Everything You Need to Know about Moyen Poodles

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Are you searching about Poodles and came across the Moyen Poodle? You might be wondering how they differ from others and the more popular ones, like the Standard and Mini Poodles. In today’s post, we will answer all the questions you might have about them.

Poodle Types

To understand the term “Moyen” better, it helps to know about the three categories of this breed. This was based on the varieties set by the American Kennel Club. Poodles are categorized based on their height and weight. The three sizes are the Toy, the Mini, and the Standard.

1.Toy Poodle – As the name suggests, toy poodles are the smallest of them. They weigh around 6-9 lbs and stand no more than 10 inches even after reaching adulthood. They finish growing at seven months of age.

2.Miniature Poodle – slightly larger than the toy variety, mini Poodles stand at around 11 to 15 inches and up to 20 lbs in terms of weight. They are a better choice for families with small children, compared to toy poodles.

3.Standard Poodle – the biggest of them all, Standard Poodles may be as heavy as 70 lbs and may grow taller than 15 inches at maturity. They are ideal not just as companion animals but also if you want a pet that can be used for training.

Some people may not be familiar with this, but there are two more types of Poodles. The fourth type of Poodle is called the Moyen while the other one is the teacup. However, only the Moyen gets the recognition because teacups are not well-accepted in the dog community with some questioning the reputation of their breeders.

The Moyen size comes between the mini and standard Poodle. As you might have noticed, there is a big difference in terms of the average weight of these two varieties. Standard Poodles are usually three times bigger than the miniature ones.

Moyen is only different from the other varieties in terms of size. They just fill the gap between the standard and the miniature type. Contrary to popular belief, this is not achieved by crossing the mini and the standard types.


The term “Moyen” is a French word for medium. If you are in France, where Poodles are touted as the national dog, you will hear this term or “Caniche” more often than the Standard type. In Europe, especially in Germany, they are also referred to as the Klein. This is a German word that translates to small.

There’s a bit of confusion regarding the exact place of origin of Poodles. Although they are widely acclaimed in France, it is believed that they are natives of Germany. The name Poodle itself was derived from “pudel” which means to splash. Back then, these dogs were referred to as Pudelhund.


The International Poodle Standard acknowledges the Moyen. Although the size is internationally accepted, other well-known organization like the American Kennel Club does not consider them as a valid size. The same is true for the United Kennel Club, which only recognizes these dogs as belonging to the standard variety.

In the United States, Moyen Poodles are more popular as house pets instead of competing dogs. If you are in America, you can expect that they belong to the non-sporting class instead of the gun dog group where they would belong based on the UKC standards.


Moyen looks like any Standard Poodle. Like the latter, they may come in different coat colors and textures. The most common colors you will see are white, black, blue, silver, and apricot. There is also the cafe au lait color, which is dark brown at first but lightens a bit as the dog matures.

In addition to solid and parti-colors, Poodles may come in different patterns, like merle and brindle. Some pet enthusiasts prefer unique colorings, like phantom which is a solid color but characterized by markings. For example, a black phantom may have apricot or gray patches on areas of the body like above the eye, across the chest, under the tail, and down the legs.

Poodles are among the breeds notorious for changing their color. Oftentimes, they end up with a lighter shade as if they are fading and this is normal. Many of them are born with a dark color but this usually changes as they reach adulthood. For instance, there are Poodles that are born black but they become blue or silver at the age of 2.

A male Moyen Poodle has a minimum size of 55 lbs although some can be as big as 60 lbs. Just like most breeds, the female ones are a bit smaller. The average weight of female Moyen Poodles is 45 – 50 lbs only. Do note that certain factors may affect the dog’s weight and the number one factor is nutrition.


In general, poodles appear to have a dense and curly coat but they don’t have double layers of fur, like what many people assume. Some people believe that they don’t shed at all. However, this is just because the loose hair only gets trapped in their curls. This is the reason why they are considered to be hypoallergenic.

As hypoallergenic dogs, Poodles are suitable for people with allergy to pet hair and dander. People with allergy to pets cannot stand being with dogs for too long because they end up sneezing or develop runny noses and hives. In most cases, people get these allergy symptoms after being exposed to a dog’s dander, urine, or saliva.

In addition to being non-shedding, Poodles also produce the least amount of dander which are flakes of skin that usually come with the protein that make people sneeze. This is the reason why they are often the dog of choice for families with hypersensitivity to pets.

Because they share the same coat texture as any Poodle variety, you can expect to go through the same grooming methods when raising Moyen Poodles. They require regular brushing, to prevent the coat from developing mats and tangles. It is recommended to spend as much as 10 hours per week just brushing these dogs. They should also be clipped or have their coat trimmed for hygienic purposes.

You can find several types of brushes that can be used for the Poodle’s coat. But when it comes to getting rid of mats and tangles, the best kind of brush to use is a slicker brush which is also effective in removing debris, not to mention that it is gentle enough for your Poodle’s skin. A slicker brush is actually suitable for all types of coat texture.

Meanwhile, clipping a Poodle requires some skills and the right tools. If you are not confident to do it yourself, it will be much better to bring the dog to a professional groomer. It is advisable to have the hair clipped every two months. Clipping also prevents tangling and developing of knots so you will have an easier time grooming your buddy.

Aside from their usual weight, the shape of their skull is a bit different compared to the standard variety. It has a definite stop which is something you will not usually see with standard poodles. As per breed standard, their skull should only be slightly obvious but this is not the case with Moyen Poodles.


Poodles share many similar traits, but we should remember that dogs are still subjected to a number of differences. Their traits will depend on how they are raised. Despite that, most Poodles are known for being smart dogs. They ranked second in the smartest dog breeds in the world.

As with any breed, there are pros and cons in raising Poodles. Some have the tendency to be aloof with people they just met, which gives an impression that they are quite reserved or have a regal attitude. It is true that some pups take a long time before warming up to strangers. This can be fixed through socialization.


The recommended feeding amount for Moyen Poodles should be based on their weight, activity, lifestyle, and health conditions. Pups generally have a more active lifestyle compared to senior dogs. Older dogs should be fed less, because they usually have less active periods in a day compared to their younger counterparts.

Based on a Moyen Poodle’s adult weight, which is 45-60 lbs, it can consume 2 to 2 2/3 cups of dry dog food per day. This amount should be divided into two to three servings per day. To establish a routine, you may feed one serving in the morning and another one in the evening.

Like any other breed, some Poodles have the tendency to become picky with food. For picky eaters, it is important to establish a feeding routine. Sometimes, dogs don’t want to eat their usual meals because they are given extra treats. It helps to avoid unnecessary treats, especially foods containing sugar and salt.


The recommended amount of exercise for Moyen Poodles will depend on their age, lifestyle, and current health condition. A good rule of thumb should be 5 minutes a day for every month of age. For a Poodle less than a year of age, the recommended time per day should be no more than 55 minutes which should be divided in three sessions.

For three-month-old pups, it will be enough to allocate 15 minutes per day. When walking a young dog, it is important to go at a moderate pace to avoid stressing the dog’s legs. Dogs this young are still training how to walk on a leash.

Like any other type of Poodle, Moyen Poodles are smart dogs. If you like, you may incorporate training sessions like agility and basic obedience training in your dog’s exercise. It is easy to teach these dogs new skills because they are among the most intelligent breeds you can find.

Important Reminders before Getting Moyen Poodles

You will seldom find breeders of Moyen Poodles because they are not as popular in the United States as they are in European countries like Germany and France. Because of this, you may have a very limited resource regarding these dogs. It matters to pay attention to your prospect breeder. It is normal practice to pay a down payment to reserve your pup, but better be careful in dealing with breeders you just found online.

If it’s your first time having a Moyen Poodle, consider joining online groups to learn more information about your new buddy. Forums are also among the best places to ask questions about Poodles, since you are likely getting answers from other Poodle parents.


The price of Moyen puppies will vary depending on the breeder and pedigree as well as other small factors like color and gender. One pup could cost around $1,800. You may also get your Poodle from kennels and rescue centers aside from buying them from breeders. This is less expensive than buying a pup and you can even get a Moyen that is already house-trained.

Some breeders have their “purchase policy” like securing a deposit. This amount is usually non-refundable and breeders often ask to execute the health guarantee in a span of 48 to 72 hours since getting the pup. When you are given the health guarantee, it means you need to bring the pup to a vet for examination. This also serves as your protection from your prospect breeder.


A Moyen Poodle is simply one of the types of Poodle and they differ from the rest in terms of size. They fill the gap between the miniature Poodle and the standard one. Depending on where you live, the Moyen may be well-accepted or not. It is also worth noting that they are not recognized as a valid size by some dog organizations.


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