Fun Facts About Mini Irish Doodles

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Who wouldn’t want to have a cute and fluffy dog as a pet? We all want to have dogs as pets but this specific breed is one of a kind. Dogs of thisbreed are fun to be with and friendly with children and other animals, too. They are small, but they can be a handful.

The Mini Irish Doodle is a modern hybrid from the Doodle family. They have not just been bred for the sake of comingup with a hybrid dog, but they also have these unique traits and characteristics that make them irresistible. They are a hybrid breed, but they are famous among families with kids because of their size.

Here are some fun facts about the Mini Irish Doodle that you might want to know.

Mini Irish Doodles History

The Mini Irish Doodle has a rich history of how it came to be. It is a crossbreed between the Irish Setter, a breed that has the capability to hunt and retrieve and the mini Poodle or Moyen Poodle, an intelligent breed which is very social and fond of people. Mixing the two breeds resulted in an active and sociable hybrid that is obedient and intelligent, traits that were inherited from both of the parent breeds.

The mix was first introduced as a service dog to people with needs like the blind, old people and thosewho suffer from sudden seizures. They are also good therapy dogs to those who have a mental breakdowns and need comforting. We can see these types of dogs helping patients insome medical institutions andassisting nurses and doctors in caring for the sick. The breed is so cuddly and comforting that itbecame popular among the kids and the elderly.

About the Parent Dogs

One of the parent dogs of the Mini Irish Doodle is the Irish Setter,known to be a dog that is active and loves to hunt. This breed is known as a gundog and it is often seen with hunters. These dogsare the ones who retrieve the birds that hunters catch. Because ofthis ability, they are consideredsport dogs. They are swift with their flashy red coat and they always walk with grace.

Although they love to go hunting, they are also gentle with kids. They are excellent at retrieving things and that’s why they are referred to as gundogs because they go hunting with “gun” hunters and retrieve their catch. Apart from hunting, they are also good with kids and other humans. They can play catch witha ball as it is in their nature to retrieve things and present them to you as a gift.

The other parent breed of the Mini Irish Doodle is the Miniature Poodle. The Poodle is an intelligent breed of dogs, and they are valued by many dog owners. Their temperament is safe to be with young kids as they are playful. Other than that, they are also one of the active breeds that love socializing and the attention given to them. Training them is easy and it would help to maintain their energy level.

The result of combining these two breeds is an intelligent, active, social and temperament Mini Irish Doodle.


Mixing different breeds will result in a hybrid. In this particular hybrid, when a purebred Irish Setter is crossed witha pure breed Mini Poodle, the result is called the F1 or the first generation. This F1 breed inherits traits and characteristics from both parent breeds but these traits can be unpredictable. Breeders believe that the first generation breeds are one of the healthiest breeds among other Doodle hybrids.

Like other Doodle breeds, the Mini Irish Doodle is also not acknowledged by the American Kennel Club or AKC as an actual breed. For the owners of the Mini Irish Doodles, you will not be able to get an official pedigree paper for your pets. However,they encourage the parents to ask for a health guarantee for the pets. You can also ask your breeders to meet the parents so you can get an idea on the outcome of your Mini Irish Doodle.

Mini Irish Doodles Food and Diet

The hybrid is considered a medium-sized dog despite having the Mini Poodle as a parent. For this type and size of a dog, they require a diet that will give them enough energy for their daily needs made of high-quality dog food.

This hybrid is not picky with their food. They can have pure dry food or full wet food for their diet. They can also have a combined mixture of both types of food, as long as their food is enough to give them the energy they need because they are quite an active hybrid.

As a Mini Irish Doodle owner, you must look after its food intake. Start with a small amount of food and divide it into three meals a day. Make sure the quantity of food is adequate and adjust accordingly for the next feeding. Food intake must be controlled to avoid the dog becoming overweight.


The Mini Irish Doodle is believed to be one of the healthiest hybrids. But like other hybrids, they are also prone to some illness. They are susceptible to some illness like:

–    Epilepsy

–    Cushing’s disease

–    Addison’s disease

–    Hypothyroidism

–    patellar luxation

–    Von Willebrand disease

–    sebaceous adenitis

–    Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease

–    eye problems, pan osteitis

–    hypertrophic osteodystrophy

–    canine atopic dermatitis

–    osteochondritis dissecans

–    bloating

These are some illnesses that are also common intheir parent breeds. They can be inherited or developed as they grow older and exposed to viruses and bacteria in their surroundings.

It is not only the hybrids that are prone to these conditions, but even pure breeds can also get these illnesses. As a responsible dog owner, you should also be watchful of any generic canine conditions that may occur to your pet. These conditions are:

–    blindness

–    deafness

–    hip dysplasia

These conditions are more prevalent as your dog ages.

Weight and Height

A Mini Irish Doodle is not a very heavy type of dog, nor are they huge. They can weigh between 25 pounds to 35 pounds and can stand between12 inches to 17 inches tall. Since one of theirparents is a Mini Poodle, you can expect them to also be miniature dogs.

Mini Irish Doodles Coat

The Mini Irish Doodles are hypoallergenic like their Mini Poodleparent. They don’t shed a lot so they are a very good choice for families. The coat of the Mini Irish Doodle can be long, wavy and shaggy like the parent breeds but since they shed minimally, grooming can be kept under control.

Mini Irish Doodles Grooming

There are times that the Mini Irish Doodle are mistaken as Mini Poodles because the resemblance is uncanny. They can sport a long and wavy coat that can become tangled when they play a lot or not brushed frequently. It is best to brush and groom them to detangle the fur. Also, the ears can flop over the ear canals and this may lead to cutting off of air circulation in the inner ear of the dog. Therefore, brushing is essentially important to keep the circulation and keep your dog healthy.

Mini Irish Doodles Training

It is known that the active lifestyle of the Mini Irish Doodle is inherited from both of the parent breeds. Training them on a daily basis is important to keep their energy level at bay. They are outgoing and energetic, so keeping them at still may affect their behavior.

Training with your pet can also strengthen the bond between the owner and the pet.


The innate behavior of the Mini Irish Doodle is inherited from its parent breedsand they are active, friendly, sociable, and love the company of both humans and other animals. They may be active dogs, but they are also therapeutic and their friendliness brings hope to the patients they are helping especially those who suffer from mental breakdowns.


The Mini Irish Doodle is another hybrid that was developed as a service and therapy dog. Like other doodle breeds, they are also intelligent and active that having them as a pet is a joy to the heart.


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