The Complete Care Guide to the Long Haired Rottweiler

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Most people only know the short haired Rottweiler, but there’s also a long haired variety. You don’t need to worry about additional health problems because long haired Rottweilers don’t have any genetichealth issues caused by the long hair. They just have more hair than the short-haired ones.

There’s a huge demand for long haired Rottweilers, but it’s hard to find a breeder that sells them. Many breeders follow the breeding rules set for Rottweilers and this prevents them from selling the long haired variety as it doesn’t meet AKC’s standards when it comes to this breed.

Even when you breed 2 long haired Rottweilers, there’s no guarantee that all pups will have long hair. You might get only 1 or 2 long-haired Rottweilers in a litter. Due to the standards of kennel clubs, most long haired Rottweilers are euthanized.

The long haired Rottweiler is just as gentle and sweet as the short haired ones. This nature makes them a good option for those who are looking for a family pet. If you love long haired Rottweilers, here’s what you need to know in order to keep them healthy.


Thelong haired Rottweiler is a confident, brave and calm dog. They have different temperaments, but they usually respond quietly. These dogs prefer to wait and see things first before reacting. They need physical exercise such as brisk walks and romping sessions. They can also benefit from mental exercise such as agility classes and advanced obedience classes.

You have to socialize your pet early in life to control their territorial instincts. Rottweilers can be hostile toward other canine of the same gender. Some Rottweilers are predatory toward family cats. Most of them want to ascertain dominance, but they will respect a self-assured owner who is capable of leading a strong-minded dog. With obedience training, socialization, supervision and ongoing companionship, a long haired Rottweiler is a great companion.


Long haired Rottweilers are generally healthy, but they are prone to the same health issues as their short haired siblings. They are susceptible to overheating in temperate countries due to their bulky physique. That is why they should always have a clean bowl of water after or during long walks in tepid weather. Since they are a large dog breed, they can develop joint problems or suffer from bloating.

Long haired Rottweilers are prone to ticks and fleas because of their long coat. They may pick up more dirt and debris as well.  You should check your dog for dirt and twigs after a walk. Short haired Rottweilers are easier to bathe and dry than long haired ones. However, both varieties are willing to take a bath because they love water.

What to Expect If You Have a Long Haired Rottweiler

If long haired Rottweilers are left alone at all times, they can become aggressive, destructive and bored. They may resort to unwanted behavior such as chewing and digging to ease their boredom. Rottweilers may be large, but they are inactive inside the house. They need a fenced yard to protect them from traffic and prevent them from attacking strangers or other dogs that enter the property.

The energy level of long haired Rottweilers differs. They can be extremely energetic or couch potatoes. You should tell the breeder about the energy level you prefer, so you can get you a pup that suits your lifestyle.

A moderately active Rottweiler will need 10 to 20 minutes walks daily. Energetic Rottweilers need more than 20 minutes of exercise every day. They can also benefit from structured activities such as obedience and agility competitions. This breed is eager to please and needs mental stimulation.

Just make sure that the exercise routine won’t damage the growing ligaments, bones and joints of Rottie pups. Adult dogs should not be allowed to run in humid or hot weather as they are susceptible to overheating due to their black coat.

Rottie pups can be rambunctious as well. They will run around clumsily all over the house. You have to supervise and accompany them during this period. If left alone, they will become bored and destroy your belongings.

They might be stubborn sometimes, but you should be patient, fair, firm and consistent. These dogs are quick to learn, so it won’t be hard to teach them. They are not hard to housetrain provided that a consistent schedule is followed. Positive reinforcement is the best way to train your dog.

A long haired Rottweiler that is not properly socialized may show unnecessary hostility toward everyone. They should be extensively exposed to pleasant people in order for them to distinguish the difference between the actions of “good people” and someone who acts abnormally.

House Training

Rottweilers will gladly compete in almost all canine sports such as weight pulls and herding. Dogs of this breed can become obese if their diet is not monitored and if they don’t get enough exercise. Some of them drool a lot, particularly large males that have loose lips. Continuous and extensivesocialization is a must for Rottweilers in order for them to be a good family companion. They should be exposed to other people and pets.

These dogs are extremely protective of their pups and you should supervise them when they are with your kids. Also, Rottweilers should be trained early in life and only bought from a reliable breeder. If they are taken care of properly, they will live twelve years on average.


Rottweilers shed just like any other dogs. It’s a normal part of the hair growth cycle in mammals. However, the amount that they shed differs from one dog to another. Some breeds are light shedders, while others shed heavily. There are also dogs that shed moderately.

It’s important to groom Rottweilers because they shed a lot. If you have a pup, you should make the grooming sessions short at first because pups have a short attention span. You want the pup to see the session as a pleasant experience. Before you brush his coat, you should run your hands all over his body and feel for bumps, lumps or bites.

You should also check his ears to make sure that they are not irritated or red. His nails should be kept short. Check his mouth, gums and teeth. One of the most important parts of grooming is making sure that his coat is free of matting and dead hair.

Use a bristle and pin brush when you’re grooming a Rottie pup. A slicker brush can be used for older dogs. Brush in the direction that their hair grows. Rottweilers change their coat during the fall and spring. This means that you have to groom them more frequently during these seasons.

Grooming your dog will help prevent loose fur from landing on your furniture. You can groom him twice or thrice a week during the shedding period. Once the shedding period has passed, you can reduce the grooming session to once per week.

You should brush his coat before scrubbing him in the bath to remove his shedding fur. This breed can get away with bathing only once a month. The only exception to this is when they are really dirty or starting to smell. Bathing your dog too often can dry out his skin and worsen the shedding problem. When washing your pet, only use dog shampoo with a moisturizing andgentle formula.

Pups can be bathed in the tub, but this will be hard to do once your dog weighs 80 lbs. It is best to get him accustomed to being showered instead of being bathed in the tub. The shampoo or water should not get in his ears or eyes. Also, you should put a non-slip mat on the floor to prevent injures and make your dog feel safe. Use warm water to bathe your dog and make sure that he is dried thoroughly.

Should You Buy One?

If you have the ability to care for a long haired Rottweiler, you should definitely get one. This breed is gentle, sweet and loyal and loves interacting with people. These dogs need daily exercise to keep them healthy and prevent them from displaying destructive behavior when bored.

In general, a long haired Rottweiler is pretty much the same as a short-haired one. They also shed, so you should buy a furniture cover if you don’t want to see any dog hair on your furniture.


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