Why Dog with Pink Noses?


Dogs! Who doesn’t like these furry furballs that would lick your face and try to cuddle with you? There are other people who are allergic to dogs but they still wanted to be with one. Dogs are known to be man’s best friend and they really live up to this title.

I used to have a dog of my own before and I really loved him. He was a Daschund and the cutest dog I ever had. He was black and long and his short legs were so cute that when he walked, his butt was waggling.

Sadly, he had to leave because he was old and sick. I missed him a lot so I looked for another dog. This time, I got a Golden Retriever as a gift from my best friend.

That was my first time to have a big dog and he was always cuddling and running around. He has a long, silky and long golden fur. But the one thing I like about him is his cute little pink nose.

It was rare for me to find a pink-nosed Golden Retriever but his nose was the cutest one I saw. I fell in love with him the moment I set my eyes on him and found that those sweet eyes were piercing to my heart. I am well aware that it is not normal for dogs to have pink noses and that there are factors that affect the depigmentation of their noses.

If you ever had a pink-nosed dog, you might be worried. But for you to not worry, here are some of the reasons why some dogs have pink noses.

  1. Genes

Yes! Like us humans, dogs are made up of DNA and their genetics can be a cause for their pink noses. It is most likely to be hereditary and they inherited it from their parents.

  1. Weather

Dogs are also affected by the weather and the most visible change is seen in their noses. The experts call it the “snow nose” or “winter nose”. Just like humans, when winter comes, depigmentation also happens to dogs. Humans become pale because of the cold, and the dogs’ noses become pink.

  1. Autoimmune Diseases

Dogs need to be healthy all the time, just like humans. When dogs are sick, they manifest their illness through their noses. You will know your dog is sick if the nose has dried up and that your pet is cold if the nose turns pink.

When our dogs have depigmentation of their noses, you don’t need to worry as probably it’s just genetics. But if you really worry about the health of your dog, you should know how you can take care of your pet.

I tend to worry about my dog as well, but I find it hard to care for my pet if I keep worrying. I would go to the vet to have my dog checked, and come up with some methods of my own. These are some of the basic things I do with my pink-nosed dog.

  1. Keep them Hydrated.

All living things need water and that includes us and our dogs. We need to keep our pets hydrated at all times. This applies not only to dogs but to any animal that is in our care.

When we keep our dogs and all our pets hydrated, they are less likely to get sick and will always be playful and fun to be with.

  1. Visit the vet regularly.

We need to have our pets regularly checked. When we see that our dogs are acting differently than usual and we are not seeing anything such as vomits, they need a vet. Dogs should be regularly checked to keep track of their health and stop any illnesses from worsening.

  1. Keep proper hygiene.

We love to cuddle our dogs especially if they are always clean and smell good. We cannot control our dogs if they start playing. If they start rolling in the mud, they become dirty and it is our job as their parents to give them proper hygiene.

We need to give them regular baths and wash in addition to grooming them. When they are clean, they have fewer chances of getting sick.

  1. Give them nutrients-filled food.

Our dogs love to eat, especially a lot of meat. In addition to protein and fats that they get from the meat, it is good to give them some fiber-enriched foods too. Fiber is found in many vegetables and it is better to train our dogs to eat vegetables when they are just puppies.

  1. Keep them groomed.

Our dogs are beautiful as they are and we love to see them with their long fur. But we need to give our dogs their regular grooming. There are small parasites that can live on the body of dogs, causing illnesses. If we groom our pets regularly, we can avoid having these small parasites thriving on their bodies.

Long-haired dogs like my Golden Retriever need to have regular grooming and trimming of the fur. Short haired ones need to be groomed and shampooed as well. Also, grooming makes them feel relaxed and stress-free.


Taking good care of dogs with pink noses is not as complicated as we think it is. These simple tips are what I do to keep my pink-nosed pet always healthy and happy. They are not difficult to do. They are what keeps my pets happy and satisfied.


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