What are the Best English Bulldog Toys?


The best English Bulldogs toys should be easy to clean and pick up. It would be great if they also work as fetch toys. Durable toys are always preferable. Here are some of the most important things that you should consider when choosing English Bulldogs toys.

How to Choose the Best English Bulldog Toys

  • Durability

English Bulldogs have a powerful bite. They can get riled up when they are playing with their toys or with you and this can make their bite stronger. That is why you should get toys that are durable and can withstand powerful bites.

The toy should not break into pieces because your English Bulldog may swallow the small pieces accidentally. These bits can obstruct their gastrointestinal tract. Although they will poop smaller items, you shouldn’t risk your pet ingesting anything bigger.

  • Color

Canines only see white, shades of grey and black. Some colors stand out better than others for them, so some items can’t attract them because the color blends with their environment. For instance, green is prominent in a canine’s vision. As such, it’s not a good option for a toy. Purple, yellow and blue toys can hold their attention more.

  • Safety

English Bulldogs are susceptible to breathing problems due to their flat face. That is also why they get tired easily. Get medium-level energy English Bulldog toys. High-energy toys like Frisbee should be avoided because it will make the dog run around.

Balls are a good option because you can play fetch with your English Bulldog or he can chew on it when he doesn’t want to run. You also need to make sure that the toy doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals. Check the label or ask the sellers about the materials used in making their products.

  • Purpose

Are you buying a toy to train or to entertain your English Bulldog? Stimulating toys such as treat-dispensing and puzzle toys are good for entertaining pets. Chew toys, balls and tug toys can be used for training. Consider your purpose for buying a toy and you will be able to find the right one for your pet.

Reviews: 7 Best English Bulldog Toys for you

1. MultiPet Duckworth Duck



Pros The MultiPet Duckworth Duck is a squeaker toy that’s great for games of fetch. It’s bright yellow in color, so it’s easy to spot. The large toy is also easy to pick up. Since the squeaker is not very loud or ear-piercing, it won’t annoy your English Bulldog. The toy is durable and soft, so you can throw it without worrying that it will knock things over or fly away.

Cons – The toy might be too big for small pets. Large dogs will definitely love it because it’s not hard to catch or carry.

2. KONG Rubber Dog Toy



Pros The black rubber toy offers mental stimulation to English Bulldogs. Playtime is important for your pet’s mental, social and physical development. Satisfying their instinctual needs and supporting healthy play can help address separation anxiety, chewing, barking, digging, boredom, teething, weight management and crate training.

The toy’s random bounce makes it an ideal option for interactive play such as fetch. You can also stuff the toy with snacks or kibble. The toy is dishwasher safe, so it’s easy to clean.

Cons – The rubber has a strange smell. Other than that, the toy feels really tough and solid. It’s durable, so it will last long.

3. KONG Tires Extreme Dog Toy



Pros Kong Tires Extreme Dog Toy is a black rubber ball that you can stuff with peanut butter and treats to keep your English Bulldog occupied for hours. The rubber tire shape makes it an ideal fetch toy. It’s a heavy-duty tire chew made to offer the best chewing experience to English Bulldogs.

The thick outer tread and sidewalls create a sturdy, elastic barrier. The toy is also backed by KONG’s Satisfaction Guarantee. The sidewalls are made to rebound and double up when compressed to let your pet enjoy the active chewing time.

Cons – The toy is not ideal for heavy chewers.

4. Outward Hound Bionic Ball



Pros The Outward Hound Bionic Ball is BPA-free, so you can relax knowing that your English Bulldog won’t ingest anything that may harm his health. It’s made with a large treat pocket where you can spread and store peanut butter and your pet’s favorite treats to keep them busy and happy.

The ball can be used outdoors and indoors. It can also float, so your pet can play with it while swimming. You can use the ball to play a game of fetch with your English Bulldog. Outward Hound’s bionic ball is also easy to clean because it is dishwasher safe. The ball is available in three different colors, so it’s easy and quick to spot.

Cons – It is not ideal for extreme chewers.

5. Pacific Pup Products 11-pc Dog Rope Toys



Pros The set includes 11 pieces of plastic-free dog toys that are durable and safe to use. It comes with a free giraffe rope dog floss toy. The carrot flossie and giraffe rope dog floss toy are designed to provide dental benefits such as cleaning teeth and improving gum health. The manufacturer also clearly stated that although the toys are made for aggressive chewers, the flossies are not indestructible.

These toys can be used to play a game of tug of war with your English Bulldog. These toys won’t be destroyed within minutes. These items can help reduce anxiety and stop them from chewing on your personal items and furniture.

Cons – The set is not ideal for aggressive chewers, but it’s clearly stated by the manufacturer.

6. LEGEND SANDY Squeaky Dog Toy Pack



Pros The pack includes 12 different dog toy squeakers in different animal shapes, including giraffe, dinosaur, lobster, octopus, panda, chicken, squirrel, pig, lamb, squirrel, frog, turtle and whale. The squeaky toys are made of non-toxic and soft cotton, making them ideal for dental cleaning and teething. It’s easy for English Bulldog puppies to make the squeaky toys sound.

All plush toys included in the set are hand-stitched, so they can be machine or hand washed. These toys are designed for Bulldogs with slightly aggressive chewing habits. The pack is also backed by a 30-day money back guarantee.

Cons – The stuffed toys are quite small, but they are of good quality.

7. oneisall Dog Toys



Pros The bacon flavored dog bone toy is made using food grade nylon. It’s ideal for English Bulldog puppies with aggressive chewing habits. The bone is very hard, so it will not break easily. Let your pet chew the bone and enjoy its taste. The bone will help keep your Bulldog’s teeth healthy.

There are different sizes to choose from. Small bones are ideal for English Bulldogs weighing under 15 lbs. The medium size is for Bulldogs weighing 15 to 60 lbs, while the large bone is for those weighing more than 60 lbs.

Cons – The toy is bacon flavored, so it’s not ideal for dogs with allergies.


Finding the best English Bulldog toys is often a trial and error process. You should find a toy that your pet loves and won’t pose any choking hazard to your English Bulldog. Consider the toys stated above and pick the right one for your pooch.


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