

While these dogs are smart and easy to train, it’s recommended that you practice positive reinforcement. Yelling at a dog or correcting their mistake by being harsh may only hurt instead of helping your Goldendoodle. Make your training sessions easier by introducing a training crate. Training can test your patience but it’s very important to avoid any behavioral problems in the future.

A Goldendoodle is a cheerful dog. You don’t have to worry about introducing new people or pets because they don’t have a prey drive. Also, they are not likely to be aggressive, unless they were not trained or socialized early in life. They thrive on human companionship and enjoy lots of socialization.


All Goldendoodles are low-shedders but an F2 has the most allergy-friendly coat type among all Goldendoodles. If your household has a history of mild allergies to dog hair, but you are still eager to have a pet, a Goldendoodle is your top choice. On the less desirable side, this means they are also the most challenging to groom among all Doodles.

A pin brush is a versatile kind of brush that works for most coat types. What’s nice about a pin brush is that it can detangle even wool-like coats. If you have an F2 Goldendoodle, you will likely encounter a pup with a woolly coat.

To maintain the length of their coat, consider having the hair trimmed once every two months. You will rarely find Goldendoodles with very short coats because theirs are usually moderately long and either curly or wavy in texture. Like their Poodle parent, Goldendoodles also need to be clipped or be professionally groomed.

Clipping a Goldendoodle can be done at home if you are confident you can do this and if you have the proper grooming tools. You will need thinning shears in addition to grooming scissors to achieve a clean-cut look. To make your job easier, it’s also helpful to invest in a grooming table.

The area around a Goldendoodle’s eyes also needs to be trimmed to help the pup see clearly. You can do it at home, using the right tools. It’s best to use a pair of scissors with a blunt tip to remove the hair around the eyes.

Pros of Having F2 Goldendoodles

  • Goldendoodles are great as family dogs.
  • They are gentle and fun-loving.
  • They are hypoallergenic.
  • They are friendly towards kids and even strangers.
  • Goldendoodles are smart dogs that are easy to train

Cons of Having F2 Goldendoodles

  • This generation of Goldendoodles may be a bit more challenging to groom compared to other Goldendoodle generations
  • Their traits are not as predictable as those of their purebred parents, the Golden Retriever and the Standard Poodle
  • They are more expensive compared to purebreds and other designer breeds and the price will be according to their features and pedigree

Things to Remember before Getting a Goldendoodle

First of all, be cautious in finding a Goldendoodle online. A simple Google search will lead you to hundreds of breeders nearby but beware because not all breeders are reputable. Even if you already found a good breeder, you may not bring home the pup as soon as you want to.

Adopting a pup may take several months, because you have to wait when your pup will be born and when it will be ready to part ways with the mother. Any pup needs to have enough time with the mother and its siblings because it’s also part of their development. Weaning usually takes up to eight weeks, although some pups can be weaned as early as three weeks if they are not getting enough milk from their mother.

It is normal for breeders to ask for deposit or reservation to guarantee that you will not get your pup from somewhere else, just in case you change your mind. You will also benefit from this, because it also ensures that your prospect will not sell the pup to another buyer. Most breeders usually wait until the pup is six weeks before letting prospect buyers choose from the litter.


Goldendoodles have different price tags depending on several factors, including their features, their breeder’s reputation, and generation type. Although F2 Goldendoodles are considered rare compared to other generation of Doodles, that does not mean they are always more expensive.

In fact, F2 Goldendoodles are cheaper than an F1 generation or F1B generation Goldendoodle. You can find puppies ranging from $1,000 to $2,000 each. The price usually depends on the dog’s generation and pedigree.


An F2 Goldendoodle is your top choice if you want an allergy-friendly Doodle dog. If you don’t mind having a dog that requires more grooming or needs to be taken to the professional groomer, adopt an F2 Goldendoodle.


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