Fun Facts about Shepadoodle Puppies

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Have you ever heard of the dog breed called Shepadoodle? You probably have a good guess of what a Shepadoodle looks like. They are medium-sized dogs with long and curly fur that sometimes look like a fluffy German Shepherd or a poodle with a strong feature.

Just like other puppies, the Shepadoodleones are very cute and cuddly. Anyone who sees them will immediately fall in love with them. Shepadoodle puppies are probably someof the most irresistible puppies because of the original breeds they come from.

You might be wondering how the Shepadoodlebreed started. Let me share with you some fun facts about it.

Shepadoodles VS Sheepadoodles

The names of shepadoodles and Sheepadoodles are almost the same but you shouldn’t confuse them. Sheepadoodles are cross between an Old English Sheepdog and a Poodle.

1.An Intelligent Hybrid

Yes, the Shepadoodleis a hybrid dog. It was bred by combining the German Shepherd and Poodle breeds. They may look like a big Poodle or a hairy German Shepherd, but Shepadoodlepuppies are cute and cuddly.

2.American Soldiers started thisbreed.

It was in the 1960s whenthe first Shepadoodlepuppies were born. The American soldiers were looking for a dog breedthat was intelligent to be trained with new tricks and commands. The Poodle and German Shepherd are at the top of the list of intelligent dogs and they were the perfect pair to breed.

3.They like wide areas.

The Shepadoodle, like its parents, can be playful and energetic and is an outdoor kind of dog. The Shepadoodlepuppies can still be contained inside an apartment, but for older and bigger dogs of this breed, it is impossible to have one in an apartment or a small house. They tend to run around when they play and keeping them ina small apartmentmeans disaster.

4.They shed a little.

Most dogs shed, but Sheepadoodlesshed less compared to other dogs. This is because the Poodlesshed less. There are also other Shepadoodlehybrids that have curlier hair and almost don’t shed at all. This is also one of the reasons why there are people who love to have Shepadoodlesaspets because even with an allergy to dog hair, you can still own one.

5.A very good family dog.

Shepadoodles were bred to becomeservice dogs to American soldiers. Even though they have alreadybeen domesticated and are mostly found in homes today, they are still one of the most intelligent hybrids. They are considered to bethe best family dogs because they are fun to be with children and they have the instinct to protect even as puppies.

6.They have a quietnature.

The Shepadoodlesare not the type that will bark from time to time. In fact, they are the quiet type and would only bark if they are needed to be heard. But never be fooled by this nature, they can be aggressive when they feel threatened and they are able to bark very loud.

7.They are prone to illnesses.

This is very common withall cross-breeds. The immune system of hybrid dogs is low, thus, they have the tendency to be sensitive to infections. The Shepadoodlepuppies need to be closely monitored especially if you think they are sick and a regular checkup with a vet is highly recommended.

8.There havedifferent colors.

One of the attractive attributes of a Shepadoodle is their color. They can come in different colors and even length of coats. Their coat can be sparse or dense, sometimes straight or curly. If you want to have a Shepadoodleas a pet, you can choose how you want itto look like.

9.They love grooming.

Like all other dogs, they love to be groomed and have their hair trimmed. Their hair can grow long and can cover their eyes or even reach the floor. Their nails can also grow long and we all know that is not good for a dog. Regularly grooming yourShepadoodlepuppy can make himhappy and satisfied.


Shepadoodle puppies are not hard to take care of. But as aresponsible puppy parent, you must keepyour Sheepadoodlehappy and healthy all the time. It is best to learn something about them before you decide to getone.


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