What’s Good and Bad about a Merle Yorkie?

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Merle Yorkies are rare, fascinating and beautiful. They are a self-assured and smart breed that can display various personalities. Some are outgoing and mischievous, while others are frisky and cuddly. Their coloring is caused by merle, a dilution gene that causes random dilution patches that affect their dark coat color. Merle comes in various patterns and colors such as blue merle, tweed merle, chocolate merle and lilac merle.

You could get a Merle Yorkie in any of these colors. A pup of this breed is a great companion, but don’t spoil him because he might become an obstinate dog when he grows up. They should be trained from a young age in order to correct bad habits. Early socialization will help your Merle Yorkie become a well-rounded dog.

Merle Yorkies should stand at 8″ to 9″ in height. Their weight should be no more than 7 lbs while their size is inconsistent, so it’s not strange for one litter to have one pup that weighs 5 to 6 lbs and one weighing 4 lbs. Tea cup Yorkies have a higher risk of developing various health problems and genetic disorders.

Merle Yorkie Grooming

Merle Yorkies have a straight, long and silky single coat that sheds very little. Show dogs have floor-length hair. If you have a long-haired Yorkie, you have to brush his coat daily to keep it clean and prevent mats.

Tartar can accumulate on their teeth and cause them to lose teeth prematurely so it is important to brush their teeth on a regular basis. Take your dog to the vet for professional teeth cleaning once a year. You should also check his ears regularly. Give them a good sniff. If you notice a brown discharge, foul odor or redness, you should take your to the vet for a checkup.

Give your dog a bath every week. You don’t have to rub their coat just to wash it. Use a high-quality shampoo for dogs. Running your fingers through their coat will remove the dirt stuck in it. Rinse their coat thoroughly and apply a light conditioner to their coat when brushing. Don’t brush a dirty or dry coat.

Check their anal area. If the hair is too long, trim it with a pair of scissors. Cutting about 1/2″ of hair is enough. You should also trim their nails. The best time to do this is after giving them a bath.

You will know if it’s time to trim their nails when you hear them clacking on the floor. Keep in mind that the toenails of dogs contain blood vessels and cutting too far can cause them to bleed. If you don’t know how to trim their nails, it is best to take your dog to a professional groomer or vet.

Your Merle Yorkie should get used to being groomed and examined from a young age. Inspect his mouth and hold his paws often. Grooming should be a positive experience for your pet. Praise and reward him. By doing so, it will be easier for you to take him to the vet for exams when he is an adult.

While grooming your pet, don’t forget to check for rashes, sores, redness, inflammation, tenderness and other signs of infection on the feet and in the mouth, nose and eyes. His eyes should have no discharge or redness. They should be clear. Weekly exams can help you detect possible health concerns early.

Merle Yorkie Health

This breed is generally healthy. A responsible breeder screens the parents for health problems such as luxating patella and eye anomalies. Also, the breeder should show health clearances for the pup’s parents and should be able to provide health clearances from the OFA for elbow dysplasia, von Willebrand’s disease, hip dysplasia and hypothyroidism.


Merle Yorkies are curious and lively. They don’t take up a lot of space, so they are perfect for apartment dwellers. They are also easy to carry and shed lightly, making them a good option for those who have allergies. This breed is a devoted watchdog and good with other pets.


Merle Yorkies are prone to barking and hard to housetrain. They are physically fragile and need a lot of monitoring. This breed requires regular combing, trimming and brushing. They can become spiteful and suspicious when not socialized properly or spoiled.


Merle Yorkies should be given 1/2 – 3/4 cup of dry food. Divide this amount into 2 meals. Watch your pet’s weight level and calorie consumption, so he doesn’t get overweight.

How to Care for Merle Yorkies

Merle Yorkies are extremely active indoors and love playing outside, so it won’t be hard to keep them exercised. They also respond well to training, particularly if they get attention for participating in obedience trials or doing cute tricks. However, this breed can be hard to housetrain as their accidents are easy to remove that people just ignore it. You should show your dog where to relieve himself from the beginning and reward him for doing it in the right place.

This breed cannot tolerate extreme cold or heat. A lot of people subject their Yorkie to paper training so that they don’t need to take their dog outside when the weather is extremely cold or hot. Don’t forget to check his toys every few days. This is especially important if he has squeaky toys. Merle Yorkies love fetching toys, so playing a game of fetch can be a good exercise for them.


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