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The American Pitbull Terrier, also called the Pitbull, has a lot of things in common with the Pug. They are often misunderstood due to their physical traits. Some people fear Pitbulls because they have been wrongly perceived as a ferocious breed for such a long time. The Pug, on the other hand, has always been regarded as a lifeless company due to their laziness. What if these two interesting breeds collide? Meet the Pitbull Pug mix in this post.


Before these two purebreds became popular as house pets, both of them were used by the military in the past. The Pug, which originated in China, did not always have the luxurious life described in records. In fact, they were used by the military during the 17th century to track things. Because they are good at finding people or animals, they were used as tracking dogs.

Like the Pugs, Pitbulls were also used in warfare. However, they were more popular as fighting dogs mainly for entertainment during Roman times. They were used for baiting events during the 16th century. It is believed that these dogs came from the Molossian family of dogs in Greece.


Pitbull Pug mixes have the face of the Pitbull but the body structure of a Pug. They have a wedge-shaped head that is quite large for its small body. A simple look at this crossbreed will tell you that a terrier dog is paired with a much smaller breed.

If you will look at their eyes, snout, and ears, all you will see is the Pitbull. Based on the breed standards for Pitbulls, the dog should have almond or round eyes that could be of any color except blue. The eyes are also in a low position. The muzzle is short but not as flat as the Pug’s. The ears are semi-prick like the Pitbull’s.

The coat color will be from the Pitbull parent. It could be any color except merle. It could be a solid black, white, fawn, tan, and blue or it could have two coat colors which are a combination of these colors. It could also be black and white or fawn and white among others. Some of them may have a brindle color. It is rare but it is possible for this crossbreed to sport three different colors.

Looking at their body structure, you will see that they are closer to the pug. One of the noticeable similarities to the Pug is represented by the skin folds on the neck area. Having folds is not a characteristic of the Pitbulls, because they usually have thick and loose skin. The neck is not strongly muscular like the Pitbulls. Most of them do not possess the deep ribs that Pitbulls usually have as per breed standard.

A dog of this mix could weigh around 13 to 17 lbs. just like the average weight of Pugs. It is muscular like the Pitbull but distinctly square. Many Pitbull Pugs also have short stubby legs and a tail curling upward. Those with double curls are considered perfect based on the breed standard.


In spite of their solid built and fierce look it inherited from both parents, the Pitbull Pug mix is actually a nice dog. It could even qualify as a therapy or an emotional support dog given that it underwent obedience training and early socialization. A dog with the making of an emotional support dog will exhibit a natural fondness for people and will not be aggressive even while facing discomfort.

Meanwhile, the best traits of Pitbulls include extreme affectionate with their owners, intelligence, and charm. The only ugly side about them is their tendency to become mischievous, because of their extreme playfulness. Contrary to popular belief, Pugs are not lazy. Dogs in general like lots of rest and they are not an exception. Many pugs are animated and will not make you bored.


Many Pitbull Pugs inherited the coat type of their Pug parent. It is common knowledge that a Pug has a short and smooth coat. It is not always the case. Only black pugs have a single coat. If the other parent is a fawn pug, the pup will have a double coat.

If your Pitbull pug only has a single coat, it will not require much grooming so any comb will do. Just be careful with the wide-toothed ones because it could cause pain to the dog’s skin. Be gentle, especially when you are brushing a Pitbull Pug puppy. However, should you wish to brush the single coat thoroughly, invest in a bristle brush with soft and close bristles.

Bathing should be done once a month using lukewarm water and dog shampoo. Don’t forget to dry the ears thoroughly after the bath because the moist could cause an infection to your pet’s outer ear canal. Use a large towel to fully dry your pet’s body and the sensitive areas like the face and ears. Vets recommend using an ear solution to dry the hard to reach the surface in your pet’s ears.


Regardless of their breeds, dogs, in general, thrive on a diet that is high in protein and low in grains. Protein is an essential mineral for large dogs that use lots of energy. If you are planning to serve dog food, check the label and make sure that the ingredients are of high quality. Meat, like chicken and lean beef, should be the primary ingredient of the kibble.

Follow the feeding guidelines indicated on the label. They are usually based on the age or the size of the dog. For pups, food should be served three times a day at around ¼ cup. Consider softening the food by adding a small amount of warm water because the pup will have a hard time chewing it. You may reduce your dog’s feeding to twice a day.

Exercise Needs

This crossbreed is an energy bundle that requires plenty of time for exercise. Unless it is restricted by the vet due to health problems, your dog should be given 30 minutes of exercise per day. Remember that it is a combination of two breeds with different activity levels. Both can be playful but the Pitbull usually has more energy since it was originally bred as a working dog.

Health Issues

On average, the Pitbull Pug mix lives 11 to 12 years. Their parents have different sets of common health issues, but the problems that affect both breeds are the following:

  • Demodectic Mange – this refers to the itchy skin infection brought by mites. The most common remedy is bathing the dog with benzoyl peroxide shampoo. Dogs infected with mites have red and itchy skin as well as patches of hair loss. The parasite lives in their hair follicles and causes dogs to have defective immune systems.
  • Hip Dysplasia – with this condition, the hip connecting the ball and socket joints is malformed, causing dogs to suffer from arthritis in its advanced stages. Crippling lameness is the leading symptom of canine hip dysplasia. It helps to restrict the activities and to watch the weight of dogs prone to hip dysplasia. While your buddy is one big energy ball, ensure that his games and exercises will not cause stress off of his hips.


The Pitbull Pug looks a lot like the Pitbull when you look at the face but has the body of a Pug from the neck all the way down. They may inherit the best traits of their parents, known for their loving and affectionate nature. Although they came from two breeds with fierce and not so cute appearances, their behaviors are likable.


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