Tips for Raising a Merle Poodle


Merle is a gene that doesn’t naturally exist in poodles. It has to be introduced into a poodle parent through another dog breed. Regardless of your dog’s color, you should know how to take good care of your pet. Merle poodles should be fed with a calcium and protein-rich diet which should include one or two whole proteins like lamb meal.

If you want to make homemade dog food, make sure that it contains vegetables and meat. It should also have a filler carbohydrate like rice. Don’t give your merle poodle dried fruits, allium vegetables like garlic and onions, fried foods and raw meat. The amount of food depends on the size of your dog. Follow the suggested guidelines to prevent your poodle from becoming obese or developing weight-related problems.

If you are still unsure, you can talk to your vet about the food labels on the dog food package and the portions that your dog should be eating. Standard poodles usually need 2 ¼ to 3 cups of food, while miniature poodles should have 1 cup of food. Toy poodles can be given 1/2 to 3/4 cups of high quality dog food.


The color of a poodle doesn’t have anything to do with its temperament. The personality of your pet’s parents and the way your merle poodle was desensitized and socializedwill affect his temperament. Poodles are known for being proud and graceful. Raise them in a healthy home and they will become cheerful dogs. Since this breed is receptive to the tone of voice, you should be firm to your merle poodle.

This breed doesn’t respond well to harsh treatments. Just like the other color variations of this breed, merle poodles should be socialized and trained early in order for them to become well rounded adult dogs. When socialized early, they do well with children and other animals. Merle poodles can becomehighlystrung and suffer from separation anxiety when not socialized, trained and exercised properly.

Merle Poodle Grooming

You want to follow a strict grooming routine to keep your pet’s coat healthy and smooth. Brush his coat every week. Since merle poodles don’t shed often, they need regular clipping and grooming to maintain a manageable and healthy coat. Take your pet to a professional groomer every six to eight weeks.

If you can’t afford a professional groomer, you should learn how to properly groom your pet by yourself. Another option is to get another breed that needs less maintenance.

Don’t forget to brush your pet’s teeth every day with a toothbrush and toothpaste made for dogs. This is particularly important for miniature and toy merle poodles because they tend to suffer from receding gums. You can give your pet special dental treats and rawhide bones that he can chew on. Pick a rawhide variety that doesn’t have any added flavor.

Merle Poodle Training

Consistency and repetition will make it easier to train your merle poodle. Take him outside to the same spot at the same time every day. By doing so, your pet will realize that he should go to that spot when he wants to relieve himself. Since this breed loves to please, they will benefit from positive reinforcement. Praise your pet and give him a small treat when he relieves himself outside.

Since poodles are extremely active dogs that love open environments, they may not respond well to crate training. If you don’t want accidents inside the house, you have to be patient when crate training your merle poodle. This breed can struggle with sociability. Although poodles are excellent family dogs, they have to be socialized early to make them friendly and comfortable with other pets and people. It will also make handling and regular grooming easier.

Their hair will continue to grow if it’s not trimmed, so they need regular trips to the groomer. You should take part in handling training like touching your pet’s paws so that he will be comfortable whenever he’s being groomed. Make everything a positive experience for your dog by giving him a lot of praise. Merle poodles can also learn a lot of tricks and commands. Teach your pet how to sit first.

By teaching him the “sit” command, he will stay and won’t jump on your visitors when they enter your house. You can motivate your pet by giving him treats. This is the quickest way for your merle poodle to understand and do your command. Say “sit” and gradually raise the treat above his head. His line of vision will follow the treat and he will move into a seated stance.

Once he is sitting, reward him with a treat and praise him. Do this again for around five minutes. If the training session is too long, your pet will get bored. Have training sessions several times a day and your dog will learn commands and tricks in no time.


Poodles can live for twelve to fifteen years, provided that they are well taken care of. However, this breed is prone to various health concerns such as progressive retinal atrophy, ear infections,allergies,liver disorders, hip dysplasia, cataracts and Von Willebrand’s Disease. Many of these problems are genetic and can be avoided by conducting some research about the genetic lines of the pup’s parents. Make sure that your merle poodle comes from the best genetic stock.


Merle poodles should get enough exercise in order to stay healthy. They should be walked daily and allowed to play off leash. Larger standard poodles, in particular, should get enough exercise every day. Merle poodles also need mental stimulation to prevent unwanted behavior. They can benefit from regular and challenging games.

This breed enjoys agility work, learning tricks, retrieving, obedience trials and watchdog work. If you can’t provide these kinds of activities, you should give them problem solving games and toys as well as regular exercise to promote mentalexercise and growth. With enough exercise, your merle poodle will be happy and healthy.


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