5 Reasons Why You Should Own a Tri-Color Bully

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The normal Bully and the tri-color one are pretty much the same when it comes to personality and temperament. They only differ in color and pattern of their coats. Bullies have a playful, gentle and friendly personality. They are good with children and tolerant of strangers.

This breed has high set ears, medium length head, distinct cheek muscles and broad skull. They have well defined jaws, medium length muzzle, fairly short back, round or oval eyes that are set far apart and slightly arched neck.

Tri-color Bullies have strong and brawny shoulders, broad and deep chest, short tail, well-muscled hindquarters, compact and well-arched feet and springy gait.

American Bullies are classified into 5 categories – classic, standard, pocket, XL and extreme. The tri-color Bulldog is 8″ or 20 cm higher than the American Bully. The former may have a larger litter size and a longer lifespan than the American Bully. However, both of them are low maintenance and easy to train.

Causes of the Color

The tan points and the tri-color coat pattern are caused by the Tan Point allele, a recessive genetic trait. Due to the recessive nature of the gene, it can stay hidden for several generations until 2 copies of it are inherited by an offspring. It is possible for a dog to carry a tan point without actually showing tan points. The tri-color pattern is composed of 3 colors – tan, a basic color and white.

The base color can be chocolate, black, lilac, blue or any other color. The white and tan can have other patterns as well. The base color can be affected by intensity or dilution. Recessive Red, White or Dominant Black can hide tan points.

Dogs without noticeable tan points or whose tan points are entirely concealed by Recessive Red, White or Dominant Black are not considered tricolored. In order to be called tri-colored, they have to meet all of the requirements for this term. They should have traditional tan points that are noticeable in at least 1 of the 13 traditional spots.

Another requirement is that they should be genetically at/at. Their base color, white and traditional tan points should be noticeable. Examples of colors for this breed variation include champagne tri, chocolate tri, black tri, fawn tri and blue tri.


Tri-color Bullies are confident, happy and friendly dogs. They are gentle, good-natured, affectionate and amusing Fidos who love people. Tri-color Bullies are obedient almost all the time because they want to please their family. They are also brave and intelligent.

These dogs inherited the American Staffordshire Terrier’s outgoing nature and the American Pit Bull Terrier’s stability and loyalty. Although they are confident, they are not aggressive. Tri-color Bullies have a good temperament and an athletic build that is defined and muscular.

They are also highly agile. These dogs can accomplish various types of tasks. They are well-rounded dogs that are trustworthy and reliable. These traits also make them a great family companion. Tri-color Bullies can become persistent fighters if they are provoked. They will fight to the death if the opponent traps them in a corner and terrorizes their loved ones.

Tri-color Bullies are protective of their owners and the property they are guarding. They also have a high pain tolerance. It is important to socialize your pet early to prevent any aggressive tendencies. Tri-color Bullies are not ideal for passive owners who don’t know that dogs are naturally inclined to have an order in the pack.

You have to be firm, but consistent, calm and confident when handling your dog. Your Bully should know what you expect from him. He should know his limits and what rules he should follow. Your goal is to prevent him from achieving the pack leader status.

When you have a dog, you become their pack. You and your family should be higher up in the pack order than your dog. That’s the only way to control them and ensure the success of your relationship.

How Uncommon Is the Tri-Color Bully?

Tri-Color Bullies are quite uncommon because a lot of breeders did not produce tricolored canines for generations as this variation can be mistaken as a mixed breed. Potential buyers favor pure-breed Bullies with a well-known pedigree, so many breeders avoid producing tri-colored dogs.

Many breeders also focus on the game qualities instead of the coat color. Due to these factors, tri-colored Bullies are rarely produced. The tan-point gene may unexpectedly appear even when the breeder is not developing a tri-colored dog. It’s all due to the recessive nature of this gene.

Beware of breeders that administer steroids to dogs to achieve the large muscular body that Bullies are known for. The use of drugs causes many health problems that affect their joints and organs. The mother might pass these drugs to her pups, so make sure to find a drug-free breeder when looking for a tri-color Bully.

Easy to Groom

Tri-color Bullies have a short-haired coat that is smooth to the touch and easy to groom. Give your dog a bath as necessary and brush his coat regularly using a firm bristle brush. You can rub his coat with chamois or toweling to make it shine.

Reasons Why You Should Own a Tri-Color Bully

1. Talented

This breed’s center of gravity is low and this is partly due to their stoutness, so don’t be surprised if you see some Bullies surfing.

2. They are not aggressive

Tri-color Bullies are hardly aggressive. They may look threatening due to their build, but they are not fighters. They are affectionate and will be happy to accompany you anytime.

3. Adorable

Just look at their saggy eyes and plump build. Bulldogs are simply adorable. There won’t be a dull moment with your dog because this breed is full of personality. He snorts, farts, drools and slobbers. His quirks will definitely melt your heart.

Tri-color Bullies can be stubborn as well. If you are fine with it, this breed is definitely the right choice for you. Think about how you’re going to convince him to get up when he sits down in the middle of the road just because he’s not in the mood to walk back.

4. Good with kids

This breed is extremely loyal, lazy and calm. Even if your child is screaming his head off or tugging, a tri-color Bully won’t be bothered by it. You can dress your pooch in a frilly tutu and he won’t mind it at all.

5. Excellent watchdog

Bullies were bred to be fighters, specifically to fight bulls. Although they are no longer fighters, they still make great watchdogs. They will do their best to defend their family and their territory.

Tri-color Bullies need a lot of exercise to relieve physical and mental energy. Take them out for a long brisk walk every day. They are fine inside the apartment as long as they are sufficiently exercised. This breed is extremely active indoors. They can live for about 8 to 12 years, provided that they are well taken care of.


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