Why the Golden Irish is the Perfect Choice for You

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The Golden Irish combines the traits and looks of the Irish Setter and the Golden Retriever. This breed is energetic and agile thanks to its Irish Setter parentage.

They don’t bark a lot, but they do need a family that can match their high energy level. The Golden Irish stands between 21″ and 28″ tall and weighs between 55 and 80 lbs.


The Golden Irish will have the physical traits of the Irish Setter and the Golden Retriever. Some dogs may look more like a Golden Retriever, while others may have more Irish Setter traits.

This breed has a long and silky coat that comes in a wide range of colorssuch as yellow, red, chocolate, light brown and golden brown.

These dogs have a long tail and elegant stance. They have floppy ears and almond-shaped eyes that reflect how kind and intelligent they are.

The Golden Irish has a wide, round head. If they have more Irish Setter traits, their head might be a little narrow. The tip of their ears may have featherings, which will need brushing.

Golden Irish Temperament

The temperament of this breed will vary and will depend on the dominant traits the dog gets from the parents. However, the Golden Irish are known for being friendly, perceptive and lively. They also love to explore due to their retrieving and hunting instincts. This breed has a calm disposition.

The Golden Irish is also a great companion, which makes them a good family pet. These dogs love to learn, so you can teach them new tricks or enroll them in obedience classes. They love to go outside, especially if they can join activities where they can use their body and brain.

These are active dogs that are extremely loyal. If you are looking for a dog that will accompany you for walks, you should consider getting your own Golden Irish. These dogs love interacting and playing with children as well as meeting new people. Due to their social nature, they don’t make good guard dogs. They will treat strangers and unfamiliar people with enthusiasm.

Although they can be naughty sometimes, they are even-tempered and trustworthy. They are good with other pets, especially when socialized from a young age. Both the Golden Retriever and the Irish Setter have hunting instincts, so don’t be surprised if you see your Golden Irish chasing smaller pets.


Buy a high-quality food with whole food ingredients. Make sure that his food doesn’t have any artificial preservatives or allergenic ingredients. If you want to give your pet a raw or homemade diet, you should talk to the vet first. You can also ask him to recommend supplements that are good for your pooch.

If you’re going for dry dog food, you should give him 2 1/3 to 3 cups every day. Divide this amount into 2 servings. If you also want to feed him canned food, you should give him less dry food. This way, he won’t overeat. You can measure his food to avoid unwanted weight gain.

How Much Exercise Do Golden Irish Need?

They are energetic breed, so they should be exercised every day. This will prevent them from using excess energy on unwanted habits like barking, chewing and digging. You can take them out for a walk every day for at least an hour. A play session will help burn excess energy.


The genetic diversity of the Golden Irish improves their durability and health. However, they may also develop health problems common in the Golden Retriever and Irish Setter. Some of these health issues include hip dysplasia, bloating, and epilepsy.

Golden Irish Grooming

This breed is not hypoallergenic because it sheds moderately. You have to brush your Golden Irish every day using a pin brush to maintain their soft coat and to prevent tangles and mats. The pin brush can be used to smooth their coat. You can then use a comb to get rid of any remaining tangles.

Check their ears often for dirt, moisture accumulation or signs of infection. You can give them a shampoo bath twice a month. Use shampoo that is formulated for dogs. You don’t have to bathe your Golden Irish too often unless he gets dirty while on a run or in the field.

This breed loves to swim. If he does it too often and his ears are not properly cleaned, he may suffer from ear problems. You should also trim his nails twice a month and brush his teeth every day. This way, you can avoid expensive dental bills.

Should You Get Your Own Golden Irish?

If you are looking for a fun loving and sociable dog, you should consider buying or adopting a Golden Irish. They will do well in an apartment, provided that they are exercised every day. However, they will feel best when they’re able to play in a yard where they can satisfy their hunting instincts.

This breed is also suitable for almost all climates because of their ability to withstand various levels of temperatures. However, you need to give them a comfortable place where they can rest and plenty of water when the weather is hot. If the weather is cold, you should provide them with a warm shelter.

Golden Irish Training

The Golden Irish is easy to train, especially when if this starts at a young age. The Golden Retriever genes will make your Golden Irish obey and listen to you. You may need to repeat your instructions a few times until he learns to do them.

However, he will be quite independent if he inherits the traits of the Irish Setter. This will make training a bit difficult. Sticking with short and fun training sessions will help you get the best results.

Don’t be harsh on your pooch. You should be consistent and patient, so he will be able to learn quickly. If you’re too harsh, it won’t produce any good result. Your pooch may not listen to you at all.


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