Guide to Newfypoo Puppies

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Do you want a fluffy dog that does not shed a lot? A Newfoundland-Standard Poodle cross may be the perfect pet for you. This wonderful dog boasts intelligence and playfulness, not to mention that it’s also among the most affectionate mixes you can ever find. Thinking of getting a Newfypoo puppy? Use this post as a reference before bringing home your new buddy.

Newfypoo Puppy Checklist

Having a new pet at home can be exciting but it can also be overwhelming. It is not a far cry from welcoming a new family member at home. To make things easier as a pet parent, it’s best to prepare these things in advance:

Food and drink bowls – elevated food bowls can be a great option for large pups like Newfypoos. If you want something that can stand the test of time, buy a bowl made of stainless steel which is easy to clean and it’s also dishwasher-safe.

Leash – once your pup reached 16 weeks, you can start taking him outside. However, most vets recommend waiting two more weeks until his last booster shot. When going out with your dog, use a leash so you can easily control him. You’ve got one energetic buddy right there who loves exploring the world around him.

Dog bed – memory foam is the material of choice for all canine life stages. It’s suitable even for young dogs because it gives their body full support. Take into consideration your dog’s size and find a bed that will be spacious enough for large breeds. If you want something that is easy to clean, find a bed that comes with a washable cover.

Grooming tools – your Newfypoo needs to be brushed two to three times a week. Invest in a slicker brush or pin brush to keep the coat healthy and shiny. Your buddy’s grooming kit should also include a toothbrush, toothpaste, nail clipper, and shampoo.

Chew toys – this pup loves using his mouth for play, so it helps to have a chew toy ready. You will eventually find it helpful, especially during the teething stage. For heavy chewers like Newfypoos, invest in a toy made of indestructible material. Some chew toys are already scented and can be stuffed with treats.


Newfypoos are quite large dog breed. After the first month of age, this dog already weighs 3-6 lbs. on average. By the time it’s a year old, its average weight is around 65-95 lbs. This is close to the typical weight of a Standard Poodle weighing 60-70 lbs. on average when fully grown. Newfoundlands are usually heavier because their weight is around 130-150 lbs. 

If you are eager to have a Newfypoo pup but want something smaller, consider a miniature version. Rather than pairing the Newfoundland with a Standard Poodle, it’s paired with a mini poodle. These pups grow half the size of a typical Newfoundland-Standard Poodle mix.

Many of these pups come in solid black or chocolate color, although you will also see some with a strike of white in many parts of the body. Even as pups, their face is already covered with hair. This can be trimmed at the grooming salon or you can do it yourself.


With its thick, water-repellent, and curly coat, you might find grooming your Newfypoo puppy a challenging task. You can simply bring your new buddy to a professional groomer by the time he’s done with his second round of vaccines or when he’s around 12 weeks old. 

Your pup should have his first bath at around six weeks of age. Prior to bathing, give your dog a quick brush to get rid of mats and tangles. You can use a slicker brush but better be as gentle as possible when using it. Use a hypoallergenic shampoo made of natural ingredients like oatmeal and aloe. Make sure the water is lukewarm so your fur baby will not be scared with his first bath.


The Newfoundland-Poodle mix should be exclusively fed puppy formula. Most vets recommend sticking to dry dog food until your pup reaches four months of age. If your fur baby has a sensitive stomach, ask your vet for recommendations on wet dog food because it is easier for young dogs to chew and digest.

What to Look for When Buying a Pup

First puppy vet check – your pup’s first visit should be after his initial vaccination. It’s usually done at around 8 weeks. If you are planning to bring home an eight-week-old pup, you may ask if it was taken the vet for a clinical test. This involves examining various parts of the body, starting from the coat down to the heart and lungs.

Registration – there are a number of registries especially created for designer breeds or crossbreeds. You will get a traceable registry of your dog. Besides that, it will also provide the owner with educational information about the new member of their household.

Vaccination records – core vaccines like distemper, measles, and parainfluenza should be administered from 6-8 weeks of age. Pups should also be given shots for rabies, which is required by law. Bordetella vaccination can be given from 6-8 weeks, but it’s only optional.

Dewormer records – your new buddy will start picking up parasites from a range of sources, including food, feces, and soil, no matter how careful you are. In fact, many pups are already born with parasites. Look for signs of diarrhea, weakness, and sudden weight loss despite having a good appetite. These are the common signs of having worms. A pup can start receiving worm treatments as early as two weeks. This should be followed up every 14 days until he reaches the 12th week of age. So, if you are planning to bring home an eight weeks old pup, it should have at least three worming treatments. After that stage, the dog should be given worm treatment every 12 weeks for the rest of his life.

One year health guarantee – your breeder should offer a health guarantee to prove that a dog is free from any alarming infectious disease. On your part, it’s important that the pup is taken to a vet 2-3 days to have it examined.


Newfypoos are smart, energetic, and alert. This is also the crossbreed of choice for pet parents who want to have a hypoallergenic pet. The only drawback about having this dog is it is quite challenging to groom. You may need to bring your dog to a professional groomer so he could get a proper haircut.


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