Mini Border Collie: What You Need to Know About


Do you have a special preference for miniature dogs? Mini versions of Border Collies are popular because of their strong appeal. Although they look small, they have a big personality just like their standard counterparts! If you are thinking of getting your Mini Border Collie, better read this post first to learn about the pros and cons of having one.

Is the Mini Border Collie a Breed?

Miniature Border Collies are not a specific breed and major dog clubs don’t recognize them. They were just selectively bred to be smaller than standard Border Collies. They don’t grow as big as a standard Collie, which averages to 15-22 inches tall and 30- 60 pounds when full-grown.

Although the Mini Border Collie is not a recognized dog, that does not mean it’s illegal to own a miniature dog of any breed. If you are eager to adopt a miniature pooch, discuss your preferences with an animal shelter in your locality. It’s easy to find miniature Border Collies in shelters because pet parents who end up not liking their new baby just leave them behind.



How Mini Border Collies are Bred

You might be wondering how the Mini Border Collies are created. Breeders use different methods in order to achieve a dog smaller than the breed standards. The most common way is by pairing runts or the smallest dogs of a litter.

There aremany health problems associated with runts, like congenital and heart defects but it does not mean they cannot live normal nor have a long life like their healthier siblings. When taken care well, runts can have the best of health and live for a long time.

There are breeders who pair the Border Collie with a much smaller breed rather than a runt which results in a crossbreed. Some of the smaller breeds usually paired with the Border Collie are the Pomeranian and the Miniature Poodle. The traits of the offspring can be more like the Collie or more of the other breed.

There are also breeders who introduce the dwarfism gene to create a Border Collie much smaller than the standard size. When a dog is selectively bred to be dwarf, it is more prone to skeletal deformity and stunted growth.

Miniature Border Collie Appearance

Like a standard Border Collie, a miniature dog of this breed will sport the distinct black and white or brown and white coat color. Not all miniature Border Collies look the same but they all appear like pocket-sized versions of the breed. The appearance will vary, especially if it’s a result of pairing two different breeds.

The coat of a Border Collie can either be straight or wavy but it’s usually dense. The dense double coat will shed heavily so expect clumps of pet hair from time to time everywhere in the house. Despite that, never be tempted to shave its coat because the Border Collie’s double coats serve as the dog’s protection from dirt and the weather.

Border Collies are a strong and athletic breed. As a sporting dog, the Border Collies uses its strengths and intelligence to herd. It is supposed to have a deep chest and muscular loin, which can help him to move effortlessly. It runs fast and has a constant alert expression.  The Collie’s body is longer rather than high.

Miniature Border Collie’s Personality

Miniature dogs will likely display the usual traits of a Border Collie. This breed is known for its high energy levels and cheerful nature. It is perfect for country living or houses with large yards because it enjoys running around freely. Due to its extreme levels of energy, this breed is not suitable for apartment living regardless if you own a miniature or not.

Being extremely energetic is just normal for Border Collies since they have originally been bred to chase animals. They are herding breeds known for stalking or nipping on other animals. Their independent nature makes them effective at herding. Although they are known for herding other furry creatures, they are generally friendly with other pets.

Without enough physical exercise, they will be bored and may even end up having a destructive behavior. Their athletic nature makes them suitable candidates for canine sports. If you have a Border Collie, regardless if it is miniature or not, it will surely be one bundle of energy who thrives in play time and outdoor walks.

Border Collies are keen to learn new tricks. They are easy to train, intelligent, and work hard. In fact, it is among the most intelligent breeds you can ever find. It can solve complex tasks and this is one of the reasons why many pet parents cannot get enough of them.

If you own a miniature Border Collie, consider buying doggie puzzles to keep him occupied especially when you are not around. Remember, this playful dog easily gets bored so chew toys and puzzles are a great idea to keep him busy.

Miniature Border Collie Health

There is no guarantee that miniature dogs can live longer than their bigger counterparts. It still depends on how they are raised and the quality of life of an owner can provide. This breed has a lifespan of 12 to 15 years. But they may be predisposed to a number of health problems, such as progressive retinal atrophy, hypothyroidism, and seizures.

Genetic testing should confirm any hereditary condition a dog may pass on to its offspring. A reliable breeder will be able to provide all the necessary DNA tests to ensure the pup is free from any hereditary condition.


A miniature Border Collie is among the highly sought-after dogs because of their fluffiness, intelligence, and playfulness. However, they may have some health problems sometimes due to the way they were bred. If you are eager to adopt or buy a Mini Border Collie, inquire how it was bred and look for signs of possible health problems.


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