Parti Standard Poodle Care Tips

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Parti standard poodles are perfect for those who love spots. They have a white base coat and colored spots.  What’s interesting about parti standard poodles is that their white base coat is more than 50% and their spots can be red, silver, apricot, blue, black, grey or brown.

Why You Should Consider a Parti Standard Poodle

No two parti standard poodles look alike. It’s exciting because you never know what you will get when you breed two partis. Well-bred parti poodles have a crisp and clear white color. Their secondary color has clear lines that don’t fade into their white color.

There will be a lot of changes to their color as they mature. The final color will be determined once the pup reaches adulthood. Many parti standard poodles have small spots that appear on their body or paws. The spots are usually black in color.

However, no ticking or spotting should appear on the white hair of the poodle. A lot of breeders feel that ticked poodles shouldn’t be used for breeding parti standard poodles. This is because the ticking causes a muddied look that hinders the appearance of a clean looking coat.

Breeding two parti standard poodles will produce partis, but the color combinations and where the colors will appear can’t be predicted. For instance, one litter can have a white and apricot parti as well as a white and black parti. Their colors can appear in different areas due to the MITF gene.

Parti standard poodles can join agility and obedience events. They can be AKC registered, provided that they belong to the pre-designated color numbers.

Parti Standard Poodle Care Tips


Feed your parti standard poodle with high-quality food. Avoid commercial food with preservatives, artificial coloring and flavoring that can cause health issues such as upset stomach and itchy skin. You should also avoid those that contain fillers.

Avoid meat by-products because these are actually animal parts that are considered unhealthy for human consumption. Meat by-products are also called 4-D animals or those that are disabled, diseased, dead or dying.

These animals can be any species sourced from farms or zoos or even road kill. The spleens, beaks, spinal tissue and hooves of these animals are included in canine food as by-products. You don’t want your parti to consume such food. Don’t choose a brand just because it is popular, make sure that they’re really offering high quality dog food.

You want to feed your poodle with wholesome food, so do your research before buying anything. Give your parti healthy snacks. Dry treats can be given in between meals. You can give them soft chewy treats during training.

Dogs usually need 8 oz. of water for every 10 lbs of body weight. For instance, a 60-pound standard poodle should drink at least 96 oz. of water in the summer. Lead your parti to a water dish to encourage them to drink. Keep their water bowl clean all the time and refill it on a regular basis.


Puppy proof your home by blocking off areas that are hazardous to your parti. This is particularly important when you have a puppy or senior parti standard poodle. Seal lower cabinets with child-proof locks to prevent your dog from ingesting or chewing on any item you have stored there.

Put your parti on a leash if you’re going out. Restrain your dog when they are in your car. If you have a parti standard poodle puppy, consider investing in a booster dog car seat. You can use a car restraint belt to contain an adult parti.

Proper Exercise

Parti standard poodles should have two 20 to 30-minute walks every day and you can also play games such as fetch with them. Exercise allows them to release energy and avoid destructive behavior. Bringing them outside also helps them learn how to tolerate the outdoor elements, making them accept triggers like children and other dogs much easier.

Vet Visits

Your parti poodle should have annual visits to the vet. Senior poodles need geriatric check-ups two times a year. The vet will conduct blood tests, urinalysis and stool sample to rule out health issues. You should also take good care of your dog’s oral health. Plaque can lead to infection, decay and gingivitis as well as tooth loss.

Remove plaque by regularly scrubbing their teeth with a triple-sided toothbrush. Use toothpaste made for dogs. If you can’t brush their teeth, you can make use of a dental spray to remove plaque. The vet will also inspect their teeth during check-ups and look for signs of plaque buildup and decay. The plaque will be removed and your pet’s teeth will be flushed.

This process is usually conducted with light sedation. Talk to the vet about monitoring your pet’s blood pressure and pre-sedation screening to reduce risks. It is easy to assume that your pet has no problem and that you don’t need to make changes to his diet or exercise routine.

You may not have any idea that your parti is already suffering from health problems. Follow these tips and keep your parti happy and healthy.

Parti Standard Poodle Training

They are smart, hardworking, active dogs that love working together with their handlers. Parti standard poodles can be trained and they learn fast. They can be taught various tricks.

This breed can also participate in various dog hobbies. Parti standard poodles are sensitive dogs, so they respond really well to positive reinforcement methods. Giving them praises and treats will keep them motivated and happy throughout the training sessions. It will also strengthen the bond between you.

If you are training your poodle to avoid jumping, don’t lift up your knee or kick out with your legs when he tries to leap up. You might accidentally injure your pet. Use commands before resorting to physical contact with your parti.


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