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Ever heard about Ttoodles? These dogs are a combination of the Tibetan terrier and the Poodle. If you are after mid-size designer breeds, aTtoodle might be the best pet for you! Read more about them and find out why they are among the well-loved Doodle dogs.


Ttoodles, also known as Tibetoodles, were first bred in the United States. As one of the newer lines of crossbreeds, the exact origin of these dogs is unknown. As the name implies, Tibetan Terriers were first bred in Tibet 2,000 years ago, while the Poodles originated in Germany and first got recognition during the late 1800s.

The first developers of Ttoodlesare not clearly identified. Despite that, many breeders these days have one purpose of breeding these mixes: coming up with a hypoallergenic pet that possesses the traits of a great family companion.


Ttoodles bear a lot of similarity with their Poodle parent but a closer look will reveal its relation to the Tibetan terriers. Like their Poodle parent, Ttoodles resemble a teddy bear with its dark and rounded eyes, fluffy coat, and stunning coat colors. Then like Tibetan terriers, many of these dogs have hair almost reaching their eyes.

Ttoodles come in solid colors like chocolate, black, and cream. Many of these dogs also display two or three color combinations and some of them have a combination of white and black, with the color white as a dominant color.

Tibetan terriers are often paired with either a Moyen or a standard Poodle. These types of Poodles are almost the same and the only thing that sets them apart is their height. Moyen Poodles, also called the Kleins, are around 15-20 inches tall at the shoulder. Standard types are around 10 inches taller than them.

When full-grown, Ttoodles weigh around 20-30 lbs. The male ones are a pound or two heavier than the female ones. In terms of height, they are drawing similarity to a Poodle’s height which is 14 to 19 inches at the shoulder.

Ttoodles Grooming

A Ttoodle needs to be brushed on a daily basis. Because of their curly or wavy coats, they can easily get tangles without regular maintenance. To keep your Ttoodle’s coat healthy and shiny, make sure you have these tools in your grooming kit:

Slicker brush –compared to a pin brush, a slicker brush can remove tangles. If your Ttoodle has a wiry coat, you will soon discover that it’s quite challenging to brush. A slicker brush can make grooming a lot faster and easier than using any other tool. Like their Poodle parent, Ttoodles are prone to mats and tangles so it’s important to use the right kind of brush for their coat texture. Just be careful when brushing because a slicker brush is not as gentle as a pin brush. When used properly, the slicker brush even gives a massage-like effect.

Comb – if your pooch has moderate tangles, a comb can be as effective as a slicker brush. You may also use the comb after a quick brush. A detangling comb with long stainless steel teeth is ideal for getting rid of matted fur and knots. When buying a comb, look for one that comes with a plastic handle with an anti-slip grip so it will slip during grooming sessions.

Shampoo and conditioner – for dogs with wavy or wiry coats, it’s a must to use products with a moisturizing and soothing effect. Only use products that are especially created for dogs. Pups, especially those with sensitive skin can suffer from itching or dryness if the wrong product is used. Consider dog shampoos and conditioners containing natural ingredients like oatmeal, aloe, avocado, and jasmine. While some shampoos already have a conditioning effect, you may need to use a conditioneron dogs with wiry coats to prevent tangles.

Dental care kit – brush your pet’s teeth regularly to avoid periodontal diseases. Your dog’s dental care kit should include a toothbrush and toothpaste. There are brushes that come in an angular design to make it easier to brush and to reduce gum damage. Look for doggie toothpaste that is enzymatic to reduce tartar and plaque build-up. To make brushing a pleasant experience for your pooch, look for paste with flavors your pet will love. There are toothpaste for dogs with vanilla, mint, peanut butter, and even meat flavors.

Nail clipper – part of grooming your dog is making sure his nails do not grow so long that they are almost touching the ground. Invest in a trimmer that comes with a safety stop blade to reduce the risk of cutting your nails too short. When trimming your Ttoodle’s nails, make sure you are holding your pup securely to avoid cutting the “quick.” Look for clipper that is the right type and size for your Ttoodle.


Ttoodles are the result of two purebreeds with many similarities in terms of personality. For example, Poodles and Tibetan Terriers are both highly intelligent, gentle, and do not have a tendency to display aggression. These dogs are also known for being family-friendly. It’s just that Poodles are more popular especially in the United States.

Like most Doodle dogs, Ttoodles can easily adjust to any environment. They do well with owners living in high rise units and even small apartments because they don’t have a tendency to bark or howl. If you live in a house with a restricted space, make sure your pooch gets enough playtime and exercise.

Ttoodles have a tendency to become clingy, though, so be prepared to give them lots of love and attention. These cuties will enjoy being cuddled by their “hoomans.” These dogs cannot tolerate being alone for long periods of time. If you don’t mind spending most of your time with your pooch then having a Ttoodle will be perfect for you!


Ttoodles have a penchant for playing outdoors and exploring the world around them. This energetic dog requires at least 30 minutes of exercise per day. If you have a Ttoodle as pet, it’s part of your commitment to walk your pooch on a daily basis. You can dedicate around 40 minutes of exercise daily, which should be divided into two sessions. Do the first one in the morning and the other one later in the day.

Although they look like they always have energy to burn, these dogs only need medium levels of activity per day. They should walk no more than 7 miles per week, because strenuous activities can easily tire them out.

Ttoodles Feeding

Ttoodles only require around 2 cups of food per day. Only feed your pooch with high-quality dog food, meaning one that is free from preservatives and fillers. There are types of dry dog food that are suitable for all life stages and made with grain-free ingredients.

When choosing food for your pet, consider the main ingredients used in the product. Check the label to see if the food has the vitamins and minerals to meet your growing dog’s nutritional requirements. Your vet may also recommend dog foods with probiotics for a healthy gut.

For picky eaters and those with a sensitive stomach, wet dog food may be a better option. It’s easier to chew and it is formulated with fewer carbohydrates for better digestion. As with dry dog food, choose wet food packed with quality ingredients like brown rice, potatoes, and oat bran.

To maintain your Ttoodle’s luxurious coat, feed him with dry or wet food with good fats. Many products are formulated with enough ratios of omega-3 and omega-6 to support healthy skin and shiny coat and to prevent the dog from developing skin itching and dryness.

Ttoodles Health

Ttoodles have a mid-level life expectancy. On average, these crosses make it up to 10-13 years of age. However, when well taken care of, these dogs can make it up to 15 years like their Tibetan terrier parent. While mixed breeds are notorious for having the “hybrid vigor” or improved functionality, it’s still possible for them to develop a few health concerns like the following:

Patellar Luxation – the patella or knee cap is supposed to be positioned within the knee’s femur. If it’s dislocated, the patella rides outside the femoral groove whenever a dog flexes his knees. This condition is often inherited, although in some breedsit is due to a traumatic injury. It can affect many small breeds and often occurs in around 7% of the entire dog population.

Bloating – canine bloating or gastric dilatation and volvolus refers to the twisting of the stomach. When the stomach is filled with gas, a dog finds it difficult to breathe properly. For dogs prone to bloating, it’s recommended to slow down eating. You can help your dog eat at a normal pace by feeding him in a slow feeder or an interactive dog bowl. These bowls come inpuzzle-like or maze-like shapes which encourage dogs to “chase” their food rather than gobbling it down all at once.

Von Willebrand’s Disease – it is a kind of bleeding disorder your Ttoodle can possibly inherit from its Poodle parent. Poodles, particularly the Standard Poodles are at risk of this condition. The term von Willebrand was actually derived from the Finnish doctor who discovered this disease. Dogs suffering from this condition lack the type of protein necessary for improving clot formation. In canines, this disorder is usually diagnosed around three to five years of age. It’s often not seen early since most dogs do not display any symptoms during the early stages of life.

Eye problems – like Tibetan terriers, Ttoodles may suffer from problems concerning their eyes, like cataracts and Progressive Retinal Atrophy. As with humans, dogs with cataracts look like they have a white coating over their eyes. PRA, on the other hand, affects a dog’s ability to see clearly at night. In later stages, a dog eventually finds it difficult to see clearly even during daytime.

Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease – this disease affects a number of breeds including Poodles. Dogs affected by this conditionsuffer from pain and lameness due to the conformation of the hipjoint. Vets are not sure of the exact cause, but it is believed that this condition is hereditary. Most dogs only have one affected leg, although it is possible for dogs to suffer from limping on two legs.

Addison’s disease – it is a kind of hormonal disorder in canines wherein an animal does not produce enough cortisol and aldosterone. These adrenal gland hormones have a lot of functions in a dog’s body like helping them respond to stress among others. This illness is characterized by lack of appetite, sudden weakness, and diarrhea. When treated early, symptoms can go away in as fast as two weeks to one month. There are several types of drugs used for dogs with Addison’s disease although the common ones are FDA-approved injectable medication.

Cushing’s disease – when a dog’s adrenal glands produce too many hormones, they find it difficult to control their appetite. Because of this, many dogs with Cushing’s disease also have increased water intake and end up defecating more. It’s common to see dogs with this problem having a bloated appearance. It can be diagnosed through ultrasound and other types of examination like the ACTH stimulation test and low-dose dexamethasone suppression examination.

Ttoodles Price

Ttoodles for sale are priced at $600-$1,700 each. Those on the higher end usually come from reputable breeders who are known for developing dogs with a champion bloodline. These dogs have joined competitions hosted by major dog clubs like the American Kennel Club and were declared the champions.


Ttoodles are the Doodles of choice for families who prefer a low-shedding pet. What is even better with Ttoodles is that they are great companion animals. They do well in any living conditions, be it a house with a large yard or a small apartment.


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