Pros and Cons of Getting a Merle Aussiedoodle

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Merle Aussiedoodles are a crossbreed between a Poodle and Australian Shepherd and can have blue or brown eyes. The merle gene alters the coloring on their paw pads and nose as well as eye color.This means that you could get a blue-eyed, odd-colored eye or dark-eyed puppy. They can have mottled black or pink paw pads and nose.

They are available in 3 different sizes – standard, mini and toy. Their size will depend on the size of their Poodle parent. Both the Poodle and Australian Shepherd are intelligent breeds, so the Merle Aussiedoodles need mental stimulation, otherwise, they will get bored and become destructive.


Merle Aussiedoodles stand between 14″ and 25″ tall and weigh between 25 lbs and 70 lbs. They have a faintly muscular build. Merle Aussiedoodles are slender and tall dogs with a soft yet attentive face. Their coat can be wirehaired and curly like that of a Poodle or soft and smooth like that of an Australian Shepherd. Some of them have a hypoallergenic coat, but the majority will shed.


Merle Aussiedoodles need to brushed on a regular basis. If they have a curly coat, you have to brush them every day or every other day. You have to take them to a professional groomer every 8 to 12 weeks and their nails have to be clipped every 4 to 6 weeks. Don’t forget to brush their teeth often.


In order to understand the personality of the Merle Aussiedoodle, you have to look at the temperament of both parents. Australian Shepherds are clever, loving and loyal. They love to play with their humans. Australian Shepherds were bred for the purpose of herding cattle. Poodles, on the other hand, are regal, cheerful and gracious.

Merle Aussiedoodle may inherit the best traits of their parents. They are loving, elegant and fun dogs. However, the high-strung personality of the Poodle and the cleverness of both parent breeds may result in a willful dog.

If you can’t give enough attention and time to your dog, he may throw temper tantrums. You have to consider this factor when you want to buy a Merle Aussiedoodle puppy.

This breed doesn’t bark a lot. When they do, their voice is really loud. If you live on a housing estate or in a small apartment, you may want to consider how your pet will affect your neighbors.

Training and Exercising

Merle Aussiedoodles can show destructive behavior when they get bored. The best way to prevent this is to make sure that your pet gets a lot of exercise to stimulate him mentally and physically. Merle Aussiedoodles need at least ninety minutes of exercise every day. You can divide this period into several walks.

This breed has exceptional recall thanks to the nature of their Australian Shepherd parent. They can also swim and outsmart their owner. Australian Shepherds have to be controlled right from the start because of their playful nature.

They love to please, so training them will be easy and fun. They learn quickly and these traits will be common in Merle Aussiedoodle puppies.

Health and Care

All dogs are prone to health problems. Merle Aussiedoodles may suffer from hip dysplasia, a condition that causes joint pain and arthritis. Exercise, diet and medication can help manage this health problem. Dogs that are moderately exercised and have a healthy weight have a lower risk of developing hip dysplasia.

Poodles are susceptible to hereditary cataracts which may be treated with eye drops. However, this is only effective if the disease is detected early. If detected late, cataracts can be difficult to cure. Good breeders will provide health checks proving that the Poodle parent they have used doesn’t have the genes that cause cataracts.

Pros and Cons of Getting a Merle Aussiedoodle       


Merle Aussiedoodles are perfect for families and highly active individuals looking for an active dog. Their Poodle and Australian Shepherd parents are good with other animals and children. Merle Aussiedoodles are sociable dogs who are dedicated to their pack.

This breed is an excellent family dog. They may try to herd the family to keep them in a group. To achieve this, they may lightly nip or bump children or people to keep them together. Nipping is an unwanted behavior that should be stopped immediately.

The good news is that Merle Aussiedoodles are clever and respond well to positive reinforcement. If you want to get the best result from the training, you should use positive reinforcement and motivation. When they successfully complete a command, praise and reward them. They will know several phrases by four months old.

Merle Aussiedoodles also make great therapy dogs. They know when a person is having a tough day. That is why many Merle Aussiedoodles are used as emotional support, service and therapy dogs. They are also a good option for people who have mild allergies because they shed little or don’t shed at all.

This breed is happy-go-lucky, fun and affectionate. They are not aggressive or protective. After some training and time, they can be trusted to walk off leash.


Merle Aussiedoodles are not suited for those who live in the city, condos and apartments because they need a large open area to play. They should be able to access a well fenced outdoor area at any time. This breed is not an ideal option for busy individuals who can’t walk them every day.

Merle Aussiedoodles have high energy requirements and if they are not met, the dogs will get bored and show destructive behavior such as excessive barking, digging and chewing to amuse themselves. Your neighbors might get annoyed with you and your dog.

This breed should not be left alone for a long time. Start their obedience training as early as possible, even before they are 6 months old. If you start late, you will have a stubborn adult Merle Aussiedoodle that is difficult to control.


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