How Long Do Maltipoos Live?


Can’t stop adoring the cuteness of a Maltese but can’t resist the intelligence of a Poodle? Why don’t you get them both? Or just get a Maltipoo instead! A hybrid of the two popular breeds, the Maltipoos are well-loved for their trainability and adaptability. Learn more about this popular crossbreed, especially about their life expectancy.

Maltipoo’s Life Expectancy

On average, Maltipoos live for roughly 12 years. But if you take care of him well enough, your Maltipoo can live up to 15 years. The female ones live longer than the male ones.

There is no official record of the longest living Maltipoo. However, it has been said that there was a Maltipoo that lived for about 22 years.

What to Love about a Maltipoo

Anyone with a Maltipoo would want to be with it for as long as possible because of its fun-loving personality. Physically, they come in various colors. Most of them are white but you can find grey or cream Maltipoos. They weigh around 5-20 lbs. and can grow up to 14 inches tall.

Even after reaching the adulthood stage, most Maltipoos still act like puppies. They enjoy playtimes, such as fetch and a game of chase. They are loving companions and, when raised well, they can even become good therapy dogs.

Many families with children choose this dog breed because it is delicate and kid-friendly. Just remember to teach younger kids the proper ways to handle the pet because rough play can hurt the pup.

Tips for Caring for a Maltipoo

Giving your Maltipoo the best care possible helps him live longer. These are the tried and tested ways of caring for the pet:

  1. Take your Maltipoo for a short walk each day. Regular exercise will keep any dog breed healthy. You can begin exercising your puppy once he reached the 12th week of his life. Don’t forget to carry a travel bowl or a bottle for your dog’s water. It is important to keep your pet hydrated during your short walks. When it is not suitable to go outsidebecause it is maybe too cold, you can do some indoor exercises such as playing hide and seek or fetch.
  2. Prevent tooth decayby brushing his teeth regularly. You should brush those pearly whites two to three times a week. This gets rid of the bacteria as well as the build-up of tartar or the calculus. Start by rubbing your fingers all along your pet’s teeth. Do it in a gentle manner until your pet gets used to the process. Always use a toothpaste intended for dogs. It is recommended that you use a three-sided brush because it cleans the teeth and other sides of the mouth efficiently.
  3. Trim his nails with a clipper or a grinder. Because your Maltipoo’s nails can grow quickly, it is important that you trim them every two months. Your pet has dewclaws that should be clipped or filed because they may turn into ingrown nails that can cause pain when the dog walks. Be careful when trimming your pet’s nails because you might cut the “quick” if you cut them too short. Cutting the quick can be painful because it consists of sensitive veins. When you are not comfortable with trimming your Maltipoo’s nails, better seek help from a vet or a professional groomer.
  4. Brush his coat daily. In order to avoid the coat from having knots and the fur from getting dirt spots, you should brush it every day. A rubber pin brush is the recommended brush for Maltipoos because it is gentle on the skin. When brushing your pup’s hair, do it down to the roots then up and out to pull out the dead hair.
  5. Clean his ears every week. The frequency of cleaning your dog’s ears will depend on the structure of your dog’s ear. Because Maltipoos have dropped ears, they can be susceptible to ear infections. It is important that you check your pet’s ears often to see if there is a build-up of wax and dirt. Use a gentle ear-cleaning solution and clean it using cotton balls or a gauze.
  6. Bathe your Maltipoo once a month. Maltipoos should only be washed once every three weeks. They should not be bathed very often because bathing eliminates the natural body oils they need for a healthy coat. Use a mild soap or shampoo when bathing your pet.

Common Health Problems of Maltipoos

It is important to be aware of the health issues usually associated with Maltipoos. This way, you will know how to take extra measures in caring for your dog.

  • Patellar Luxation- a condition common among small breedsreferring to the slippage of the kneecaps. This can be very painful for a dog because it is associated with swelling.
  • Collapsing of the Trachea- Maltipoos are very prone to having rings of cartilage around their throat. This can be prevented by avoiding dog collars that can put all the stress on their neck when they jump. You can use a dog harness as an alternative because it disseminates the weight and does not stress the dog’s neck.
  • White Shaker Syndrome- as the name suggests, this is predominant in white dogs. There is no known cause to it but experts believe that it occurs as an autoimmune response. This condition causes tremors all over the body. Because the exact cause has not yet been identified, it is difficult to tell how to prevent it. Once diagnosed, the Maltipoo should be administered Corticosteroids or Benzodiazepines to lessen the inflammatory response.
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy- a degenerative eye problem with no known cure, PRA can cause a Maltipoo to lose his eyesight. Testing for PRA involves examining his DNA to see if he is carrying the genes that cause it.
  • Dental problems- Maltipoos are very predisposed to early tooth loss and gingivitis. Brush your Maltipoo’s teeth on a regular basis to prevent the accumulation of tartar.

The Bottom Line

Just like any dog, your Maltipoo can live longer than his average lifespan with proper care. Give him all the love and care he deserves and he will reciprocate it with loyalty and affection.

Most importantly, get your Maltipoo from a reputable breeder. A good breeder performs all the necessary health tests before breeding. Kennel clubs and breed organizations can help you find a responsible breeder in your area.


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