What You Need to Know About the Great Dane-Chihuahua Mix


A video of a Chihuahua refusing to share her treat with a Great Dane has gathered 1.4 million views. Then, there’s another video of these dogs fighting. It’s odd but the Dane was the gentle one and the Chi was quite fierce during the fight. Indeed, dogs have no idea how big or how small they are! Then, there’s a clip showing the Chi sleeping on top of the Dane. Seeing these dogs together is cute and sweet, but have you ever wondered if the Great Dane can be paired with a Chihuahua? Read on to find out if this combination exists.

Can You Pair a Small and a Giant Dog?

First of all, can you breed a smaller dog with a bigger one and vice versa? YES, according to breeders, it’s possible. It will not be considered illegal, but it may not be ethical if we’re going to look at breeding standards. In producing mixed breeds, one has to look at many factors, such as the age, size, and health conditions of the two dogs involved.

It’s possible for a large dog to mount on a much smaller one, but it can cause some pretty serious injury to a Chihuahua. During conception, the Chi’s body may stretch too much. This can lead to the death of the fetus inside. A Chi may also die if she was forced to give birth naturally. So, going back to the question if we can pair a small and a giant dog, the better answer is we have to consider how big or how smell they are.

When Can You Start Breeding the Dogs?

A responsible breeder will not pair two very young dogs. There is a recommended age when a dog can start conceiving or carrying puppies. In the case of Chihuahua males, they can only be bred starting at 1.5 years old. But most breeders wait until the Chis are 2 years old before breeding them. Male dogs usually begin producing sperm at around 7-8 months old. But Chihuahuas may not be fully grown at one year of age. For Chihuahua males, the recommended age for breeding is from 1.5 years until 5 years old.

For female Great Danes, the best period for conception is from the age of 2. Of course, the dog has to be in a good health condition. They can still give birth until they are 7 years old. A Great Dane can produce a litter consisting of seven to eight puppies on average. Although they do not have much problem bearing pups, breeders should still consider their health before reproducing them.

Most dogs go through the heat season every year after reaching the first year of age. But for some, including Chihuahuas, it can start as early as at 6 months. Dogs with underlying reproductive problems don’t have their first heat cycle until the 18th month. If this is the case, the dog has to be seen by a veterinarian.

What Are the Risks of Breeding a Chihuahua-Great Dane Mix?

Breeding Chihuahuas with Great Danes may be full of danger, especially for the health of the smaller dog involved. There might be no problem on the Great Dane side but it could mean life and death for the Chihuahua. The puppy’s size could be too big for the Chi to handle. It would be a lot more complicated if she’s carrying more than one pup. Some Chis can carry up to three puppies per litter. Anything more than three is already too risky and the pups might not survive and reach maturity inside.

The only way to breed Chi-Danes is by pairing a female Great Dane and a male Chihuahua. It will not be a big health concern for Great Danes to be impregnated with Chihuahua puppies. Instead, it poses more danger for a Chihuahua female having to carry a Great Dane pup, mainly for its size.

Doing it the other way around may be a little complicated especially for the health of a female Chihuahua. In such case, a male dog may need to climb a ladder in order to mount on a Great Dane. Canines do not really recognize size, but this may still feel odd or weird for the larger dog. For the smaller dog, this may be more challenging to do than mounting on a dog his size. To the Chihuahua, it may feel like climbing a structure.

Pairing a female Chihuahua with a large breed like the Dane is not a practice of responsible breeders. Injuries are likely to happen if you force a very large dog to mount on a much smaller one. It can rip the vaginal opening of a female Chihuahua. Therefore, using the female Chi is a big no-no.

Imagine, a Chihuahua’s average size is only around 20 cm at the withers and maximum of 3 kg when it’s full-grown. This is the standard size of a three-week old Great Dane puppy. At 2 months of age, Great Dane puppies can grow as much as 12 kg and 42 cm. This is already four times the average weight of an adult Chihuahua. The head of an adult Dane is just as large as the entire Chihuahua.

Given the extreme difficulty of giving birth naturally, the only other way of breeding them is through in-vitro fertilization (IVF). The thing is IVF in dogs was just recently introduced so even an experienced breeder may find it intimidating. It was only in 2015 when scientists from Cornell University gave it a try. The goal of doing so was to conserve endangered species as well as lessen the cases of heritable diseases.

How Do Chi-Danes Look Like?

These dogs are not commonly bred so there is no blueprint or standard on how they should look like. Hence, there isn’t much information regarding their physical appearance. But if we’re going to mix these two, it’s obvious we will come up with a large dog. It might have a balance of the features of Chihuahuas and Great Danes. It’s possible it could get the coat color of a Chihuahua if not its size.

Great Danes, as we often see them, have that iconic brindle or black stripes across the body. They are also short-coated and have an impressive glossy look. They are masculine and possess that regal appearance we often see in giant breeds. Like Danes, Chihuahuas have an iconic appearance. Unlike Danes, these dogs have more possible colorings, ranging from solid to marked ones.

Truth about Breeding Chihuahuas

We’ve seen a number of Great Dane mixes. They have been paired with American Bulldogs, Boxers, Mastiffs, Dobermans, Saint Bernards, and other medium and large breeds. The same is true with Chihuahuas. They have been bred with Affenpinschers, Jack Russell Terriers, and Beagles among others. As you can see, Chis are only being paired with fellow small breeds.

This is because of the fact that breeding two Chihuahuas alone isn’t simple. Chihuahuas can only carry one to three puppies on average. A newborn Chi is only around 2-5 ounces while a newborn Great Dane is as heavy as 32 ounces (2 lbs).

Because of their extraordinary small size, it’s a lot more complicated to reproduce them, compared to medium or larger breeds. Other breeds may be ready for breeding by the age of 2, but Chihuahuas should be around 3 years old before mating. Some dogs can be bred at the age of a year and a half but this does not apply to Chihuahuas because they are not yet fully grown at this stage.

The majority of Chihuahua puppies are born via C-section because natural birth is difficult given their situation. This major procedure isn’t only expensive but it may also put the Chihuahua’s health at risk. A Chihuahua’s low fecundity is one of the reasons why it’s high-priced. They are not that easy to breed that’s why they are quite expensive. Buying them from a breeder will cost you anywhere between $1,000 and $1,500 per pup.

Can You Buy a Great Dane-Chihuahua Mix?

No, it’s nearly impossible to find breeders of Chi-Danes nowadays. A responsible breeder will not risk their reputation going against the breeding standards for Great Danes and Chihuahuas. If you have ever seen a dog that looks like a combination of these breeds, it could be a case of mis-mating which happens when two sexually active dogs copulated. It’s highly likely that the female dog is in her estrus, resulting in an unplanned pregnancy.

Some owners of Chihuahuas end up surprised after learning that their pet is carrying pups. If you own a female Chi, you have to be careful not to get her pregnant because giving birth can be complicated for her. There have been cases of Chihuahuas dying following delivery. It can be because the bitch was not in a good condition at the time of labor or she was not at the appropriate age to carry pups. If a dog is not healthy enough, it will be more difficult for her to give birth to the puppies. If you have ever come across sellers of these dogs on the Internet, consider reporting them because these breeders obviously did not follow the breeding ethics and standards.

If you own a Chihuahua female, make sure she does not get to roam everywhere especially when it’s heat season. There is a chance she could get pregnant and add to the already increasing population of dogs. Many Chihuahua mixes often end up in shelters and rescue centers because of their irresponsible owners. When you don’t have further plans to reproduce your puppies, consider having your Chi spayed. It’s much better for her health given the complicated pregnancies associated to the breed. This involves the removal of the ovaries and uterus. Although it’s possible to only get rid of the ovaries, experts recommend completely removing both to avoid cancer.


A Chi-Dane or a Chihuahua-Great Dane mix is an odd combination of two purebred dogs. Conception is possible through IVF while the delivery of the pups can only be via C-section. They would need lots of medical supervision. These dogs are obviously worlds apart with regard to size. Danes are the largest living dogs while Chihuahuas are the smallest living ones. The result of mixing these dogs is not only strange-looking but also unlikely to come up with healthy Chi-Danes, because of the difficulty of conceiving them. If the conception was successful, the pregnancy should be carefully supervised by a vet. Breeders should always consider all the important factors, such as the age, size, and current health condition of the dogs before pairing them.


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