What is a Phantom Goldendoodle?

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Have you ever wondered what it would look like if you combine a golden retriever and a poodle? The resulting hybrid crossbreed is called a Goldendoodle.

Are you familiar with the Phantom Goldendoodle? It may sound creepy and a good title of a novel but it actually describes a Goldendoodle’s fur coloring and it means that the Goldendoodle is donning two different colors for a fur.

Why is it called a ‘phantom’?

It may be easy to define a Goldendoodle as a Phantom Goldendoodle if it is donning two different colors for its fur, but it is not as easy as that.

For a Goldendoodle to be labeled as a Phantom Goldendoodle, it must have two different colors for a fur and the most important indication is that one of the colors must be found in a specific part of the body.

Being called a Phantom Goldendoodle is a unique characteristic given to a dog of this crossbreed. It is often referred to as the Dobie marking because there is a similarity to the markings of a Doberman, Yorkie or the Manchester Terrier.

Where will you find the specific colors in a Phantom Goldendoodle?

In order for a Goldendoodle to be called a Phantom Goldendoodle, it must have two different colors for its fur. One color is the dominant color and it can be black, red, silver or chocolate. The other color must be located in specific areas of the body and that is the only way for a Goldendoodle to be called phantom.

The secondary colors as it is called can be red, apricot, cream, gray, silver or brown. The locations of the secondary color must be in specific areas of its body, such as above the eyes, the lower part of the legs, on the muzzle, chest and oftentimes inside the ears of the Goldendoodles and under their tails. When secondary colors are found in these areas, they certainly are phantom Goldendoodles.

What are the color combinations of the Phantom Goldendoodles?

We all know now that a Phantom Goldendoodle has two different colors, a primary one that covers most of the body, while the other colors are found in specific locations. Given this, there are some combinations of colors that are specific to some types of Phantom Goldendoodles.

The primary color of Black Goldendoodles mixed with an apricot, red, cream, gray, silver or brown secondary color is known as the Black Phantom Goldendoodle. A Silver Phantom Goldendoodle is mostly a silver and cream color combination.

There is also a Red Phantom Goldendoodle and a Chocolate Phantom Goldendoodle with a secondary color of apricot found in the specific parts of their body.

What is good with the markings and colors of a Phantom Goldendoodle is that they don’t develop as the dogs grow older. Even as puppies, you can easily distinguish what type of Phantom Goldendoodle they are going to be because of their coat fur colors.

A Phantom Goldendoodle puppy will have the exact same color as they grow older and the location of their secondary color will stay exactly the same. What an interesting characteristic for a Phantom Goldendoodle!

How to care for a Phantom Goldendoodle

A Phantom Goldendoodle is still a Goldendoodle. The way you care for a typical Goldendoodle applies to the Phantom Goldendoodles, whatever their type may be.

Like all other Goldendoodles, the Phantom Goldendoodle should be a healthy hybrid from a knowledgeable breeder. Although hybrids such as Phantom Goldendoodles are very susceptible to some illnesses, with proper care and constant lookout for their health, the Phantom Goldendoodles and all other doodles can live their life to the maximum.

What are the illnesses and disorders that Phantom Goldendoodles can inherit?

It is known to breeders and Goldendoodle enthusiasts that both the Poodle and the Golden Retrievers are very susceptible to having hip dysplasia. It is always recommended by the OFA and PennHIP to check first the parent breeds for any complications or indications of hip dysplasia. Before breeding, the breeder must ensure that both parents are healthy and there is no history of any illness that can be passed on to their offspring.

Health is important for any Goldendoodle. As they are hybrids, they have different requirements from non-hybrid dogs. Because Goldendoodles usually inherit the ears of the Golden Retrievers that are usually hanging, the possibility of ear infection is very high. ]

That is why when a Phantom Goldendoodle is exposed to water, they should be properly cleaned and dried, especially around the ear area in order to avoid infections of any kind.

What are the traits of Phantom Goldendoodles that make them good pets?

The Phantom Goldendoodle is a sweet type of hybrid that anyone can have as a pet. These dogs are intelligent hybrids since their parent breeds are both intelligent in nature. They are very friendly and they were breed to become service dogs for physically unable people.

The Phantom Goldendoodles are loyal to their owners and very obedient. They can get along well with children and other dogs as well. They love to socialize with both humans and other animals and that’s why they are one of the most lovable hybrid dogs.

Since Phantom Goldendoodles are social dogs, they tend to become naughty and make mischiefs when they are left to spend a lot of their time alone. They do this to get attention and affection.


The Phantom Goldendoodles and all other hybrids need to constantly feel the love from their fur parents. Just like humans, they also have feelings and whether they have special markings or not, every pet in this world needs to feel loved and appreciated.


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