Can Dogs Have Tomato Soup?


Tomato soup is the ultimate comfort food. It tastes just like tomato sauce, but the smoothness and creaminess of it make it a perfect go-to food during those cold days. Just add some croutons on top and you can enjoy your meal.

Tomato soup is also the best meal when you are trying to lose weight since tomatoes are generally low in calories. It is so healthy you might be tempted to offer it to your dog.

Nonetheless, will it be fine to do so? Will puppy actually like the slightly different texture of tomato soup? Can dogs eat tomato soup during those cold days just to warm them up or during the times when they are sick? If your pet accidentally ate it, should you call a vet right away?

In today’s post, we will see whether tomato soup can harm canines or not. It is important to know this because a lot of people are asking if tomatoes, the primary ingredient of this soup, are toxic to dogs.

That leads us to the most important question we have so far: Is tomato soup safe for pups and adult dogs alike? Let’s admit it, it is rare to find a dog who loves tomatoes but the issue here is that most of them would just eat anything. They cannot stop themselves to eat whatever we have and would sometimes beg for it. But first, let’s get more info about tomatoes themselves, the main ingredient of this dish.

Tomatoes: Are They Safe for Canines?

Yes, tomatoes are safe for our dogs. There is nothing to worry about letting your pet gobble down a piece of tomato. It would not even hurt to regularly offer him a piece from time to time.

Some dog owners are afraid of giving tomatoes to their dogs, believing that the tomatines in them can be deadly. According to the American Kennel Club, tomatoes are one of those fruits that can be given to dogs once in a while.

Supposing you are afraid because you know tomatoes can be poisonous, you got a point right there. Since these fruits come from the nightshade family, they naturally produce solanine.

Solanine is a toxic alkaloid that serves as the tomato plant’s defense mechanism from animals. All the parts of the plant contain this toxin, although most of it can be found in the stem and the leaves.

But just like with anything, it would take a lot of it before your dog can even get ill from eating a deadly tomato plant. One study suggested that the lethal doses of solanine are around 2-5 mg per kilogram of body weight.

Moreover, it is rare to find a dog enjoying eating leaves and stems! Dogs are natural carnivorous so they would not really find stems and leaves inviting.

Benefits of Eating Foods Containing Tomatoes

Because tomato soup is mostly made of tomatoes, you and your pet can gain from its nutritional benefits. Tomato is a super fruit for us humans but does it work the same for our furry friends? Here are just some of the many advantages of consuming them:

1.They are very low in saturated fat and cholesterol. For us humans, the daily consumption of tomatoes can lower the oxidative stress of Type 2 Diabetes. But did you know it can also help doggies with weight issues? For dogs with obesity problems, tomatoes can help the same way somehow.

2.They are good for the skin. Since tomatoes are a natural source of Vitamin E or Alpha Tocopherol, both you and your pooch can take advantage of the way it can improve your skin.

3.Tomatoes are an excellent source of chromium. This mineral is responsible for regulating sugar in the blood. It also aids in getting rid of the excess fats while maintaining your weight. For canines, chromium is thought to help with weight loss. Experts are still researching about the use of this trace element for diabetic animals.

4.They improves the eyesight. Due to the Vitamin A content of tomatoes, they are ideal for those who have vision problems. They are even believed to prevent night blindness from occurring. The Vitamin A in tomatoes also helps in making dog’s coat shiny and healthy-looking. Like us humans, our pets also need this fat-soluble vitamin. If you are raising puppies, you need to give them foods rich in Vitamin A because this was also linked to a proper growth among canines.

5.They can help in detoxification. There is a content of chlorine and sulfur in tomatoes, which make them ideal staples for getting rid of impurities from the body.

6.It is a heart-healthy food. Tomatoes are best known for their lycopene content that prevents many cardiovascular diseases in humans. Lycopene is sometimes used as an ingredient in dog food due to its many health benefits. It is believed to lower the chances of cancer in canines and it also serves as a good antioxidant for them.

What’s In Your Tomato Soup?

Tomato soup comes in different takes. Many people these days settle for the canned version, especially during those lazy days. Then there are some who still prefer the good old tomato soup made from scratch. That is the healthier kind, since you have the control over the ingredients used. You can minimize the salt and skip the pepper for your pup. Either way, this means the food already comes with a lot of ingredients other than tomato.

Here are the ingredients of a basic tomato soup:

  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Stewed tomatoes
  • Tomato paste
  • Pepper
  • Chicken stock

In case you are planning to use stewed tomatoes in a can, make sure to check the label. Canned soup comes in different varieties and some of them may already contain additives such as garlic powder and onion powder that may harm your pooch.

Below are just some of the ingredients to watch out for:

  • Cayenne pepper – there are canned tomato soups containing cayenne pepper, especially if you are buying a spicy soup. Do note that cayenne pepper can cause stomach problems in dogs.
  • Basil – herbs, such as basil are non-toxic for canines. However, some dogs develop an allergy to herbs.
  • Milk – most creamy tomato soups have dairy in their ingredients. The common dairy products used for tomato soup are cheddar cheese and reduced fat milk. The dairy in it could actually make the soup a bit sour so your dog may not even enjoy it.

There are canned versions out there claiming most of the ingredients they use are organic. In truth, these soups are very high in sodium regardless if they used purely organic products or not. You will find brands claiming they did not add any salt, but the final product actually tastes acidic and even taste like vinegar.

Alternatives to Tomato Soup

Tomato soup will not harm your dog, but it’s good to know that there are better substitutes out there. Don’t hesitate to try these recipes when you feel like offering soup to your furry friend:

1.Chicken soup for dogs – This recipe by “Gone to the Snow Dogs” is no doubt a wholesome treat even for pups. The soup has unseasoned chicken, carrots, sweet potato, celery, raw green beans, and chicken base without onion.

2.Basic Veggie Soup – We could not agree more that dogs and humans were not both designed to consume processed foods. It’s best to keep things as simple as possible when we are dealing with canine nutrition. This dish, which uses assorted chopped vegetables, was slow cooked so it maintains the nutrients as well as the taste of the veggies. You could experiment with the vegetables as long as they are not poisonous for canines. You can even keep your veggie scraps, like peelings from potatoes and stems of greens and make a soup for your dog from them, he won’t mind.

3.Bone broth – you will need only three ingredients for this soup: a bone from any meat, a bit of apple cider vinegar, and water. A broth will surely comfort any sick dog. It’s also an easy way to keep him hydrated if he lacks appetite.


Tomato soup is fine for dogs. The tomato itself is not the problem, it is actually the vines of tomato that can cause the stomach problems on animals. But it would take tons of leaves before anyone can actually get poisoned by them. So all in all, tomatoes and their by-products are safe for your pet in reasonable quantities.

If your dog cannot resist it, it is better to make the soup yourself. It is tastier than the canned ones and you can control what to put or not to put in dog’s meal. If your dog cannot stand it, better offer him other kinds of soup.

The only problem we see here is too much consumption of tomato soup. Your puppy might have diarrhea or bad digestion because tomatoes are natural laxatives. It is also important to read labels when buying canned tomato soup as it may contain lots of sodium and other additives that can harm your dog.


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