10 Common Personality Traits of French Bulldog’s Temperament


Are you considering a French Bulldog as a pet? Frenchies are iconic because of their heavy-wrinkled and ugly-cute face but as the adage goes, there’s more to a dog than how it looks. Also known as the mini versions of English bulldogs, they ranked as the fourth most popular breed in 2018.

Prior to adopting or buying a Frenchie from a breeder, it matters to make a quick research first about this breed’s personality. A lot has been said about Frenchies –they’re lazy, stubborn, and they get tired easily. Are all of these true? Let’s delve deeper into the temperament of the French Bulldog, a dog that always gets misunderstood by most people. Here are the 10 common personality traits of Frenchies:

1. Frenchies can be excellent watch dogs.

In 2019, a 3-year-old French Bulldog from Vista, California became the talk of the town after preventing burglars from entering his owner’s house. The intruder did not have the opportunity to get inside because Harley the Frenchie began growling after hearing some noise at the door.

That’s heroic, as Harley’s owner narrated it. It only goes to show that a dog does not have to look so fierce to become a reliable watchdog. Frenchies may look cute but they can be powerful and brave just like larger Bully breeds.

French Bulldogs are mid-sized dogs but they can be physically strong to defend their owners. You will not find these dogs barking a lot unless they need to alert you about something. It could be a delivery guy knocking on your door or perhaps an unexpected occurrence in your place, like a burglar, for instance. Frenchies don’t bark very often, so they are suitable for living in apartment buildings with residents living closely.

Frenchies have the tendency to act territorial like most watch dog breeds. They can be somewhat vigilant, which is one of the characteristics you would want to have for a watchdog. It’s normal for dogs to bark to warn you but watchdog candidates are better at identifying a real threat from something that is just strange or different, such as an animal running across the house, or a cat creeping across the garden.

A good watch dog will save its barking for things you should know about, like a stranger or an animal approaching your territory. So yes, Frenchies can go from super chill to really terrifying if the situation calls for it.

2. The French Bulldog’s easy going temperament is one of a kind.

One of the nice things about Frenchies is they can easily adjust to any kind of environment. Most Frenchies are adaptable, meaning they wouldn’t care much whether you have a large yard or if you live in a tiny apartment. They are actually bred as toy versions of English Bulldogs, so they don’t need a large yard like the latter. What matters more to them is for you to always be around—take note that they are quite clingy and they are likely to suffer from separation anxiety. Hence, they don’t like being left alone for a long period of time.

Some residential buildings restrict pets of any kind. However, there are some that allow certain breeds. With its small size, a French Bulldog is usually accepted in condo buildings. They can stay inside for 8-10 hours but they should be taken outside twice a day to do their business (like when they need to poop or pee).

This stocky and compact breed can live comfortably even in small houses but it’s the owner’s responsibility to get them a sort of physical outlet. If you own a Frenchie, it’s important to schedule a time for daily walks. Take them to doggie parks and off-leash playgrounds, it’s good for their health. In addition to breathing fresh air, it exercises their joints. The Frenchie’s size makes it an ideal choice for people living in busy cities where there are limited spaces for domestic animals. They grow about 28 pounds when full-grown, just the perfect size for apartment dwellers.

These dogs also don’t need a lot of physical activities. They get tired easily due to their compressed air passage. They can be hyper for a few minutes, but they are never the athletic type of dogs. They can run and play but not for too long. They are not meant to go up or down stairs, or even jump on or off your couch.

3. He’s an ideal companion dog for people living alone or families with young children. 

The personality of a French Bulldog will depend on its upbringing, as no two dogs are exactly the same but studies suggest breed plays an important role in a dog’s personality.

If you shower your pooch with lots of love and attention, it will surely return it with loyalty and kindness. So, if you prefer spending your free time with your loved ones and your pets, just lying comfortably, cuddling and enjoying each other’s company, the Frenchie best suits you!

Experts recommend introducing your French Bulldog to your kids while it is are still young. That way, they will have enough time to get used to them.

Otherwise, your full-grown Frenchie might feel uncomfortable because of certain children behavior, like teasing and pulling its tail. To prevent this from happening, better introduce your buddy to your little ones and to other pets you may have at home. As long as you think highly of their boundaries, you can expect your Frenchie will get along just fine.

4. They can be really silly.

French Bulldogs can be funny without realizing it. Just recently, two Frenchies accidentally covered their bodies in green food coloring. Yada Ornsomjit, the owner of the dogs, narrated that she forgot to close the kitchen door one night that’s why the dogs easily got inside. Of course, the owners were not happy about it because it took them hours to get rid of the food color from the dogs’ bodies. But who will be mad about this funny little accident? It just goes to show that dogs can be clownish or silly at times.

5. They can be a little bit stubborn. 

Frenchies, as they call it, can be “greedy manipulators.” Yes, they are well-mannered but don’t expect to be on their best behavior at all times. Dogs in general use their facial expressions to communicate with humans. For example, you might see your Frenchie displaying that cute puppy eye look while you’re eating. Yes, that slight widening of their eyes might even melt your heart and make you want to share your food with them.

While the emotional manipulation looks cute, you should not let this become a habit. Don’t respond to a dog’s demands right away. Owners should be aware of the difference when a dog barks to get what it wants and when it’s trying to alert the owner about something. If you can’t seem to get your pet’s attention no matter what you do, consider having a pet corrector spray handy. It is formulated to help correct an animal’s bad behavior. It comes with a guide so you will know how to use it properly.

6. Frenchies are fairly easy to train

While stubbornness is an issue with many Frenchies, that does not mean you can’t teach them important skills, like the basic commands and potty training. The secret to any kind of training is consistency. If you prefer to use treats, then stick to them. If you think positive reinforcement works better, use that.

Frenchies are inactive but they don’t have the tendency to be picky when going outdoors, or when they need to do their business. They are also a clean breed and they are less likely to cause accidents at home. But if you want to make sure they will not create a mess while potty training, create a safe indoor space where they can go.

7. They can be super lazy. 

Ever met a Frenchie that isn’t a couch potato? If you’re dreaming of a fun companion but isn’t a big wanderlust, the Frenchie is the dog for you. They are lap dogs that enjoy activities like taking a long nap and watching TV. Simple activities like catching the ball are enough to keep the Frenchie happy.

They are best for pet parents who don’t have the luxury of time to go hiking or running with their buddies. Thinking of activities to do with your lazy dog? Play hide and seek! It’s free, it’s easy and it will not take you more than 20 minutes. Plus, you can do it rain or shine. If you live in a tropical region, ensure your buddy will not get overheated especially in the summer.

8. They love attention. 

This is the reason why they are best suited for people living alone. They have the tendency to be jealous toward other people and pets. They might push everyone out just to get their owner’s recognition. The attention-seeking behavior isn’t a bad thing at all, as long as it does not go overboard.

If your dog appears like it’s too excited and starts jumping on you, ignore this behavior and encourage other people at home to do the same. Only pay attention to your pet when it’s calm and sat. This way, she will understand that positive behavior and not the negative one deserves a reward.

9. Frenchies are a human-loving breed. 

The French bulldog’s affectionate temperament is one of the many reasons why they are loved in the dog community. Although they are seldom used as service dogs, they can be emotional or therapy dogs. They can offer emotional support to people because of their natural inclination toward humans.

Indeed, they have huge hearts for their “hoomans.” Once a Frenchie likes you, it will start following you everywhere like a shadow. This has something to do with the fact that French Bulldogs were selectively bred to become reliant on their owners.

10. They have the tendency to be emotionally attached to their owners.

You shouldn’t leave a Frenchie alone for long periods of time, or else it will suffer from separation anxiety. Sometimes, their anxiety is confused with the Velcro Syndrome, because of their similarities. If you suspect a dog’s clinginess is no longer healthy, consider asking the help of your vet.

You will know something is wrong if an animal suddenly exhibits destructive behavior such as chewing stuff and destroying things around the house. It’s the telltale sign, but other symptoms of Velcro Syndrome include a strong desire to be with their owners and panicking in your absence.


Dogs have different behavioral profiles. While each dog has its own personality, breed does influence their personality. With French Bulldogs, a lot has been said about them. But the only way to find out what’s real and what’s not is to have a Frenchie around!


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