A Guide to Owning a Parti Goldendoodle

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Are you familiar with the Goldendoodle designer breed of dogs? They are a mix of purebred Poodle and a purebred Golden Retriever. There are different kinds of Goldendoodle and one of them is the Parti Goldendoodle. The way it got its name is also quite interesting to know and will have you thinking about how clever it was done.

The naming of Goldendoodles is sometimes based on their size, their markings, and the colors.


A Goldendoodle is a fun loving hybrid of a Poodle and a Golden Retriever. They were first bred in the 1990s and were named Goldendoodles in 1992. They are called designer breeds because they were bred from purebred parents of different kinds. They were initially bred to become service dogs for the visually impaired people.

What is a Parti Goldendoodle?

There are different types of Goldendoodle, namely the mini Goldendoodle, the English Teddybear Phantom Goldendoodle, and the Parti Goldendoodle.

The Parti Goldendoodle has a colored coat that consists of 50% white and 50% patches of any other solid color. They are referred to as abstract if less than 50% of the coat is white or when there are small patches of white on a solid coat.

What are other names for a Parti Goldendoodle?

A Parti Goldendoodle is known to have 50% of the solid white coat and the 50% are patches of other solid colors. But when a Parti Goldendoodle breed is bred with another Parti with a  different percentage of color distribution, it is given another name.

A Parti Goldendoodle is sometimes known as Parti-factored, mismark, abstract or chrome. There are different names for a Parti Goldendoodle, based on the ratio of white versus other solid colors.

Health Problems

The Parti Goldendoodles are a healthy bunch, especially if they are breed properly by the breeder. The main health issue that Parti Goldendoodles may face is the common health issues of Goldendoodles – hip dysplasia. Other than hip dysplasia, Parti Goldendoodles are also prone to having elbow dysplasia, the Von Willebrand’s disease, and even juvenile cataracts.

One more thing a Parti Goldendoodle must look out for is an ear infection. The majority of Goldendoodles inherit the hanging ears of the Golden Retrievers and sometimes when they are wet or had a bath, water remains in the ears, causing infections. As a good Parti Goldendoodle owner, you must ensure that your pet’s ears are clean and dry.


The Parti Goldendoodle has the same behavior as its parent breeds. They are also playful, energetic, and they love to run around. They love attention and love the company of humans and dogs. They are good companions for families and kids and a good service dog as well.

One downside in the behavior of the Parti Goldendoodle is that they can be naughty if they are constantly left to play alone and when they are not given enough attention. These cuddly things are very social that when they feel abandoned or lonely, they have the tendency to misbehave just to get the attention of their family.

Although they might not behave well at times, especially when left alone, they are friendly towards strangers. They have the trait of being welcoming and accepting toward strangers. Because of their playfulness, they are good companions to play ball or catch or as swimming buddies. You can you’re your Parti Goldendoodle swimming or just lounge on the sofa and watch some television.


Just like other Goldendoodle hybrids, the Parti Goldendoodles are very intelligent in nature as they inherited the intelligence of both purebred parents. Because of their natural intelligence, they can be easily trained even by new pet owners. They also have an athletic nature, so running around is natural to them.

The Parti Goldendoodle, just like its other counterparts, is easy to teach when it comes to obedience training. These dogs are smart animals and they are always ready to please their owner and their trainers that they are willing to do things they are asked to do.

Other than the obedience training, part of their training is agility training. They are given agility courses that they need to complete as part of their training. These courses can help them to burn up their energy, bond with other athletic dogs and strengthen the relationship with their owners.


The Parti Goldendoodle is not very hard to feed. However, all pet owners want to keep their pets healthy. The Parti Goldendoodles do not have a strict and specific diet but they prefer to be fed with premium dry food.

The food that should be given to Parti Goldendoodles must contain protein, as they need to develop their muscles, along with a good amount of healthy fats to give them the energy they need. They can also be fed with an ample amount of carbohydrates. Choosing a type of dog food is crucial especially if you want to meet all the nutrients they need in their every meal.

The Parti Goldendoodle should be given enough food. It should not be too much or too little for their daily requirement. A good balance of their daily intake of nutritious food is necessary to keep them healthy and active as they grow each day.


A Parti Goldendoodle does not differ from other Goldendoodles. Technically, they are still Goldendoodles so their needs when it comes to training, behavior, health, food and even their hygiene and grooming are the same as all other Goldendoodles. The visible difference between a Parti Goldendoodle from other Goldendoodle is their coat and markings. Other than that, the Parti Goldendoodle is nevertheless one of the cutest and smartest dogs in the world.


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