5 Reasons Why Do Dogs Lay On Your Feet


Does your dog enjoy laying at your feet? That’s a normal canine behavior. Most dogs do that, and there are several reasons behind it.

Is it a good thing? Or is this a sign of something to be worried about? If you are curious about the logical explanation behind your dog laying at your feet, keep reading this post.

1. The Dog is Simply Displaying Affection

One of the adorable things about dogs is their capability to show their affection towards their owners. In dog language, laying atop a person’s foot means they want to be close to that person.

When a dog loves you, it’s normal for him to find comfort in you. He will never bow out of an opportunity to cuddle or lay on your feet.

Are canines really capable of conveying love? Yes, like us, dogs can express their affection through gestures. In fact, there are a number of researches aiming to prove that proposition.

One of this is a study led by Attila Andics, a neuroscientist from Hungary. The study suggests that dogs understand human words and intonation. More than that, it revealed that dogs respond more when they are praised.

Andics said that for dogs, bonding with their owners is much more important than with other pets. Furthermore, dogs are capable of choosing their favorite person. They tend to bond with the person who gives them the most attention.

It’s not so hard to believe that dogs are capable of love. After all, dogs have oxytocin, the hormone associated with feeling love and affection for others. As long as that love has not turned into aggressive behavior, there seems to be nothing to worry about.

2. Afraid

Sadly, some dogs do this out of fright. As with all living things, it is normal for canines to respond to any real or perceived threat. Their usual fears are strangers, being separated from their owners, loud noises, thunders, and taking a bath.

There are several reasons why our pets suddenly become too clingy. Sometimes, it’s because they are sick, stressed, or having insecurities but most of the time, it’s because they are afraid.

Addressing a dog’s anxiety can be challenging, especially if you cannot identify what’s triggering it. The best way to go about it is to take note when Fido appears to be over-attached and see what events or objects are causing him to act out.

Coming to grips with a fearful dog will be a whole lot easier if you seek help from an expert. Talk to your vet about it and ask about behavior modification and trainings before resorting to medications.

3. It Makes Him Feel Warm

Did you know that in the ancient times, dogs also served as foot-warmers or night guards to the royals? Back in the day, the Tibetan monks took advantage of the fluffiness of the Shih Tzus and made them their comfy foot warmers.

Fast-forward to the present, it’s no longer the people taking advantage of the dog’s warmth (although it’s actually relaxing to hug double-coated, extra-fluffy doggies). Now, it’s our dogs that need more of our loving’ and they show it by laying on our foot.

4. He Is Just Trying to Guard You

The fourth possible reason is the fact that your pet is just guarding you. Some dogs can become too protective of their owners.

Canines have a natural instinct to protect their owners especially when they look up to that person as the leader of their pack. That protectiveness is not a bad thing at all, as long as it does not turn to aggression.

Aggressive behavior in dogs usually develops when the owner fails to impart enough safety and guidance to their dog. The pet might start to show negative behaviors such as biting, barking, and growling at other individuals.

Reassure him that he still has your heart by giving him the extra attention he needs. Show your dog that you still have time for him, especially if you have a new pet or a new family member who gets most of your attention.

When a dog feels secured and loved, he will not display aggression towards strangers or anyone in the household. Be calm in dealing with your dog and make enough time for bonding

5. He’s Claiming His Territory

More often than not, dogs lay on a person’s foot because they are trying to establish ownership. Just imagine how they guard their favorite stuff. If you belong to them, they will likely ‘protect’ you too.

Have you ever noticed this when you take the dog to a park, especially if it’s a new place you take him to? He might be doing it when you paid attention to another pet. That’s actually jealousy, and that might be cute but it’s actually something serious. It might mean your dog is not feeling secure enough.

If you suspect that your dog is having some possessiveness and jealousy issues, address them immediately. It would help to pursue your routine or what you have been normally doing together, such as playing ball and watching TV together. Any changes in your routine might make him feel he is losing his place in your heart.


Why would a dog lay on your feet? There are several reasons behind this, but we can only assure you of one thing: the reason is mostly positive. If your dog lay on your feet because he’s afraid of something, this can also be a good indication that he feels secure when you are with him and that means you can help him conquer his fears.


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