Tan French Bulldog – What are the Tan Points in Frenchies?


The visible tan points in a tan French Bulldogmay be caused by theagouti gene locusor Ata/ AtAt. However, this is not the only factor that will affect the color of a tan Frenchie. For instance, a pied dog will look white and a pooch with a brindle gene or KyKbr wil have a solid color. A cream dog with a locus MC1R- ee gene will have a cream color.

Genetically speaking, there will be tan dogs that possess the agouti gene locus. An Ata Frenchie will have almost invisible,lower or darker tan points. Things will be different when the MC1R locus is involved. If you have an AtAt pooch with a double masked gene, it will have dark tan points.

If you have an ATA kyky pooch with adouble masked gene, it will have bright tan points. Different tan points can be achieved with this DNA, but the pattern is usually like the ones previously mentioned.

By removing thedouble masked gene, you can get colorful tan points. Frenchies with the cream gene would usually have brighter and higher tan points. However, the cream geneusually alters the tan color into a creamish hue. If the pooch carries 2 boxer red gene copies, the cream gene won’t alter the tan points.

If you want to get a tan pointed Frenchie, you should find one that carries the cream gene and maskless gene.

Rare Frenchie Colors

Black and Tan Frenchie

Black and tan Frenchies carry a recessive gene that occurs naturally but is extremely uncommon in French Bulldogs.

Blue and Tan Frenchie

Blue and tanFrenchies are rarer than black and tan FrenchBulldogs because they have inherited the recessive dilute genes and recessive tan points from both parents.

Chocolate and Tan Frenchie

Chocolate and Tan Frenchies have also inherited the recessive dilute genes and recessive tan points from both parents.

These colors are among the rarest colors and marking patterns in French Bulldogs. They also come in pied if both parents possess therecessive pied gene. French Bulldogs with these colors are gorgeous and expensive. They may be barred in conformation competitions, but they are just as great and healthy as other French Bulldogs with common coloration.

How to Take Care of a Tan French Bulldog


Tan French Bulldogs may not need a lot of exercise, but they are prone to low levels of energy and overheating. That is why you should monitor your Frenchie’s weight. Give him a lot of opportunities to explore other areas such as the garden. You can also keep your Frenchie healthy by taking him out for short walks or by playing with him every day.

You should also let your dog have fun. He will appreciate new chewers and tug toys. You can also give him small toys. These toys will come in handy when you are playing hide and seek with your Frenchie. Choose soft and lightweight throw toys that he can pick up quickly.

This breed may be prone to weight gain, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t give him a few treats from time to time. Your pooch will definitely love a low calorie treat.

Prevent overheating

Don’t take your dog out when it’s hot outside because Frenchies are sensitive to high temperatures. If you want to take him out for a walk, do it in the evening or early morning. If it is too hot outside, you should stay inside and play indoor games such as hide and seek with your pet.

It is important to keep them comfortable because they don’t do well in hot weather. Keep your home cool with fans or an air conditioner. Provide your pet with cool fresh water at all times to keep their temperature within the safe range. Purple gums, lethargy, excessive panting and unusual drooling are common signs of lack of oxygen and heat exhaustion.

Tan French Bulldogs also get cold, so make sure to look out forbreathing difficulties or shivering. This breed has a flat face, so inhaling cold air places a lot of tension on their respiratory system. You can cuddle with your Frenchie or cover him with a warm coat to keep him comfortable during cold days.

Tan French Bulldogs Health problems

They are susceptible to breathing difficulties because of their short face. Extreme cold and heat can aggravate existing breathing problems. You should watch out for labored breathing after walks or playtime.

This breed may also suffer from eye problems. If you notice signs that your Frenchie is not seeing well, you should take him to the vet as soon as possible. This is particularly important if you see unusual redness, discharge or swelling.

Tan French Bulldogs can also develop back problems. If your dog can’t move his back legs properly, he might be suffering from a herniated disk or degenerative myelopathy. Take your pooch to the vet to get a proper diagnosis. Early diagnosis and treatment can prevent the problem from getting worse and will also extend your dog’s life.

Some Frenchies can develop an allergic reaction to fabric softeners, household cleaning products and fleas. Check any spots where he keeps chewing on or licking.Staying up to date with his vaccinations,regular bathing,maintaining his weight and proper skin can help prevent these problems.

This is particularly important if your Frenchie often spends time in other places or has an active social life. Ask the vet for advice on how to avoid ticks, heartworm and fleas.

Tan French bulldogs are known for their sweet, friendly and playful nature as well as ability to different lifestyles. If you don’t have a large backyard or you live in an apartment, you should consider getting your own Tan French bulldog.Take good care ofyour Frenchie and you will have a happy and healthy dog that will stay with you for many years.


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