How to Choose the Best Grooming Gloves for Your Dog


Grooming gloves are among the most useful tools you can buy for your dog. Their primary purpose is for handheld cleaning. It gets rid of any loose hair from the coat and just like a comb or a brush, you can swear by grooming gloves in detangling and removing mats.

In fact, a pair of gloves is more practical than a brush if your pet is unruly during grooming sessions. Some dogs, especially those who were rescued or adopted tend to develop anxiety and they struggle when brushed or touched with a comb.

If you’re not successful at using a comb or a brush, gloves can be the best alternative.

The other use of the gloves is for petting. If you want to pamper your fur baby at home, give her a massage. Just put on the gloves and rub her gently. Petting is actually one of the best ways to calm a dog. Studies suggest it has therapeutic benefits for both the human and the animal. Oxytocin, the feel-good hormone is released as you bond with your buddy. Being petted, on the other hand, sends a message to your pet that you love her.

Best Grooming Gloves to Buy

There are so many products out there, that you might find it difficult to choose the best one for your buddy. But you don’t have to look far or spend so much time reading reviews because we already listed two of the hottest grooming gloves for you right now:

1. Pat Your Pet’s gloves


Pat Your Pet has a range of grooming tools and their rubber gloves are among the best-selling items on Amazon. With its quality, there is no wonder why any pet parent would actually want to have it for their buddies. It comes in a lefty and a righty, which is nice when you’re quite busy and want to make your grooming sessions quick. Wearing a pair makes it faster and you will also get more fur with just a short massage.

Key features:

  • Comes in blue color
  • Five-finger design
  • Can be used for de-shedding
  • Applicable for dogs, cats, and even horses
  • With palm coating to keep the hands dry
  • Rubber tips ideal for massage
  • With money-back guarantee


The enhanced design makes it easier to get through the hard to reach areas like the tail and even on the face. It can be used not just for dogs but also for cats. The product page says it applies even to horses, so if you have a horse it’s definitely a must-try. If you are worried about the static buildup when used on cats, simply spray a bit of water on the gloves so it will be damp while using.

Since the rubber tip is soft enough, you can use it to instantly remove any fur from your couches or car seats. Another good thing about rubber is that it can be easily cleaned. If you don’t want to wash your pet, you can spray a bit of water in it prior to use. This way, the hair will not end up scattered especially if your pet has short hair.


You can find gloves cheaper than Pat Your Pet’s gloves but if you don’t mind spending on high-quality tools for your pooch, this one is definitely worth trying. It’s a massager and a de-shedder in one so it somehow saves you money having to buy two different tools.

2. DELOMO Pet Grooming Glove



DELOMO is based in Chino, California and if you will take a look at their product catalog, this brand specializes in tools that make life easier for pet parents. Think double sided hair removal tool, food dispenser, and chew toys. They have a whole lot more in their product line. But one thing any pet parent will surely want is their de-shedding gloves. They have four different types of gloves but this one made it on our list since it’s an upgraded version.

Key features:
• Comes in red color
• Five-finger design
• Silicone tips
• Made of soft rubber
• Washable material
• Left-hand customized for left-hander


Because of its silicone tips, it’s quite gentle on the skin and your dog will feel as if you are touching her with just your bare hands. It is a plus if you have a clingy dog who likes being massaged. This one can be used on any coat length or type. Regardless if your pet’s coat is short or long, or if it is smooth or rough, this one is nice to have in handy.

The rubber used is gentle enough to prevent skin damage often associated with using grooming tools. The back portion is made of mesh fabric, a bonus feature since it prevents hands from sweating. Mesh is also a thin fabric so you will not have a hard time cleaning.


There aren’t a lot of negative reviews about these gloves, except for comments that this works more as a massager than a grooming tool. Many pet parents wouldn’t mind, since some really buy or splurge for their fur babies. If you wouldn’t mind buying a separate tool for grooming, this one’s worth buying. You may check out DELOMO’s line of pet products, like their brush and use it alongside the gloves.

Are you wondering which kind of grooming gloves to buy for your pooch? Here are some factors to consider when buying a pair for your dog:

Material – this is the most important thing to keep in mind when searching for gloves to be used on your pet. The most common material used for grooming gloves is rubber since it can protect the hand from elements and it will be fine to use even if your hand is wet. Some manufacturers also use light fabrics like mesh. Rubber gloves are best for bathing.

Size – One of the concerns pet parents have is if the gloves will fit on their hands. Most gloves come in a one-size fit all but if you want to make sure it will fit, regardless if you have small or big hands, look for a pair with adjustable velcro on the wrist. This way, you will be able to adjust it if needed.

Design – Some come in a mitten design while newer ones come in five-finger design. The latter is preferred by most pet parents since it works well even in areas that are hard to reach using a regular brush. This kind of glove is ideal for cleaning the face and tail. It will be gentler to use than a brush.

Ease of wash – as mentioned above, the material used is of topmost importance since it also dictates whether the gloves will be easy to clean or not. Some gloves can be washed using warm water and liquid soap. Check in the cleaning instructions how you should clean the gloves.

Quantity – Not all gloves for dogs are being sold in pairs. At least find one that comes with a lefty and a righty so it will be much easier to groom and hold your pooch with both hands. This makes it more convenient to get any tangles and mats.

Price – above all, the standard of your gloves matter and the price can give you an idea about the quality. Avoid cheap gloves because they have the tendency to be damaged after just a few uses.


Grooming gloves can be used for both massaging and cleaning your dog. They come in different designs and colors but you will only likely buy them in one-size-fits-all. When buying one for your pooch, go for those that are easy to wash.


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